Top DJs in Electronic Music and Vegas

EDM has become an integral part of Vegas nightlife, with many top DJs setting up shop here. The Sphere club recently became home to high-profile DJs thanks to its superb features which will leave audiences speechless.

Not every artist would make the cut with this intimate theater seating venue, so here are a few that may.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk were instrumental in popularizing electronic dance music (EDM). Their influence is unquestionable, having inspired multiple generations of artists and laid the groundwork for LED-packed live stage productions. Yet despite their immense success they remain reclusive – they rarely appear without masks in public and avoid media scrutiny altogether – yet their influence cannot be understated.

Their name is derived from two words, “daft” and “punk,” with each representing aspects of their music: minimalist approach to sound production (daft) and aggressive beats and basslines (punk). As well as producing music, Daft Punk also produce fashion shows and films featuring their work; some high-profile movies feature them while other collaborations have included Stevie Wonder and Pharrell among many others.

Daft Punk’s robot personae are an integral component of their mythos and create a distinct distance from fans and themselves. For instance, in their avant-garde 2006 film Electroma two production assistants played Hero Robots 1 and 2, never appearing without masks; furthermore they refused to speak in interviews thereby maintaining an air of mystery and allurement.

The robotic personas serve as an amusing and appropriate metaphor for electronic music production; since electronic music combines elements from both humans and machines, robots make an apt representation. Furthermore, their names (TB3 and GM08) allude to Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer which is frequently used in acid house music.

Get Lucky is an eclectic musical video featuring elements of disco and funk music with vocal vocoder effects to add dynamics and interest to the track. These techniques enabled their songs to be more dynamic and interesting while contributing to creating what many refer to as house music.

After their initial three albums, they gradually transitioned towards drum machines and synthesizers, eventually culminating in their latest effort, Random Access Memories – their most successful record to date, featuring styles as diverse as synth pop, techno, rock and disco. Their lead single, Get Lucky reached #1 on Billboard charts while receiving both a Grammy and an Oscar nomination – three Grammy nominations altogether plus six Oscar nominations is impressive, not to mention working alongside music giants such as Kanye West, Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers among many others!

Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz has become one of the most recognized figures in EDM as an iconic producer, DJ, and stage performer. For over two decades, Prydz has been creating music under his own label and performing it live performances around the globe – his mind-blowing live shows have won him praise as well as audiences worldwide! His progressive house and techno tracks feature pulsating beats, euphoric melodies, and airy atmospheres while Prydz also produces his own LED spheres for use during his shows for an immersive fan experience!

Prydz has long resisted becoming part of the mainstream electronic music culture. Instead, he created his own label, Mouseville, to release music his way; since its launch it has released some of the most forward-thinking and underground club hits of 2018.

He has used his fame to promote his music beyond dance circles, including teaming up with online gaming giant Microgaming to develop an online slot game and touring globally as part of his Cube v3 tour – successes which have enabled him to become an internationally known household name and earn millions each year.

Prydz first made waves as an artist during his start-up period in Stockholm, playing intimate clubs while cultivating his sound and artistic identity. Later moving to London to further hone his style. Pryda and Cirez D are derived from his childhood nicknames; other aliases such as Axer have been used when working together with friends.

Prydz has produced and remixed many hit tracks for some of the biggest names in music. His debut album OPUS marked an important turning point, offering an exceptional blend of pop, prog house, melancholy and melancholia; Four Tet was a big fan. Additionally, its complex production and ethereal atmospheres earned critical praise while earning it classic status among genre fans alike; critics have likened its soundscapes to works by Beatles, Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd among many other artists; over 1.5 million copies have sold worldwide!


Ryan Raddon began life in suburban Chicago as an “extremely pragmatic and conservative Midwestern boy”, studying at Glenbrook North High School before spending weekends clubbing at Medusa’s and Limelight. Over time he managed to save up for his own DJ set and began producing his own music; Frankie Knuckles became his mentor.

Kaskade has earned a place among the EDM world’s most revered deejays with 12 studio albums, two GRAMMY nominations, a Las Vegas residency, and many pop superstar collaborations such as working with Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez as well as crafting an entire season’s worth of music for Rocket League video game. He stands as an iconic electronic musician.

Kaskade embodies everything great about electronic music: an idealized family man with two children and an adoring wife who remains moderate in a world often associated with excess. Furthermore, as an active Mormon and passionate advocate for mental health issues as well as frequent philanthropist.

Kaskade is a formidable force on the live stage despite his seemingly mild-mannered mannerism, serving as one of the first electronic artists to sell out a stadium show and headline Coachella’s main stage; where he attracted more people than record-setting rapper Drake! Additionally, he established one of the first Vegas residencys and is considered an iconic figure within EDM culture.

Kaskade’s energetic sets can make any venue seem intimate; his sets combine melodic house with soulful grooves and an abundance of hypnotic beats for an unforgettable dance party experience that is both upbeat and spiritually elevating, perfect for today’s reverent electronic scene. Working alongside favorite artists or as part of his Kx5 project with Deadmau5, Kaskade remains one of the most in-demand acts at festivals or sold-out arenas alike.

Gioli & Assia

Gioli & Assia is one of many female DJ powerhouse duos dominating the electronic music scene today. These multi-instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, producers and label owners captivate their legions of fans with spine-tingling melodies and impressive live shows; creating genreless sounds layered with piano drums handpan guitar and keyboards for their impressive live shows.

Their latest single ‘Young Forever’ is the embodiment of their dreamy soundscapes and unique live show experience, beginning with a captivating mixture of dramatic slow melodies accompanied by church bells and violins, before transitioning into more powerful, upbeat passages that excite listeners with emotions that touch souls of listeners. This song showcases their talent at creating seamless worlds that transport listeners away into another dimension – touching souls through emotion!

Two musicians first joined forces in 2016 and began creating music together. Since then, their joint effort has garnered millions of views across YouTube and Spotify thanks to popular tracks like “Blame on Me” and “Inside Your Head.” Their success led them to form Diesis Records to release their recordings.

In April 2019 they unveiled an online livestream series called #DiesisLive that incorporates their music with real-life instrumentation and singing, taking viewers around their hometown of Palermo, Sicily as well as up onto Mount Etna!

Gioli & Assia has become a stand-out in the diverse dance music scene with their blend of instrumental knowledge, romantic history, and rich creative expertise. Their forthcoming album Fire Hell and Holy Water promises to further elevate their sound.

The festival boasts an exceptional lineup featuring some of the hottest names in electronic music as well as up-and-coming talent, including Hot Since 82 from Italy as well as up-and-comers Michael Bibi and Vintage Culture from America. Additionally, their cutting edge sound systems ensure an unforgettable experience for all attendees.