Top 5 Studio Equipment Stores

studio equipment stores

Building a music studio can be a monumental undertaking, from researching equipment reviews and buying gear from different stores, to physically creating your space in which to work.

An essential setup consists of a computer, microphone and recording software – each offering different options to meet individual recording needs.


Thomann Music Equipment Stores of Europe are one of the premier retailers for musical equipment. Their store in Treppendorf, Germany carries an expansive selection of instruments and studio gear while their website provides helpful tutorials for musicians. Their customer service team answers over 235,000 emails daily from customers hoping to purchase from Thomann; they strive to ensure each purchase meets your exact requirements and satisfaction.

Hans Thomann Sr, who would later found his business, began as a traveling musician. To support himself while studying trumpet at his local conservatory, he performed bands and circus acts while selling instruments off of his motorbike to local residents. Soon enough he made part of his house into a showroom space, expanding the business.

Thomann quickly took advantage of the Internet revolution when it first emerged. They launched their initial website in 1996, and later acquired Roadstar, Germany’s premier mail-order musical instrument company at that time – this allowed them to double customer numbers. They even opened a warehouse in UK to expand shipping services further.

Today, the company is headquartered in Burgebrach, Bavaria and employs 1,600 people on its million-square-foot campus. Serving 13 million unique visitors each year with over 1.3 million active users utilizing products ranging from traditional instruments to home production equipment – they attribute their success to their employees who strive for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to ensuring it.

Employees at Thomann have given its culture an average score of 4 out of 5, scoring high marks for both employee net promoter score (eNPS) and compensation. Thomann is especially committed to the wellbeing of its staff; their leadership team makes clear they strive to create an excellent work experience for employees. Furthermore, the company boasts an excellent track record in supporting career goals with opportunities like conferences and seminars as well as offering flexible work schedules.

Vintage King

Vintage King has grown from an unassuming studio equipment store among wholesale auto parts warehouses and body shops along Hilton Road in Ferndale into one of the top professional audio suppliers outfitting recording studios worldwide. Vintage King offers microphones, speakers and modules – anything available for pro audio applications you will likely find here!

As Vintage King has expanded, its facilities in Ferndale have outgrown their capacity; now Vintage King needs to find another location within metro Detroit and continue providing high quality services that have made them a favorite among studio owners and engineers for over three decades.

Vintage King offers professional audio consultants who assist individuals just starting out build studio setups that provide them with optimal sonic potential for their projects, and assist professionals who already own studios upgrade or expand them to ensure they capture optimal sounds. Furthermore, Vintage King sells and services a selection of guitar pedals from Chase Bliss Audio, Meris and Strymon which can add various effects to any instrument.

Vintage King offers an expansive selection of microphones ranging from condenser, dynamic, ribbon and shock mount mics – which can be used with various instruments and vocals – along with shock mounts, wind screens and stereo bars – to meet every recording studio need. Their selection also includes both classic designs such as Shure as well as boutique offerings that provide digital equivalents of their classic models.

Studio monitors are an essential element of any studio, and Vintage King offers options from top manufacturers like Focal, ATC Loudspeakers and Genelec. Their experienced experts can assist customers in selecting their ideal monitors while installation and tuning services can also be provided by qualified technicians.

Vintage King provides studios with equipment they need, while also offering an immersive Dolby Atmos mix room that allows engineers to test out the newest in surround sound technology. This state-of-the-art facility has been utilized by some of the industry’s most esteemed producers and engineers in order to produce award-winning recordings, while our showroom regularly hosts engaging and educational events throughout the year.

Studio Spares

Studio Spares provides an expansive selection of products designed to assist musicians with recording and mixing music. Their inventory includes microphones, amplifiers, speakers and more – everything you need for home recording! In addition, Studio Spares sells studio accessories as well as acoustic treatments – they even sell complete recording studio setups online!

There is an array of studio monitors on the market, making it challenging to select the appropriate pair for your needs. Quality studio monitors will help to ensure accurate mixes that resonate well with listeners; we suggest investing in some NS-10’s from Studiospares for an affordable yet high-quality solution.

Adorama provides acoustic paneling kits, absorption panels and diffusion panels that will help you produce professional-quality sound recordings from home studios.

Studio Spares provides all the hardware components you need for building a studio, from all-in-one recording studio sets that make building simpler to individual components you may require. In addition, you’ll find isolation booths and bass traps from top brands like Behringer, Presonus and Sound Ideas Studio available to outfit your own personalized studio.

Pro Audio Star

Pro Audio Star, located in Brooklyn, New York is a studio equipment store with a spacious warehouse that specializes in pro audio and DJ gear. They sell high-quality equipment at competitive prices with helpful employees that are always there to answer questions from their customers. Since 2006 they’ve earned themselves an exceptional reputation for customer service, offering everything from microphones, mixers, headphones as well as DJ gear accessories.

This company boasts many positive features, but isn’t without its share of problems. Their website sometimes shows products as being available when they actually are out of stock; and with only intermittent website updates being completed by them, customers could encounter misleading or outdated information which can cause miscommunication and lead to frustration among consumers. Furthermore, the return policy can be quite complex: all items must be returned within 30 days with original packaging, accessories and documentation included – not including an up to 15% restocking fee which must also be included when returning items back!

ProAudioStar stands out from competitors by offering more than great pricing; their selection includes top brands such as Marshall, ODYSSEY and Hercules DJ products at discount rates. You can shop by brand or category with most instruments offered at a discounted rate; additionally they feature “open box” instruments, used instruments that have been renovated and repacked as “new.”

ProAudioStar stands behind almost every product it sells with manufacturer warranties and, for added peace of mind, you can add an Extend protection plan. Plans are listed next to each add to cart button on their site. In addition, their friendly live chat team can answer any of your queries quickly; they can even assist with custom orders! ProAudioStar’s aim is to bring music dreams alive!