Ukulele Music Free Download

Ukulele royalty-free audio tracks and instrumentals make an excellent accompaniment for engaging YouTube videos, travel vlogs, corporate presentations or presentations of any kind. Their joyful melody features acoustic guitar and xylophone to create an upbeat environment and inspire audiences into action.

Get Started Playing Ukulele is a comprehensive, online ukulele course designed to offer students a supportive virtual learning experience. The course features a rotating curriculum with daily classes with an enthusiastic music instructor.

Melody Loops

Melody Loops are royalty-free ukulele loops that will add cheerful music to any project, whether commercial, YouTube video or explainer animation. Their melodies offer a fresh take on folk-infused ukulele music and will liven up any production with melodies that bring an energetic folk sound to videos and audiences. Perfect for commercials, Youtube videos and explainer animations!

Your happy ukulele music download features an acoustic guitar and piano playing the melody as well as glockenspiel and handclaps for added playfulness. Ideal for travel vlogs and inspirational YouTube videos as well as nature films – this tune can add instant value to your footage!

This bright and inspiring acoustic track features ukuleles, guitars, percussion instruments, whistles and pianos to uplift and inspire an audience in video projects such as inspirational YouTube videos or motivational corporate presentations. It will serve as the perfect background music.

Add a Hawaiian charm to your projects with this happy ukulele music track, available royalty free. Perfect for travel vlogs and videos about family and friends, its light acoustic arrangement will quickly lift spirits while helping viewers forget daily worries.

Utilize this lively ukulele royalty free music to add some punch to your next inspirational video or corporate presentation. The song brings a bright and optimistic tone, perfect for inspiring videos and commercials that aim to move viewers forward with their journey. Adding this piece will inspire audiences to watch more content created by you!

Ukulele for Life is an energetic acoustic track featuring ukulele, electric guitar, steel drums, Rhodes and other instruments. This catchy melody and folk style will bring instant smiles from your audience! Also great for videos featuring animals or children!


Free ukulele music downloads offer an excellent way to practice and learn the fundamentals of this exciting musical instrument. There is a wide variety of styles and genres of ukulele music available for you to download; most is gentle and light-sounding making it perfect for beginners. Some of the top choices include popular tunes from pop and rock artists such as The Beatles or Beach Boys that can easily be learned.

Tuners provide one of the easiest methods of tuning a ukulele. These apps work by using microphones to pick up sounds coming from strings and providing real-time tuning indicators with which you can match pitch to note exactly. Tuners are available across devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers and some are even designed specifically to work silently while others may require you to hold your instrument close to a microphone for tuning purposes.

There are various tunings for ukuleles, with the most widely-used tuning being known as gCEA. This standard tuning can be found almost everywhere song tabs and chord charts and allows players to easily play songs written in C, which is an increasingly popular key across multiple musical genres. Other tuning options such as fA#DG may be employed for creating more rounded sound.

An alternative method of tuning a ukulele involves using an online chromatic tuner. These tuners employ microphones to detect the sound of your instrument and can give real-time indications as to whether any strings are flat or sharp – providing accurate results while being less convenient than using physical tuners.

UkuTabs is an online ukulele tuner designed for mobile devices that uses microphone technology to recognize string sounds. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, accommodating even left-handed ukulele players. Simply choose the tuning you prefer before clicking buttons until a note plays; adjust pegs until all strings are in tune before continuing tuning your instrument.


The ukulele is an upbeat instrument that can bring a playful sense of playfulness to any video project, especially those targeted toward children such as animations or commercial videos. Ukulele music also makes an excellent accompaniment for motivational films and business presentations; you should be able to find royalty-free ukulele music with just the right feel easily online.

Musicnotes is an online music store offering sheet music for various musical instruments, such as the ukulele. Their selection includes both popular hits and classical pieces as well as chord charts and tablature to help beginners learn to play more easily. Their PDF sheet music can also be easily downloaded onto computers or mobile devices or printed and followed using traditional notation – perfect for honing reading skills while deepening one’s understanding of music!

Apps available on iOS and Android devices allow you to interact with ukulele sheet music anytime, from home or while out and about. They allow syncing across multiple devices, transposition, text markup, audio/video playback adjustments, adjustable volume levels for videos/audio playback, transposition between voices, text highlighter markup features and much more – including saving it directly into Dropbox or Google Drive!

Beginners should begin by learning to read ukulele sheet music. Each note is represented by either a line or space on the staff, with its letter name assigned based on its octave position; since ukuleles are typically tuned to C, their initial note will sound similar to C on a piano keyboard. If unsure where to look for what, try playing with various chords until finding out which ones come easily to you.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move onto more challenging songs. A great place to start would be with “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, which only requires learning one basic strum pattern: D DU UDU. With enough practice, this song should come quickly!


An amazing way to enjoy music without copyright issues is with a free ukulele music download app. Offering songs from all genres and styles, as well as featuring an extensive community of independent musicians and fans. Plus, its user interface is user friendly for iPhone as well as Android users!

Jamendo’s multi-purpose website caters to both music enthusiasts and businesses, featuring two main sections – Jamendo Music and Jamendo Licensing – each serving its own purpose – Jamendo Music provides streaming music services while Jamendo Licensing serves businesses and creators with licensing solutions; Jamendo Licensing requires licensing fees for businesses while Jamendo Music allows free listening while the latter requires fees be paid before using.

Jamendo offers a vast library of free music in MP3 format that is available for downloading, featuring both popular hits and indie tracks. Furthermore, Jamendo provides various options that enable streaming privately; such as proxy servers that hide IP addresses and bypass geo-restrictions; these services make an excellent way for anyone looking to bypass tracking by their ISP or government.

Are You Searching for Royalty-free Ukulele Music? There are a number of websites offering royalty-free ukulele music. Jamendo offers a large selection of songs as well as an easy search engine to help find what you need for your project and a selection of price points, giving you plenty of choices that meet your budget needs.

No matter the project – YouTube videos, commercials or films – background music can make all the difference in its success. Jamendo offers a large selection of production music at reasonable license fees. Their desktop experience is great while their mobile apps may be outdated; for optimal experience on iOS devices visit Jamendo via their browser instead.