Top 5 Sad Quotes to Help You Get Through Hard Times

Listening to sad songs when going through difficult times can provide comfort. From love stories to heartbreaking breakups, songs that focus on difficult situations can give us strength in dealing with them.

Many listen to sad songs because they can feel relatable, as well as serving as a form of stress relief.

1. “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”

Losing someone close, death or experiencing other difficulties can bring anguish and grief, yet these tough times don’t need to be as difficult. By surrounding ourselves with positive people and songs we can find strength from one another and hope for the future.

By the Time I Get to Phoenix is an improvisational DJ set by Injury Reserve performed during their tour and draws inspiration from it to expand their signature noise rap into an array of freeform texture and tension, defying form and legibility. Inspired by Stepa Groggs’ death, By the Time I Get to Phoenix explores pain, mourning and moving forward.

Ritchie employs a road trip metaphor, using increasingly distant language–blood, habits, remote controls and television shows–to describe an unattainable love that has passed on. His album serves as an implicit reminder that we all will die someday; accepting that truth is crucial for living an idyllic existence.

2. “Landslide”

Landslide is one of Stevie Nicks’ signature songs for good reason – its beauty and introspective tone make it timeless and relatable to people across the globe. Although its meaning varies according to context, Landslide typically refers to life’s continual changes and upheavals.

Nicks wrote the song Landslide while at an impasse in her career, considering whether to pursue music further or return to school. Her father encouraged her to give music another try and she wanted to express her thanks with this tribute to him in Landslide.

In 2002, The Dixie Chicks covered this song to great acclaim, further cementing its legacy and showing how easily it could be performed across different musical genres. A timeless classic that will never go out of style!

3. “Blasphemous Rumors”

Depeche Mode’s song explores themes of suffering and faith within life. The tale told is of a girl attempting suicide at age 16, yet ultimately thanking God for sparing her life instead. Later she becomes committed to Jesus Christ before being involved in a car accident at eighteen that leaves her severely injured, ultimately placing her on life support.

This song caused much outrage from religious communities due to its lyrics which many saw as openly profane and led them to take an adverse response against Depeche Mode as a band. Released as part of their double A side with “Somebody”, both tracks directed by Clive Richardson from their 1984 album Some Great Reward; Mondegreen lyrics can also be heard here.

4. “Far Away”

“Far Away” conveys feelings of longing and devotion for someone far away from the narrator. The song explores their desire to reconnect, while simultaneously acknowledging fears of rejection; creating a heartwarming tale which resonates deeply with listeners and has quickly become a popular listener favorite.

Simon Stephens’ theatrical scripts are bold family portraits rooted in Social Realism and filled with lyrical optimism, receiving critical acclaim both domestically and abroad. Olivier Award-winner Will Young plays the part of a banker returning from Amsterdam for the funeral of his brother; upon arriving back home he begins writing letters simultaneously melancholy and rebellious, hoping to reconnect with an estranged sibling that hasn’t spoken for years.

5. “Boots”

“Boot Scootin’ Boogie” has long been a classic at line dancing venues, yet Houser’s rendition made waves in 2009 when it made it onto the Top 10 chart. The song offers a simple narrative: Houser sings about an inconclusive relationship wherein sand remains stuck between their boots as an allegory for unresolved feelings that won’t leave.

What are some of your favorite country songs featuring boots as titles? Share them in the comments! For even more heartbreak songs, see our list of the 20 saddest songs ever made.

6. “Shivers”

Ed Sheeran’s undeniable bop “Shivers” is an unmistakable tribute to love. The four-time Grammy winner makes no secret of his feelings throughout this song, singing of both admiration and exhilaration with someone special who has captured his heart. AnnaSophia Robb (from The Carrie Diaries fame) stars in its music video as their relationship swings wildly from one extreme situation to the next.

Though sadness and challenges may arise unexpectedly, there are ways you can find strength during hard times. A kind word and motivational quote could offer relief when life throws them your way.

7. “Farewell My Love”

Though life can sometimes be challenging and dark, quotes like “It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to appreciate presence” can provide strength in times of difficulty.

8. “It’s Over”

This song expresses Pearl’s heartache and grief over her relationship with Rose being over, realizing it wasn’t nearly as deep or lasting as she believed or had imagined.

This song is especially renowned in the incelosphere, an underground community of incels who consider societal oppression the source of their inceldom. “It’s over” is often heard when discussing negative aspects about oneself that cannot be altered.

This song is an epic instrumental feast. Deservingly so, its release earned widespread acclaim and head-bobs. One of Ruth’s best pieces, it will surely become part of your rotation.

9. “You Can’t Save a Broken Heart”

No matter if it be from an emotional breakup or disappointment with dreams, few feelings compare with that of heartache. Luckily, there are numerous song sad quotes available that can help ease some of that suffering.

These heartbreaking songs from country to R&B explore the complexities of romantic relationships and their inevitable unraveling. Get ready to sing along as these melodies bring tears to your eyes.

At its core, heartbreak can be described as a crushing sensation that lasts a lifetime – just ask Gladys Knight, who laments on this slow postmortem track the loss of her relationship. Fatalism never sounded more lush or beautiful and beautiful songs such as this sultry 90s tune have since been covered by Natalie Imbruglia, The Corrs and Psychic TV to name just three examples of its widespread coverage.

10. “I’ll Be There”

Though we make every attempt to keep sadness at bay, sorrow often finds its way in unexpectedly. When this occurs, reaching out to others and seeking comfort through kind words and sentiments is essential – apps such as Quote Poster Maker by Appy Pie Design make this easy by creating beautiful designs to express what can help alleviate difficult times – this song speaks of undying devotion that no matter who is around or what a person does; something many wish they felt but may feel afraid to ask for directly.