Top 5 Love Songs of All Time

Music can evoke all sorts of feelings, with romance being one of the strongest ones.

Love songs have a way of touching our emotions deeply, from classic ballads to today’s heart-tugging pop tunes that will stir our emotions.

I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner

Foreigner’s 1984 album Agent Provocateur launched with this massive hit single that reached number one in the US charts for ten weeks and three in the UK; Canada, Germany and Australia also saw it reach top-10 status. Written by original Foreigner member Mick Jones but claimed by former member Lou Gramm too; its music video directed by Hype Williams features Mariah Carey singing at Yankee Stadium alongside audience members accompanied by their loved ones while an ensemble gospel choir provided back up vocals on this track.

American country singer Wynonna Judd covered this song as her fourth single from her album What the World Needs Now Is Love in 2004.

Run Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Kate Bush established herself as one of the great artists of her generation with her haunting vocals and insightful lyrics, earning a place among the pantheon of greats with 1985’s Hounds of Love as a pop masterpiece and its lead single Running Up That Hill becoming one of her signature tracks.

Over the past several months, the song has enjoyed a remarkable surge in popularity since being featured on Season 4 of Netflix’s hit sci-fi show Stranger Things. Max Mayfield used this song on his walkman and its incorporation into his story was met with huge success, leading to vast increases in streaming and iTunes sales worldwide.

Originaly released as A Deal With God in August 1985, its title was later altered due to representation from EMI who believed the term would make the song unsuitable for use in religious countries. According to Bush in an interview, she wanted the song to address men and women being unable to understand each other better, hoping that through making a deal with God they might switch places and gain greater insight into each other.

Though its lyrics convey a positive message, their interpretation can vary. Some interpret the song as being about power dynamics between men and women while others see swapping roles as symbolic of breaking away from traditional gender roles. No matter your opinion of its interpretation, no doubt this timeless piece of music will continue to touch listeners for years.

Think Twice by Celine Dion

Think Twice by Celine Dion is a captivating love song that speaks of life’s challenges and the possibility of finding true love again. The song became one of Celine Dion’s career landmarks and catapulted her to international superstardom, while its powerful yet poignant lyrics connected deeply with listeners on an intimate level; inspiring many artists such as Sarah Geronimo and Lea Salonga to contribute their unique interpretations, further deepening its impactful reach among listeners.

The music video for “She Will Recover” is just as engaging as its lyrics. It begins with Dion lying in bed as she wakes up to begin singing; then a man enters wearing a blue jacket who begins carving ice sculptures while Dion watches from a side room. As the song continues playing, there are interludes featuring him smashing them while their relationship reconciles in their garage.

Think Twice by U2 is a prime example of the power of love songs to transform lives. Although its lyrics focus on one specific relationship, its themes are universal and will remain applicable across generations to come.

Kiss From A Rose by Seal

Seal (born Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel) recorded this haunting, four-track ballad as an experiment on 4-track tape as an act of embarrassment; later however it went on to win him the Grammy Award for best male pop vocal performance and became part of the soundtrack for Batman Forever (1995).

Seal’s seductive voice and dramatic style have established him as a tastemaker, both musically and fashionably. In his music video for this song he wears a leather leotard with matching pants, silky white hooded cape, silver pendant around neck, silver bits tucked into dreads. Additionally he collaborated with producer Trevor Horn who became well known as an early synthpop adaptor producing hits for Frankie Goes to Hollywood and The Art of Noise among many other projects.

Seal hasn’t made the Billboard Hot 100 chart since “Kiss From A Rose,” his 1995 hit which still tops this list of greatest love songs and ranks as a beloved classic in popular culture. It also holds its place as one of the greatest songs ever created!

Soaring, dramatic lyricism and orchestration combine to make this song instantly recognizable, reaching deeply into people’s hearts. Plus, its an ideal tune to sing along to in the car with loved ones or at packed karaoke bars; drunk frat bros have even turned it into an entertaining parody through late-night renditions! All further proof that this powerful classic stands the test of time.

Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi made headlines for his top hit Someone You Loved when it hit the charts, yet there was so much more behind this track than meets the eye. Luckily, Lewis discussed its deeper meaning in an interview with NME.

Scottish singer songwriter Scott Carver celebrated his first number one single from his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent in 2019 when it peaked at number one for seven weeks in the UK charts, receiving nominations for Song of the Year at both BRIT Awards and US Billboard Hot 100 charts (rising as high as number 24).

Capaldi collaborated on its creation with TMS, an ensemble comprised of Thomas “Froe” Barnes, Benjamin Kohn and Peter Kelleher that also wrote songs for Adele and Rag’n’Bone Man – so these writers certainly know how to pen catchy tunes!

As for the music video, it will surely bring a tear to your eye. It follows an older mail carrier named John and his faithful companion Willow; their intimate friendship captures all your emotions as it shows us life from birth to death.

This stunning video was produced in partnership with organ donation charity Live Life Give Life and directed by Joe Pearlman (Hamilton 20th Anniversary and After the Screaming Stops), who also directed After Life Give Life itself. Since it first premiered, over 3 billion streams have been made on Spotify alone and it ranks fourth all-time as an individual song! Camilla Cabello and the Jonas Brothers even covered it during Radio 1 Live Lounge sessions!