Upgrade Your Bass Guitar With Bartolini Pickups

Internationally-renowned for their quality bass pickups, Ibanez is used by master luthiers and bass players around the world due to their exceptional tone, powerful output, and exceptional durability.

Bill Bartolini recently unveiled his b-axis bass. A 21st-century take on his original Hi-A designs, it utilizes exposed Alnico V pole pieces arranged at an angular configuration to produce an intense tone that packs an immediate punch.

Original Series

Music Man Original Series basses boast big bass tones in a compact package. Utilizing both active electronics and passive pickups to give you the best of both worlds; active electronics allow for customising mids/highs while passive pickups add depth and definition for greater versatility in any mix or stage environment. The result? A bass guitar that will sound fantastic no matter its environment!

The ESP BB-2 bass offers great tone at an accessible price point, making it the ideal starting bass for beginners looking to get into playing bass without breaking their budget. Crafted from maple, its long scale neck features vintage-style single coil pickups for variable tone control. In addition, this lightweight and easy to play instrument features a volume control for fine-tuning its tone.

If you enjoy classic rock, you will appreciate this bass guitar’s great tone. Equipped with Fender-designed Vintage Split Single-Coil Precision pickup with alnico V material and boasting its warm vintage sound. Each string can be heard clearly thanks to a single taper which lets each string speak equally – providing great tone that’s ideal for rock, blues and more modern genres alike!

ESP has long been known for producing high-end bass guitars, and this model is no different. Equipped with the Bartolini MB-2SB baritone bass guitar pickup which produces strong lows with an easy, scooped mid range, this instrument makes an ideal addition to the sound palette of any player looking for depth while having fun doing so.

This bass guitar is an ideal option for both novices and experts alike. Featuring a solid body design and comfortable 34-inch scale length, it makes a versatile selection for playing rock, metal and jazz music styles as well as providing more tonal options than most 5-string models can. Furthermore, its volume knob allows users to control how much gain is added for an even sound.

Classic Series

Be it an affordable Dean bass or an older Fender, adding Bartolini bass pickups can elevate any instrument. These professional-level passive pickups will work seamlessly with your current electronics to produce fuller lows, mids and an airy top end – ideal for rock, punk, funk and alternative music genres as well as fretless basses.

Bartolini stands apart from many other bass pickup manufacturers by designing their own pickup shapes rather than simply copying existing models. Their Area J pickup set, for instance, features raised pole pieces beneath A and D strings to increase attack on those notes, making the bass sound stronger while making them more defined and clear.

Classic Series bass pickup sets can be found in many of today’s popular bass models, including Fender Jazz Basses, Music Man Basses and Washburn Basses. Endorsed by musicians such as Michael Tobias, Keith Roscoe, Dan Lakin, Rob Elrick Stewart Spector and Michael Pedulla among many others, they have helped push boundaries of what a single coil bass can offer.

Bartolini Bass Guitar Company of San Luis Obispo, California offers 100% American-made bass guitars and parts compatible with most major brands. Since 1979 they have been crafting quality pickups renowned for their great customer service – be it single coils or humbuckers; Bartolini offers something suitable.

The Lace Sensor Man O’ War bass pickup set is an effective solution that will add both grit and power to any instrument. Perfect for those seeking to upgrade their Bassman-style basses, this set features single coil pickups which give your instrument more grit without losing naturalness; making this set ideal for upgrading quickly with minimal effort – an absolute must-have for any bass guitarist!


B-Axis bass guitar pickups are an evolution of Bill Bartolini’s original “Hi-A” design from the ’70s. These powerful pickups bring out your instrument’s harmonic properties while exaggerating them for maximum sound production.

These passive, dual-inline hum-canceling pickups are cast of epoxy for maximum feedback reduction and microphonics removal, and come in 4-string and 5-string sets specifically tailored for J-style basses. Each set includes neck and bridge pickups that match one another – so make sure that when replacing an existing pair on your J-bass neck/bridge pickup, measure their length (3-5/8” long neck pickup and 3-3/4” bridge pickup respectively) before installing replacements!

The B-Axis Series provides expressive players looking for rich tone with precise articulation and harmonic response that is equally rich in its expression, an ideal option when listening to every detail in music.

Dual In-Line

If you’re looking to upgrade the pickups on your bass guitar without taking on a major project, these dual in-line humbuckers could be just what’s needed. They provide classic Bartolini tone – warm, full and full of vintage voice that many players will recognize from vintage recordings; as well as being great complements for humbucking amps and distortion pedals by reducing lows to keep heavy sounds from drowning out your signal and make for cleaner and more dynamic signals overall.

Passively designed Dual Cube Bass amplifiers don’t require you to modify your amplifier’s volume or tone controls for effective results, and come in balanced bridge and neck versions to suit most basses. Plus, there is also an onboard Rhythm Guide with nine distinct rhythm patterns with three variations that you can save as effects!

Making practice sessions more productive and engaging while exploring song ideas can be achieved through understanding chords on bass. Understanding their sound enables you to better flesh out your ideas when unveiling them to the band and come up with more imaginative chord progressions.

This model also offers an additional bass-cut control to cut back significantly on bass frequencies from your signal, making this feature particularly helpful when used with distortion pedals as it reduces how often low frequencies can be cancelled out by their effects gain. This can be especially advantageous when using a humbucking pickup such as Bartolini MFD ceramic-magnet pickup version.

The Dual Cube Bass also comes equipped with a bass-cut toggle switch to allow you to select which of its two inputs (predetermined as preset 1A for guitar input and preset 3B for aux input) you would like to use with your guitar (it has presets 1A and 3B as presets for this purpose). I was amazed at its versatility as an effect pedal! It worked flawlessly on my Helix.