Top 5 Reviews of Indie Alternative Music on YouTube

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KSI’s music is praised for its production and quality. Jake Paul’s lackluster performance is criticised while Love Joy’s indie rock sound garners admiration. Brent Trava’s collaboration with Alan Walker is also reviewed.

Indie musicians tend to place great importance on songwriting. Their lyrics often draw upon personal experiences or struggles they’ve endured that resonate emotionally with listeners. Furthermore, indie musicians are known for adopting a do-it-yourself ethos when recording and producing their music.

The Decemberists

The Decemberists are an eclectic band of musicians known for creating theatrical, nostalgic songs that tell fantastical tales from history. Led by singer-songwriter Colin Meloy and their fan base on NPR listeners alike, Melissa Block talks with them about their new CD Picaresque, recorded at Portland church where it was produced. Meloy explains the reason they call themselves the Decemberists as an allusion to Russian revolutionaries who attempted to overthrow Czar Alexander II in 1825.

Meloy relocated to Oregon after leaving Montana band Tariko and met Nate Query and Jenny Conlee, scoring silent film soundtracks together before forming The Decemberists. They self-released five songs under Hush Records’ full-length release 5 Songs as full length album in 2001 before shifting labels with Kill Rock Stars label and releasing Castaways and Cutouts which featured more baroque compositions including string sections before eventually moving over for Her Majesty… The Decemberists being released later that same year as release which showcased storytelling within its fabric than ever before!

In 2004, they released an EP called The Tain that featured one song with multiple movements arranged around a brass section, foreshadowing a more dramatic future for them. Two years later, in 2006, they issued their major debut “The Crane Wife” through Capitol Records.

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes from Seattle first made waves with their 2008 release of Sun Giant and their self-titled debut album. Receiving critical acclaim, Fleet Foxes created their unique style of indie folk rock which combined earthy harmony-rich indie folk music with lush pop sophistication reminiscent of bands such as Beach Boys or Steeleye Span.

This group was formed in 2006 when Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset met at Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, Washington and began making music together. After releasing two EPs independently and signing with Sub Pop Records, the duo started working on their debut.

Fleet Foxes first made headlines with their debut album’s release in 2008 and quickly rose to the top of numerous best of lists and became an instantaneous phenomenon. Since then, they have continued producing albums that push musical boundaries; Crack-Up being their latest offering – it is both ambitious and ambitious!

Crack-Up features an eclectic combination of instruments and sounds that set it apart from any other indie folk album in recent history. From Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’s droning strings to White Winter Hymnal’s spine-tingling melody, every track on Crack-Up provides something new and exciting for fans of the band. Their vocal harmonies stand out, and orchestration reminds one of artists such as Simon & Garfunkel and Fairport Convention.

Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire burst onto the music scene in the early ’00s and have never looked back since. Their eclectic approach has earned them numerous charts top spots and awards while being considered one of the most influential rock groups of our era. Their baroque-pop sound combines serious lyrical themes with memorable choruses that lead to moments of catharsis; plus theatrical live shows make them one of the world’s premier touring acts.

Win Butler and Regine Chassagne are multi-instrumentalists who co-founded Funeral, alongside drummer Richard Reed Parry, bassist Tim Kingsbury, and keyboardist Jeremy Gara. A rotating group of guest musicians such as horn players and violinists also perform onstage alongside them – We Are the Night was their debut EP followed by Funeral in 2004 which gained critical acclaim, garnering new fans. Funeral was even listed second by NME in 2005’s list of best albums; both recordings went on to sell millions copies worldwide!

In 2010, the band released their third album, The Suburbs. This record proved an international commercial success, reaching number one across Canada, the US and the UK and garnering four Juno awards and the Polaris Music Prize. Furthermore, its song “Wake Up” inspired Spike Jonze’s short film Scenes from the Suburbs; additionally “Wake Up” served as an integral theme song on Dan Patrick Show (daily national sports talk show) as well as being played during Super Bowl telecast!


Alex Rainbird has amassed a massive YouTube following by showcasing talented but lesser-known independent musicians. His monthly compilations are watched millions of times each month, helping many nascent artists gain momentum in the music scene. Alex also maintains his own blog and merchandise store to share his unique taste in music with others. Recently, Alex spoke with us about his success as well as what qualities make an indie musician great.

Indie music originated as an antidote against the commercialization of popular music in the 1980s. It’s distinguished by its independence, DIY ethos, and emphasis on creative freedom; these traits have since expanded to encompass an expansive genre encompassing styles as diverse as indie rock, dream pop, and indie rap.

Early 1990s British bands Oasis and Blur were instrumental in popularising indie music; R.E.M, The Replacements, Husker Du, and other grunge artists like R.E.M pioneered an indie sound. Later in the decade Lorde, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Frank Ocean all pushed boundaries while exploring experimentation – expanding indie landscape further still!

Indie music continues to flourish today with its own distinct sound and aesthetic. Although often classified as indie alternative, this label can sometimes be difficult to define precisely; some artists choose independence for greater autonomy while others may sign with major labels while still remaining true to the genre’s spirit.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing viral videos and other engaging content, from adorable animal clips to remarkable feats of human ability. This wide-ranging selection appeals to viewers of all kinds and has contributed significantly to its success; moreover, its consistent updates and relatability has led to it building a solid subscriber base.

Jason Gryniewicz, commonly known by his YouTube handle Daily Dose of Internet, hails from Illinois and has amassed millions of subscribers through online video content. This success has allowed him to access numerous income sources such as advertising revenues, sponsorship deals and merchandise sales; not to mention an expanding gaming channel called Sir Nosaj which also continues its own successful run.

Though he has avoided major scandals, his YouTube channel has come under criticism for failing to acknowledge some creators whose clips it includes in its compilation videos – an issue which has angered some creators who feel their work is being exploited without permission.

Despite all this controversy, YouTube has managed to retain high viewership and increase its net worth through various income streams and brand recognition. Future growth of its net worth may occur as its audience increases further; however, YouTube ad revenue can vary depending on many factors including its traffic volume, audience demographics and overall engagement with videos posted to it.

Kuozy Indie Music Soul

Going to a live indie alternative band performance is one of the best ways to experience their music. Many indie bands are highly creative, offering up a distinct sound that stands out from the pack. Not only are these musicians passionate about what they do and excited to share it with fans, but their performances offer an unforgettable experience that will leave lasting memories behind.

Indie music encompasses an expansive spectrum of styles, spanning folk rock to dream pop and traditional acoustic tunes. Some indie artists even create unique forms by fusing several genres; one popular subgenre of soul music that blends elements from hip-hop with indie rock is indie neo-soul.

Indie music is distinguished from commercial record labels by its independence from them, giving artists greater creative control to experiment and explore different sounds and styles in their work. They can also make decisions regarding how best to promote their band as they see fit; and many independent musicians employ an unorthodox DIY recording and publishing approach when recording and publishing their tunes.

Discovering independent music has never been easier with streaming services and YouTube channels, where many feature dedicated playlists of indie tunes that make finding songs much simpler. Furthermore, YouTube offers many genre-focused playlists.