Top Country Music Videos

Country music is built upon masterful storytelling, and one way to enhance its power is with powerful videos. Sometimes these can be emotional while at other times they can bring smiles.

This clip from Carrie Underwood shows her distinctive style and stage presence, as well as interviews with fans before her performance in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1. “Fall in Love” by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman hails from a small town and comes from a working class family background – his father owns a trucking business while his mother runs their family-owned towing and salvage yard, lending a distinct working man’s aesthetic to his songs. His debut single “Fall in Love” charted before radio release, making it 2022’s fastest country debut single! Make sure you watch his music video as well!

A captivating song, eye-catching men in tight pants and see-through shirts, a stunning blonde woman dressed up like an Aphrodite dancing on a bar top and an unforgettable soundtrack make this country music video an iconic classic that remains one of its fans’ favorites today! No surprise it remains popular!

Reba McEntire’s music video to this hit was like an epic mini-movie, depicting Fancy Rae Baker’s struggle and triumph. CMT listed this track among their Top 100 Greatest Country Songs ever and it marked her greatest success yet!

Vince Gill’s country music hits are consistently entertaining, and this music video from one of his hits certainly doesn’t disappoint. Who could possibly dislike an individual who spends his days golfing with friends and drinking at honky-tonks? Plus it includes an appearance from George Jones himself! Sure to bring smiles.

2. “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood & The Chicks

Unlist of great country music videos would not be complete without including this iconic clip from Carrie Underwood. Not only was this clip instantly recognizable when released in 2007, it even won several awards upon its debut on MTV’s Total Request Live program!

The song itself is an emotive ballad about true friendship and love that resonates with country fans; country fans particularly enjoy watching this story unfold in video format; this version even stars some iconic country figures (John Wayne, John F. Kennedy, Keith Whitley and rodeo rider Lane Frost), alongside Underwood’s beautiful voice and lyrics.

This video is an essential watch for fans of country music, demonstrating that not all country songs are about drinking and partying; they show real love stories with hard work and trust required between partners. Furthermore, this heartbreaking yet important tale about domestic abuse features actresses Jane Krakowski and Lauren Holly portraying Wanda’s friends while NYPD Blue actor Dennis Franz plays her abuser.

Tyler Childers’s video for ‘In Your Love’ proves there are multiple ways country music can bring people together – just take a look at Jason Aldean’s controversial “Try That in a Small Town” clip for evidence! Tyler Childers’s is sweet, thoughtful and heartfelt – showing that country is an inclusive genre where artists of all types can find success.

3. “Whiskey Lullaby” by Alison Krauss & Brad Paisley

No list of top country music videos would be complete without this timeless classic. This story depicting an abused woman murdering her abuser with a gun is one of the most iconic videos ever released and an important account of domestic violence – something we should remember not to overlook.

Scotty McCreery’s engaging and captivating music video for this song by Scotty McCreery shows the simple joys of small-town life, featuring heartwarming moments and good times aplenty. This is an ideal choice for businesses that wish to convey fun – particularly laundromats since this creates a relaxing ambience for customers to enjoy!

Due to its heartbreaking lyrics, this Bill Anderson and Jon Randall song failed to reach country charts initially. The lyrics tell the tale of two coal miners who fall in love but are then faced with discrimination from coworkers as well as suffering from black lung. Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss helped spread this message of love and acceptance with their performance of it in music video form.

Mackenzie Porter quickly made an impression upon entering country music’s scene like an unexpected cowgirl Barbie and mesmerized fans with this breathtaking duet with Dustin Lynch. The video for this song showcases beautiful Canadian landscape shots that will mesmerize viewers and can even be enjoyed while slow dancing around the world! In addition, this track can also be found as part of Grand Ole Opry’s “Opry Loves the ’90s” exhibit until 2022.

4. “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus

Few country music videos can match this video for emotional impact, featuring a story about an abused woman fleeing her abuser – something which every country fan should experience first-hand. Nominated for several awards including Music Video of the Year and Musical Event of the Year in 2023, it is truly unforgettable viewing.

Billy Ray Cyrus achieved success through this song, catapulting himself to superstardom while simultaneously launching Miley Cyrus’ career. Additionally, it became the first country single since Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s “Islands in the Stream” nearly 10 years earlier to go platinum certification. Cyrus told Banner Graphic in 1992 that he wrote this tune while working at Nashville’s Music Mill; its catchy tune became so infectious that Weird Al Yankovic produced a parody wherein singer begged radio stations not to play “that Achy Breaky Song”.

This video for this song is one of the most iconic country music clips ever. Shot in black-and-white, it captivates audiences with its simple but effective storytelling, highlighted by Lainey Wilson’s performance as an abused woman who kills her abuser – something which earned her an Emmy nomination. Both aspects made this one of country music’s biggest hits ever; any fan should definitely watch both! The song and its video made this a must-see experience and can often be found featured on various YouTube playlists dedicated to country music lovers alike!

5. “It All Comes Out in the Wash” by Brad Paisley & Alan Jackson

Since the advent of MTV music videos, country stars have discovered how visuals can add an extra element to their songs’ messages. Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson team up in this captivating country music video that reminds us all that heartbreak can be part of life, yet we can emerge stronger because of it.

From Miranda Lambert’s muddy-soaked dance in “It All Comes Out in the Wash” to Tyler Childers’ trippy reverie in “All Your’n,” these videos demonstrate country artists’ skills at storytelling, seduction and pure fun. Ambient country music can make an excellent backdrop to bar patrons or intrigue visitors at your laundromat; always an excellent option!

Country music has long been associated with real life and rural America’s struggles, making it the ideal genre for music videos that show its rugged edge. Here, Ricky Skaggs displays his small-town roots while singing about them and his buck dancing skills in New York City while wearing an outfit similar to what can be found here at Opry Loves the ’90s exhibition through 2022.

6. “It’s All Over the Place” by Jason Aldean

Country music stars quickly realized, thanks to MTV, that an effective song could be enhanced even further through an engaging music video. A well-made music video allows artists to tell a tale that may not come through in its lyrics alone or provide another perspective on its message.

Check out some of our favorite country music videos ranging from memorable cameos to heartwarming clips that capture rural life! Below are just a few.

The Dixie Chicks’ final music video before they disbanded was an absolute masterpiece, featuring Lainey Wilson in an award-worthy performance as she tells of an abusive man caught cheating by his neighbors and women who love him – not to mention that it was shot at Printer’s Alley, an historic district of Nashville which has become popular among up-and-coming musicians.

One of the great aspects of country music is its versatility in telling any type of story imaginable, from romantic love songs and wedding videos, to videos celebrating family values and life’s simple pleasures. Country music’s widespread appeal makes it ideal for businesses such as banks or laundromats that require ambient music – as this genre’s soothing nature helps customers relax into tasks at hand more easily than ever.