Top 5 Pianist Songs to Play on the Piano

Pianists often go unappreciated in the music industry. Even though pianists require just as much skill and talent as guitarists or drummers, they tend to be seen as less exciting performers.

Don’t let that stop you! Even as a novice pianist, you can learn great-sounding piano songs right from the start – here are ten that we recommend!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a timeless children’s song you can easily learn to play on piano. Featuring simple lyrics and uncomplicated chords, Itsy Bitsy Spider makes for an ideal beginner song suitable for kids starting out playing piano.

Download free Itsy Bitsy Spider sheet music for piano. This beginner piano piece features large notes on a treble staff with letter names for each note and lyrics to help contextualize its melody.

If You Don’t Know, Itsy Bitsy Spider might come as a shock; its lyrics actually stem from an American folk song about poor people trying to board trains while drunk, much darker than what has become its iconic interpretation with its focus on clingy little spiders climbing drainpipes unfazed by being washed away time and again.

Heart & Soul

NBA YoungBoy unleashes his emotions in this verse about pouring all his heart and soul into his work. He notes his goal to cast off negative influences while focusing on personal growth for himself, ultimately reaching the top as an inspiration to children who look up to him.

Hoagy Carmichael originally composed this song, which has since been covered by many artists such as Four Aces and Cleftones. Additionally, it was featured in 1988 movie Big with Tom Hanks playing it on an enormous floor piano; for those just learning piano this piece offers a simple melody and chord progression, making it ideal for beginners.

B.J. Stone incorporates your feedback from Facebook, Twitter, and the Platinum Panel Music Poll into his weekly Heart & Soul Playlist, featuring new music you may not have heard before as well as classic jams from decades past and his Weekend Rundown playlist.

All My Life

This powerful song tells the tale of two rappers who have overcome all odds to reach success, without ever giving in or being deterred by anyone or anything that stood in their way. It offers hope and inspiration for millions who may be experiencing similar difficulties in life. Steve Cannon directed its accompanying video which features Durk and Cole in a low-income neighborhood surrounded by children – serving as an important reminder that it’s important to be there when others need help.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl wrote “Jump Around” during a particularly trying period in his life. His band had recently experienced some growing pains and Taylor Hawkins had recently experienced an overdose that put him into a coma; Grohl needed something that would motivate and inspire him and turned to J. Cole because they knew they could provide both energy and intensity he craved – the result is one of Foo Fighters most iconic songs!


Clocks is one of Coldplay’s signature and beloved songs, known for its haunting piano melody and poignant yet mysterious lyrics which explore universal existential themes such as time and urgency. Its minimalist musical style and distinctive piano riff have become iconic features of their unique sound resulting in critical acclaim and global success for Coldplay.

Beginners looking to explore chord inversions will find this song an ideal starting point. Chord inversion involves changing the order of notes in a chord progression to make them easier for their fingers to access; here, for instance, that means moving from Eb major to A minor on the bridge.

The bridge provides an amazing opportunity to showcase your skills in creating momentum on the keyboard. By pedaling a Db note repeatedly in 8th note rhythm, a driving, dance-like quality will emerge that is sure to wow any audience!

Bill Withers Anthem

West Virginia-native David Stout’s music has endured through time. His songs have been covered by artists across genres, and some were recently honored with inclusion into the National Recording Registry; “Ain’t No Sunshine” being one of them.

An iconic heartbreak song, this track by Withers is a brilliant work of understated hyperbole. While singing of his lover’s departure without sounding fake, Over an irrepressible groove he testifies his lover’s faithfulness in a voice both soothing and mesmerising.

Bill Withers was an uncliched soul musician; his grooves were steady without swagger or arrogance, which made him popular across audiences. For example, during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Tampa hospital workers uploaded a cover of one of Bill’s songs onto YouTube which garnered over 28,000 views – an example of how his music can bring people together and foster unity and community spirit.


Coldplay are one of the world’s best-selling and beloved bands, having released over 100 million albums worldwide since forming in 1996. Comprised of vocalist/pianist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion as members, along with some top producers like Brian Eno, Tony Visconti and Phil Harvey among many others, Coldplay have achieved unparalleled popularity since forming.

In 2008, their album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends hit number one and quickly sold through. Its accompanying music video featured an extravagant puppet show complete with fireworks effects.

Coldplay kicked off the 2021 BRIT Awards by performing their single ‘Higher Power’ from a pontoon on the Thames alongside an incredible lights and fireworks show. Additionally, this song can also be heard as part of BMW’s advertising for their ix and i4 electric car models.

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Swan Lake quickly rose to become one of Tchaikovsky’s greatest contributions to ballet art; today it remains one of the world’s most beloved works. After its initial failure as an opera, dancers found the music too complex for accompanying their movements. Yet today it remains one of the world’s most beloved ballets.

Nikolay Kashkin composed and published the piano arrangement of the score in 1877 for its premiere. Later in 1895, Pyotr Jurgenson released an orchestrated full score that corresponded with Tchaikovsky’s autograph manuscript scores but did not contain an Introduction; rather it included an appendix with Russian text of libretto as well as orchestrations by Riccardo Drigo of Op 72 pieces that were included into ballet performance.

Let It Be

Paul McCartney wrote the song Let It Be during rehearsals that became the Let It Be album released in 1970. At that time, the band were still the Beatles but had begun to experience difficulties as an act. The Let It Be album spent four weeks at #1 on charts worldwide and remains one of their best-selling releases to this day.

At Twickenham, Paul provided chords for George Harrison’s lead guitar solo while others provided backing vocals based on how they wanted the “F bit” sound in the chorus. John was instructed to sing backing “aaahs”, however eventually decided he should assume full vocal duties himself.

George Martin made an official master recording of “Hey Jude” on 31 January, with McCartney at a Bluthner piano, John Lennon on six-string electric bass (later replaced with McCartney’s own bass part at his request), and Ringo Starr playing drums – this version would serve as the basis of all officially released recordings of it.

Ave Maria

The lovely Ave Maria song can provide comfort for mourners at funerals. Written by Franz Schubert in 1825, its soothing yet moving Catholic prayer features an iconic melody recorded by many great singers; additionally its words may also be sung at weddings and other happy events.

This song was initially composed as a musical setting of Sir Walter Scott’s poem Ellen’s Third Song; its popularity later led to its being misconstrued as written specifically to accompany a traditional Latin prayer of that name.

This confusion may have resulted from its opening lines – Ave Maria – being similar to those used at the beginning of Latin prayers. Still, Schubert’s masterpiece composition makes an excellent addition to any piano playlist and has been performed by numerous celebrated performers, such as Maria Callas and Andrea Bocelli.