Top 5 Ukulele Queen Songs For Beginners

A ukulele is a small Hawaiian guitar-like instrument. It comes in four standard sizes – soprano, concert, tenor and baritone – with soprano being the smallest one and concert the largest one. Ukuleles can also be tuned one octave higher or lower to produce bass instruments (commonly known as contrabasses or banjos). Mario Maccaferri popularized ukuleles during World War Two by creating affordable plastic instruments.

1. “It’s My Life”

One song that has catalyzed today’s ukulele renaissance is this timeless classic. Featuring an accessible chord structure and strumming pattern, it makes learning to play this song easy for beginners.

This lively tune is an ideal song for beginners learning the ukulele to learn and enjoy playing, providing a chance to show off your skills while impressing friends with your abilities and having a lot of fun singing along. Plus it makes an excellent singalong!

This Talk Talk song explores values shared by Bon Jovi such as strength, optimism and believing in yourself. Tommy and Gina from ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ appear again here to show that true grit never backs down – just like Tommy and Gina don’t. Their story reminds us to stand up for what matters in life while living ours to its fullest. -Tommy and Gina.

4. “Beautiful Things”

“Beautiful Things” is an engaging contemporary piece that blends elements of pop and soul music. From its subdued verses to its powerful chorus, the song offers listeners an auditory experience they won’t soon forget. Lyrically it explores themes related to self-discovery as well as appreciation of life’s simple pleasures; while its powerful lyrics and harmonious arrangement have made it an audience favourite among modern pop music, garnering much recognition from younger demographics.

14 hits from Freddie Mercury and Queen are arranged here for ukulele with standard G-C-E-A tuning, complete with melody, lyrics, chord diagrams, backing tracks for practice and performance, and melody/lyrics/chord diagrams for easy learning and performance.

5. “I Will Follow You”

Upbeat popular songs with simple chords are ideal for beginning guitar students, and this track is no different. Its catchy lyrics and straightforward strumming pattern have proven hugely popular worldwide, sure to impress even the ladies!

This Death Cab For Cutie song’s lyrical content embodies unfaltering devotion, conveying a promise to be with their loved one until death, even beyond.

Although this single by the band hasn’t reached the top charts, its popularity is such that it has been featured in multiple movies and TV shows. With its simple chords and haunting vocals, this should be included as part of any ukulele player’s repertoire!

6. “Summertime”

George Gershwin originally wrote “Summertime” as the opening aria for his jazz opera Porgy and Bess, and since its composition it has become one of the most covered songs ever. From Janis Joplin’s bluesy rendition to Sublime’s version and Mongo Santamaria’s Latin jazz rendition to Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo’s reggae rendition ‘Summertime” has been translated into every style imaginable.

Ukuleles are perfect for upbeat popular songs with simple chords, such as Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles; although its 7th chords may require practice. Still, it makes an enjoyable summer song to sing along to with friends! They are lightweight and portable – ideal for long days at the park or for busking (playing music for money in public spaces)…maybe even moonlighting opportunities!

7. “It’s My Life”

Beginners in ukulele play should begin by learning upbeat popular songs with straightforward chord structures such as this tune by Talk Talk – a British New Wave band comprised of two members with similar names – who make an excellent introduction.

This song pays homage to Tommy and Gina from Bon Jovi’s song “Livin’ on a Prayer”, who embody some of their core themes such as strength, optimism and believing in yourself.

This song has become immensely popular thanks to YouTube and the ukulele renaissance. With simple chords and an instantly recognisable strumming pattern, this timeless hit can be enjoyed worldwide. Practice this tune at home or with friends; wedding receptions also frequently request it! Learning this classic will add something extra special to any performance!

8. “Stay With Me”

Sam Smith wrote “Numb” as an emotive song about embracing vulnerability and seeking emotional connection, loneliness and one-night stands; as well as feelings of isolation or abandonment. It reached number one on the UK Singles Chart shortly after being released on Sam’s second album In the Lonely Hour.

Reigan Derry covered “Top 10 Hits” as part of Australia’s sixth series of The X Factor for their “Top 10 Hits” themed week, debuting it at number 20 on the ARIA Singles Chart and later FKA Twigs and Charli XCX performing it live on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in that year.

14 hits by Freddie Mercury and crew are arranged for ukulele in standard G-C-E-A tuning with melody, lyrics and chord diagrams for easy learning. A separate vocal part and guitar chord chart are included as well.

9. “I Will Follow You”

This song’s lyrics send an important message of undying love and devotion: the singer promises their partner they will follow them wherever they may go, regardless of physical barriers that might prevent them from being together. Anyone who has had an intense, lasting romantic relationship will appreciate its sentimentality.

This song’s chorus explores themes of mortality and afterlife. The singer asks “If heaven and hell both decide that we both are satisfied, illuminate ‘no’ on their vacancy signs,” suggesting he would continue accompanying his partner even into eternity.

Ben Gibbard’s haunting vocal style pairs beautifully with the dark lyrics in this track, creating an air of introspection and melancholy that makes this one of Death Cab for Cutie’s signature tracks. This track remains one of their best-known singles.

10. “I Will Follow You”

This international hit demonstrates a simple chord structure and strumming pattern, making it one of the easiest songs to learn and an integral part of today’s ukulele wave thanks to various videos featuring it from weddings to iPhone commercials.

This upbeat popular song explores themes of love and devotion – an age-old theme in songs – with lyrics promising undying commitment to one’s beloved beyond even death itself.

Ben Gibbard’s distinctive vocals perfectly suit this emotive ballad, making it their most-streamed track on Spotify – it is easy to understand why after just one listen. A must-have track for any ukulele player!