Top 5 Heavy Metal Karaoke Songs

heavy metal karaoke songs

Metal songs don’t lend themselves well to karaoke singing. However, there can be exceptions; an individual dressed in spiked leather singing “Maiden” can make any night truly entertaining.

Metallica are undisputed masters at crossing over from metal into mainstream rock music, with Enter Sandman being an ideal crowd-pleasing song to sing at any rock karaoke night.

AC/DC – Highway To Hell

This song’s opening guitar riff is instantly recognizable, making it an essential addition to any metal fan’s playlist. Additionally, its catchy tune makes it perfect for performing at karaoke as its lower key notes allow anyone singing along without hitting all of the high notes at once – plus its easygoing nature ensures it will please audiences at parties or performances!

The song itself depicts a singer’s reckless lifestyle and how much he enjoys it, even while knowing the road he is traveling leads straight to hell. Yet with an “I’ve got a season ticket on a one-way ride”, his actions don’t show any sign of abating or turning back.

AC/DC was one of the pioneers of bridge between metal and popular rock music, achieving unprecedented crossover appeal with this song from Back In Black by AC/DC. Though Bon Scott died in 1980, Brian Johnson continued the band and released their third best-selling album of all time, dedicated to Bon Scott’s memory; its huge success helped regain their popularity and success as it helped regain their success and popularity as well. This song makes an excellent candidate for playing at Karaoke due to being easy to recognize with an awesome opening riff while singing along is fun too!

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

Few metal songs are as recognizable and catchy as We’re Not Gonna Take It by Ozzy Osbourne, featuring an iconic chorus and great vocal melodies sung by Ozzy himself, making this song ideal for Karaoke night performances. Additionally, it allows plenty of performance options that give singers room to bring out more power through various renditions such as singing it straight or adding heavier death metal elements for maximum impact.

Twisted Sister is best-known for this iconic track, which launched them into mainstream consciousness through MTV exposure. The video for it featured an abusive parent verbally abusing their child before the whole house turned into the band members for a Looney Tunes-esque cartoon fight with them as actors from Looney Tunes cartoons fought them off! Yet its meaning remains vague; Snider himself stated it simply meant as an expression of nonconformity and freedom of expression.

It was this message which caused problems for the song with the Parents Music Resource Center, who attempted to place Parental Advisory stickers on all their music. Although none was ever actually banned or censored, Snider did have to testify in front of Congress for questioning by them.

Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild

Steppenwolf was an American-Canadian band renowned for their hard rock/roll hybrid sound that helped foretell heavy metal music. Written by Mars Bonfire of Canadian group The Sparrows and first performed live in 1968, its success became legendary when featured in 1969 movie Easy Rider as an integral piece.

The song’s lyrics convey an intoxicating sense of adventure on the open road and demonstrate man’s natural desire for freedom and independence. The opening lines “Get your motor runnin’ / Head out on the highway / Looking for adventure / And whatever comes our way” symbolize an aspiration to break free of society’s bounds and live life fully.

The second verse makes an indirect reference to Viet Nam War protests by using “heavy metal thunder”, an allusion to combat helicopters firing guns and dropping bombs that create smoke and lightening, an idea quickly adopted by hippie culture of the time and made into an anthem for young rebels; moreover its success resulted in various cover versions by artists such as Hinder, Etta James, Ozzy Osbourne and Slayer.

Free – All Right Now

All Right Now captures the excitement of breaking free from an unhealthy relationship through Paul Rodgers’ stirring vocal performance and its opening guitar riff, perfectly. Though not lyrically profound, its catchy chorus and upbeat energy have kept All Right Now popular on radio stations across the world for decades.

All Right Now was Free’s debut chart hit after they first formed in 1968 in London, becoming their greatest commercial success both domestically and abroad. All Right Now would go on to cement Free’s place among the most significant groups from the 1970s rock era.

This song’s lyrics capture the anxious feelings that often accompany new romantic relationships, with its upbeat tempo and catchy guitar riffs making this tune unforgettable.

Andy Fraser was the bassist for Free. His music will live on through classic songs like All Right Now and Stealer – both among their most successful hits globally. Prior to joining Free, Andy Fraser had previously been part of John Mayall’s Blues Breakers before making the transition over into Free in 1969.

Queen – Eye Of The Tiger

This track’s opening guitar riff is one of the most instantly recognisable in pop culture, thanks to its distinct palm mute guitar strumming pattern punctuated with sudden blasts of power chords that give an energetic vibe and make its mark instantly – created by Frankie Sullivan and keyboardist Jim Peterik of Survivor.

“Eye of the Tiger” originally refers to having focus and determination similar to that of an aggressive predator such as a tiger. This phrase illustrates an unwillingness to give up when facing challenges or obstacles and an ability to overcome obstacles with an unswerving attitude and resolve.

This track is synonymous with Rocky III as it was composed for director and star Sylvester Stallone at his request after producer John G. Avildsen suggested they contact the band, as the latter needed something to replace Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust”. Consequently, it became an enormous hit that spent six weeks at number one of charts worldwide.

Survivor – Last Resort

Classic rock song that will get everyone up on their feet and singing along, while its relatable lyrics tell a powerful tale of perseverance and determination – making this an excellent selection for karaoke nights with friends or family. No matter your skill or experience level, this iconic rock tune will leave an unforgettable impression with any audience!

Iron Maiden tracks are essential to any metal karaoke night, and “Fear Of The Dark” from Iron Maiden is an excellent selection for such events. At seven minutes long and featuring Halford’s powerful vocals, “Fear Of The Dark” will keep the audience engaged throughout.

Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” is an instantly iconic tune beloved by people of all ages. With its memorable vocal melodies and catchy beat, “Born To Be Wild” will have you feeling like an instant rockstar in no time.

Tool’s music doesn’t neatly fall into any one genre; their songs tend to fall under metal’s umbrella. Their “Enter Sandman” track makes an excellent selection for karaoke night, as its aggressive nature will keep audiences on edge while providing any singer with confidence-inducing guitar riffs and vocals that give an edge of power and confidence to their performance.

Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark

Iron Maiden are known for their aggressive sound and dark lyrical themes. Their songs often draw from mythology, history and literature for inspiration as well as legendary live performances that push the limits of heavy metal music.

Fear of the Dark is an emotive and captivating song with multiple meanings. It can be taken as an indictment against war or as an allegory for music’s capacity to grip its listeners – and leave them yearning for more, just as blood does within our veins.

This song is an ideal candidate for karaoke due to its memorable tune and powerful central riff; while its lyrics balance between earnestness and camp. Plus, singing this track gives every metal fan an opportunity to do what we all secretly wish we could: make their best Danzig impression!

Trivium’s rendition of this track is both powerful and captivating, combining their modern metal sound with that of the original song’s intensity for an unmatched listening experience. A must-listen for any metal fan, it makes an excellent addition to karaoke playlists alike!