Top Country Music Artists 2022

top country music artists 2022

Morgan Wade is carving her own path in country music with her record deal with Big Loud Records and Brooks & Dunn tour experience behind her. Morgan Wade’s reflective single, “Circles Around This Town,” provides a fresh take on girl power anthems.

BRELAND draws on multiple genre influences for his sound. His debut LP showcases an appreciation of classic country without falling into nostalgia-fetishism.

Maren Morris

As noted by the GRAMMY Museum’s education program on country music, Morris is an independent musician who “follows her own beat and refuses to conform.” She hails from Mississippi but was raised in Arlington, Texas where she performed local honkytonks before moving to Nashville to pursue singing as a profession. Morris began touring her early 20s before quickly becoming a staple on Nashville’s country scene with three albums released quickly after that. At 2016 CMAs she won Female Country Artist of the Year while receiving nominations from both Academy of Country Music Top New Artist Award and Academy nominations!

Morris has become increasingly vocal on LGBTQ rights and other social issues in recent years, risking backlash that country music artists adherent to its staunch conservatism don’t face. After Jason Aldean released “Try That in a Small Town,” widely perceived by critics to be an indirect call for modern day lynchings, she took to Twitter to condemn its lyrics and blast him for lacking empathy in his art.

Although traditionalists have taken issue with her decision to leave country music behind, few can fault her for doing so. The genre has often been unwelcoming of women or people of color; therefore it seems appropriate for her to propose it’s time for change.

Her decision to depart from country music demonstrates her maturing as an artist; she is taking risks and speaking her mind, knowing she has both voice and talent to achieve this feat successfully.

On her latest EP, “The Bridge,” Morris showcases a deep and full vocal performance as she delivers lyrics that are both bold and intimate. Working with producer Greg Kurstin – known for working with Adele and Lily Allen among other artists – Morris created a sound that draws upon country traditions while expanding it further.

The result of their work is an album that marks an experimental departure from traditional country, yet remains recognizably country. With timeless songs that will still be heard on radio stations and playlists decades from now.


BRELAND has collaborated with more country superstars than any other new artist since 2022, and the New Jersey native isn’t stopping there. In August, he released the country-R&B hybrid single “Told You I Could Drink.” It features smooth production with R&B influences as he sings of past relationships he’s experienced and what they taught him – it also boasts a catchy guitar hook from Lady A’s Charles Kelley that pairs beautifully with Breland’s pliant voice!

Breland has made his mark as an artist through masterful musical translation, taking advantage of similarities and relationships among genres like country, hip-hop and other popular music to forge his own distinctive sound called cross country. His ability to combine different styles is what gives his music its distinctiveness and excitement; this trait is what propelled him into becoming one of country music’s biggest stars so quickly.

Though Peddie School might appear familiar, he only began singing professionally in 2020. Following his viral TikTok hit “My Truck” being picked up by record labels during the early days of coronavirus pandemic and his move to Nashville during this period; his first performance ever took place for high school audiences there!

Cross Country by Breland was recently released on Bad Realm Records/Atlantic Records and provides an exciting 14-track listening experience that spans genre definitions while remaining wholly fresh and lively. On it, his infectiously engaging songs make you feel like part of his story: Hemi engines, crisp chicken, “Country Grammar,” East Atlanta — everything connects from within!

Country music has always been an amalgamation of sounds and cultures, and BRELAND continues this trend by mixing gospel, R&B, hip-hop and country to create something wholly original – producing enjoyable country tunes like no one else this year! His success hybrid style looks set for great things.

Colin Stough

Colin Stough has been dreaming big since he was five years old; and thanks to his run on American Idol 2023 season 5, one of those dreams is now becoming a reality. Now an established country artist releasing new music and headlining shows. Colin’s debut major label release “Whiskey on You” made waves online and also resonated with listeners at Country radio stations nationwide.

Stough’s rendition of heartache and loss echoes Merle Haggard and Brooks & Dunn in its stark and heartbreaking beauty, winning over fans who found him an unlikely contender on Idol. To celebrate his single release he created a video to commemorate all that his hometown means to him, featuring footage of stores, restaurants and rodeos that have had an influence in shaping his life as well as an interview where he discussed what lies ahead for him in life.

Jackson Dean made waves on season 10 of The Voice before going on to become a country music sensation with his smooth yet soulful sound. Both in the studio and live performances, his charismatic persona matches up perfectly with his vocal abilities – making him an excellent choice as an emerging 2022 act! His songs are relatable yet full of hope while at the same time rocking dancehalls with ease!

Faith has it all; whether it be sultry bangers or ballads. Her debut album Cold Comfort stands as proof of both her talent and resolve to pursue her goals no matter the odds.

While many newcomers to country music bring in an eclectic blend of influences, BRELAND is taking it back to its core. Her multi-octave voice and award-winning histrionics elevate country songs to award-winning levels; her raw lyrics and honest performance have earned her fan support and become fan favorites; with her most recent hit “Black Like Me,” poised for greatness in 2022.

Matt Stough

Country music artist Matt Stough made waves this year by opening for Kidd G and Drake White as well as joining the Grand Ole Opry circle for the first time, as well as leading his own shows at venues like Country Jam Nashville and Texas Country Live! Matt worked with producer Sean Rogers to deliver an acoustic take of “Promiseland”, showcasing its heart while showcasing his incredible vocal ability.

Stough’s guitar-driven sound combines rock influences with traditional country elements for an acoustic version of his anthem that allows him to showcase his lyrical prowess. Not afraid to explore difficult topics like his desire for reconnecting with former loves, this song showcases Stough’s unique brand of country to audiences nationwide.

Stough has also released a music video in conjunction with his song that acts as a love letter to Mississippi, featuring everything from grocery stores and restaurants to rodeos and open roads as he honors his roots. Furthermore, this heartfelt clip shows Stough taking time off his touring schedule for some quality family time within its frame.

Stough’s track highlights his versatility, showing that he can effortlessly switch from powerful belting to vulnerable singing – two sides to his personality that will help set him apart in country music’s new wave of rising young stars.

In 2022, Muddy Water Rockstar released his debut EP and performed at several major country festivals. Looking ahead, this momentum should only increase further over the course of 2023 as he embarks on multiple headlining tours alongside artists like Chase Matthew.

These up-and-coming country musicians from Texas to Nashville are making waves on the music scene. Whether they launched themselves independently or through reality singing competitions, each has something special to offer listeners.