Top 5 Music Videos of All Time

SYML originally signed to Nettwerk Music Group as a sync artist but is now an independent multi-instrumental artist with a global following. Staying active on YouTube by regularly posting instrumental tutorials and language-specific versions of his songs to meet different fan bases’ demands is part of SYML’s strategy for reaching his fanbases.

Ryann Donnelly’s new book, “Justify My Love: Sex, Subversion and the Music Video,” examines how music videos can serve as an avenue for social change.

Samuel Oscar

Samuel Oscar, an Icelandic-Thai singer/songwriter with over 14 million plays across streaming platforms, writes and performs music that speaks of emotional vulnerability and covers topics including romance, heartache, insecurity and depression. His debut full-length, Happy Ending Fantasy, is an expressive audio journey which penetrates deep into our hearts.

In March 2020, Samuel found himself on location in Santa Fe, New Mexico – an iconic Western town that had been transformed by modernization – filming his debut feature “The Harder They Fall”. To make it possible he assembled a dream team consisting of Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors and Regina King from “If Beale Street Could Talk.” Additionally Zazie Beetz, Delroy Lindo, and LaKeith Stanfield would round off this cast.

The film’s opening scene, when Sandra finds her dead husband on the floor of their bedroom, has been widely acclaimed as one of the most shocking depictions of domestic abuse ever shown on film. This unforgettable and powerful scene sets up what lies ahead in this riveting thriller.

While it remains unknown what ultimately drove Sandra to kill her husband, what is known is that Sandra’s guilt and depression lead her to drink excessively until she loses control. Unfortunately for Sandra and her son alike, Sandra cannot prevent herself from harming him as well.

At Sandra’s trial, “P.I.M.P.” plays an essential part of the prosecution’s case against her. This hypnotic instrumental cover of rapper 50 Cent’s 2003 hit by German funk group Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band is featured during several key scenes in the film; for example when Sandra’s young son finds her body lying face down in the snow.

Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, the film’s directors/writers, initially desired soft classical music when the boy first discovered Sandra’s body; however, due to concerns it may resemble Stanley Kubrick movies too much they ultimately decided on using steelpan cover instead, which worked equally as effectively.

The Black Eyed Peas

In 2016 The Black Eyed Peas released a remake of their original song “Where’s my Love”, to address recent tragedies around the globe. Their music video includes celebrities and people affected by recent tragedies including terror attacks in Paris, Brussels and Orlando as well as Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being shot to death by police officers; family members who have been affected by violence also appear.

This music video’s main goal is to demonstrate that there is not enough love in the world for all and encourage viewers to start spreading more joy. To convey their message effectively, The Black Eyed Peas utilize various techniques including close up shots of band members’ faces for emotional impact; dark colors to set an ominous atmosphere are also quite effective and help set a serious atmosphere within this video.

One of the most striking elements of this music video is how Black Eyed Peas are represented. They essentially act as fugitives throughout, which effectively communicates their message of lack of love in our world. Furthermore, police chase after and arrest them several times during this video which highlights its message of not enough love in society.

Symbolism plays an integral role in this video, with members of the band often holding up signs with messages like “love,” “hope” and “future” as another way of emphasizing its message and creating an emotionally charged experience for viewers.

The music video also includes many close up shots of actors lip syncing to the lyrics of the song, often lip-syncing themselves to create an overall sense of hopelessness and desperation. Finally, this music video ends with members of the band looking skyward – this powerful image truly marks an impactful conclusion to its viewing experience.

The Black Keys

The Black Keys don’t engage in grandiose theatrical myth-making or showmanship; their between-song chatter consists of modest appreciation and affectionate nods toward ex-flea-catcher Jack White; their old-school work ethic can be found throughout everything they do, like on Dropout Boogie where their crackling interplay elevates even their most straightforward rock’n’roll to something truly sublime – like Carney’s drumming that gives Have Love Will Travel its signature guttural vibe; while their “Lonely Boy” stands the test of time both back then and today; no other band could match The Black Keys when it comes to making music this fresh!

Even while performing their most energetic material, The Black Keys appear more relaxed on this release than previous two albums. This provides a welcome change from their intense performances of past albums; allowing them to stretch out a bit on more relaxed ballads like Your Team Is Looking Good and the sultry blues-soul title track with Auerbach’s secret-weapon falsetto conveying economic anxiety with ease and charm.

Shannon and the Clams provided an unforgettable start to the night’s concert, setting an exciting tone with their American sound that resonated with many attendees. Their drummer would make for an ideal extra in any western movie while their sound was similar to The Beach Boys – setting off over two minutes of pure instrumentation in Mistakes as their opening song – setting an unforgettable stage presence and setting a fantastic precedent for an amazing evening ahead.

Ceramic Animals took to the stage next, with an energetic performance full of punk, rock and roll music that left their audience spellbound throughout. Crutch was an especially beloved tune that left everyone wanting more; an unforgettable performance for both artists and fans alike! All looked like they had an amazing time at this event.

The Beatles

The Beatles remain one of the world’s most beloved bands today, and their songs remain beloved favorites among many. Famed for their catchy melodies and harmonies, their videos often combine both live footage and animation; their music blends classic rock & roll with contemporary pop, reminding listeners about love’s power while emphasizing family values; whether searching for romantic ballads or dance tunes, The Beatles offer something suitable to suit every mood!

As some of the original Beatles were still living, they recorded new footage and found old film from their past that captured their personalities and chemistry as artists. This footage was used for Peter Jackson’s 2021 documentary ‘Get Back’ where six seconds of original video for ‘Where’s My Love’ could be used within its final product.

A first version of this video was shot at Pinewood Studios in January 1993, edited with footage from studio sessions ‘Movin’ On’ and ‘It’s Not On’ and scenes shot at Air Studios London during February/March 1982 as Paul prepared for tour preparations. This version remains the most complete one of all, and circulates widely today as it was included on CD of ‘The McCartney Years Archive Collection’ released by Sony Music in 2007.

Another version was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and edited to feature different images and stories about birthday parties. Unfortunately, this video has yet to be officially released, although a Bootleg DVD contains it – although contrary to what some authors claim, this version is only 15 seconds shorter.

Abbey Road Studios also produced a third version, although it is less well-known than the first two. Similar to the first, but including additional sequences and digitally restored title page. Furthermore, unlike previous versions, it does not crop the image and has been digitally enhanced as well.