Top 5 YouTube Influencers Who Play Piano

Piano playing enhances you as an individual in multiple ways – be they mental, emotional or physical. Furthermore, it develops discipline while teaching time management and supporting constructive music listening habits.

Practice piano can increase body flexibility, especially when performing fast music, which helps you maintain balance and avoid falls while stimulating muscle, bone and metabolic development.

Piano Genius

Piano Genius is a YouTube channel offering music and instructional videos. They specialize in teaching people how to play modern songs on piano as well as how to improvise chords and improvise, providing paid courses appropriate for both children and adults as well as free videos available to get you started.

Tim Gross’s YouTube channel is an ideal place for beginners who wish to learn piano without needing to master music theory or read sheet music. His videos focus on rock musicians’ style of piano playback with emphasis on chords; additionally he offers 34 videos that teach each chord possible on piano.

Jacques Hopkins offers piano lessons on YouTube for beginners. His mission is to help people become proficient pianists within 21 days; hence the name of his channel: Piano in 21 Days”. Although his videos may not be as detailed, they still provide useful instruction.

Tim Gross

Tim Gross was an outstanding individual who took great joy in living his life to its fullest. He loved music, biking, the outdoors and public service work. Additionally, his legacy of love and service will be remembered forever by family and friends alike.

His passion was music, leading him to pursue bass playing as his profession and perform in many bands over time. Over the years, he played alongside notable musicians such as Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Terri Nunn and Tommy Tutone; additionally he appeared with Chuck Negron of Three Dog Nights and other groups.

His instructional videos cover all the fundamentals of piano playing from music theory to technique. Additionally, he offers a paid course that teaches how to master this instrument like an expert; view an intro video here.

Jacques Hopkins is another top piano instructor on YouTube, offering lessons in 21 days with an emphasis on chords and improvisation. His method suits people who don’t want to spend a lot of time learning music theory; his YouTube playlist of free tutorials provides additional support. Meanwhile, Hoffman Academy takes a more traditional approach, providing comprehensive curriculum suitable for adults as well as children – their intro video can be seen here.

Jacques Hopkins

Jacques Hopkins is an electrical engineer who turned his passion for piano into a successful online business. He developed the course “Piano in 21 Days” to teach people modern songs on piano. Although Jacques took formal piano lessons as a child, they weren’t his cup of tea and so he wanted an alternative method of learning the instrument; his course teaches students chord-based playing rather than traditional sheet music learning methods.

Initial courses provided a free trial period; then Jacques transitioned to a paid subscription model with two tiers of service; the higher-tier offering more interaction between learners and Jacques as well as opportunities to submit questions for monthly Q&A sessions and an interactive forum where questions may be submitted by learners, providing more feedback on your progress.

Jacques Hopkins is passionate about helping others to realize their goals, making a career out of his passion for piano playing and sharing it with others. His music videos and instructional videos are popular with students; his lessons go beyond simply teaching basics but offer tips and tricks to sharpen skills further. Jacques’ lessons are high-quality yet straightforward: the first lesson introduces white keys on a keyboard along with audio exercises allowing users to identify notes at different speeds, while subsequent ones explore major and minor chords using backing tracks for practice purposes.

Zach Evans

Zach Evans is an online influencer and pianist known for his piano playing videos on YouTube, boasting over 10 million views and 100,000 subscribers, along with his book Piano University and website Piano U. He regularly gives TEDx talks; his unique style includes powerful emotional breakdowns, thrilling melodies, and progressive trance sounds that get any crowd moving.

Evans initially was recruited for track and field, but decided instead to follow his passion for music instead. While attending UW-Oshkosh he took piano lessons and started recording cover songs on YouTube; ultimately switching his major from math to music and being taught classical technique by one of Evans’ professors at UW-Oshkosh.

After graduating, he joined TCU where he would make nine starts as a freshman from 2020-2021, rushing for 415 yards on 54 attempts for an outstanding average of 7.7 yards per carry and four touchdowns.

Evans is also an outstanding passer, possessing the ability to break defenses with burst, acceleration and shift in speed in open space. This skill enabled him to score on numerous occasions during 2021 season; one being his remarkable 76-yard touchdown against Georgia Tech. Evans finished with over 1000 yards and was honored as second team Academic All-Big 12 member; an asset for any team in any division throughout the nation with an extremely bright future ahead.

The Hoffman Academy

Joseph Hoffman and Kelly Gagalis-Hoffman launched Hoffman Academy to offer piano lessons that keep children interested, while providing them with an understanding of music theory. Using current research into child learning methods as well as methods used for teaching piano to young children, their goal is to produce well-rounded musicians who truly comprehend music theory. At Hoffman Academy they use videos and interactive games to make online piano lessons fun for children.

The website includes several tools that enable students to practice on their own, including video lessons with various playback speeds and challenging students by slowing them down until they are able to keep up with it, then gradually speeding back up again – this will build their stamina while encouraging steady work at a constant pace.

Mr Hoffman offers online piano lessons to children aged 5 and up with his unique approach of “ear before eye” and “experience before explanation”. This method ensures students begin playing songs right from day one!

Hoffman Academy also provides practice materials and sheet music that are either included with their Premium membership, or can be purchased separately. Some resources available through Hoffman Academy include lesson plans and practice challenges designed to aid students in learning music systematically.