What Music to Listen to When Sad

Listening to emotionally stimulating music such as soulful ballads or downtempo anthems is an immensely pleasurable experience, creating bonds between listener and music or between people who share this musical taste.

“Dark Thoughts, Will Put them Away” – is a song about releasing your negative feelings.

Drake – Doing It Wrong

Who wouldn’t love music? Anyone who loves it probably has at least one playlist for almost every purpose imaginable – from working out and dancing to, to helping them sleep or just for relaxation purposes. But what about a sad song playlist? While it might seem counterproductive that listening to tearstrikers may only exacerbate feelings, many find comfort listening to these tracks anyway.

From heartfelt ballads to haunting anthems, we’ve uncovered some of the most heartbreaking tearjerkers from across genres. Ranging from Arctic Monkeys and Drake, soulful ballads, deep hip-hop tracks and soulful ballads – these songs will have you sobbing before long.

One possible explanation for our enjoyment of sad music could be its ability to bring up past times and events from our memories, prompting relief by reminding us of happier times that once were. But, it is important to keep in mind that dwelling too long on negative feelings can lead to depression – thus it is imperative to seek professional advice if experiencing persistent sadness.

Arctic Monkeys – Just Some Lover

Be it heartbreak, depression or just adapting to changes in life, it can be difficult to find the energy to go on each day. That is why having a playlist of sad songs handy will allow you to turn to it when needed.

Arctic Monkeys’ song “Childhood Ends” beautifully blends the bittersweet feelings associated with leaving behind childhood with adulthood’s constant self-recriminations and reflection. It stands as an impressive testament to their band’s talent at creating music that feels both familiar and new at once.

This painfully heartbreaking track captures the bittersweet experience of falling in love for the first time and moving on afterwards. With minimal instrumentation, listeners are free to focus solely on the lyrics which depict desperate feelings associated with leaving an old flame behind.

Alex Turner’s signature vocals perfectly encapsulate Robert Smith’s gothic production on this track, conveying both loss and sorrow with its soft vocals and warbling guitar, creating a classic of heartbreak and sorrow.

Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding

No matter if it’s after an unexpected breakup, grieving the loss of a loved one, or just feeling down in general – sometimes tearjerkers can provide just what’s needed. Studies show that listening to sad music actually has positive psychological benefits as it stimulates dopamine production which can promote feelings of pleasure and reward.

Robert Wyatt’s powerful vocals and menacing bass lines combine perfectly to bring this Elvis Costello song about workers losing their jobs due to the Falklands War to life – creating a heartrending track that captures Thatcher-era Britain with emotion.

Eric Clapton’s ballad “In Memory of John Smith” has become an anthem of grief and loss for many. Composed after the passing of his son, its lyrics paint both melancholic and soothing images that help remind us not to suffer alone and that sadness is part of life.

Leonard Cohen – The Famous Blue Raincoat

No matter the cause of your emotional turmoil or life changes, allowing yourself to cry is acceptable and therapeutic. From romantic ballads to hard rock anthems, there are plenty of heartbreaking songs from some of your favourite artists available that may help get those tears flowing.

Leonard Cohen’s classic ballad “Hear My Cry” was designed for midnight tears and reflection. It tells the tale of a man discovering that his partner may have had an affair with another woman; its emotional appeal lies in being relatable; you’ll feel your own sense of loss and betrayal while listening to this track.

A soothing piano melody and minimal instrumentation enable this tearjerker’s words to really come to life, touching many who have experienced grief over losing someone close. The lyrics speak to longing for something you cannot have and frustration at not being able to express how one feels; Natalie Imbruglia, The Corrs and Psychic TV have covered this beautiful track several times over.

Adele – Someone Like You

Adele’s emotive vocal range and lyrics give this ballad its compelling power; anyone who has experienced love and loss should listen to this song. It should become part of their personal soundtrack.

This song tells of a broken-hearted woman who can’t let go of an ex-lover even after they find someone new, according to its artist who says that it was inspired by seeing his new relationship unfold before him.

Dan Wilson, co-writer of Adele’s hit song ‘Hello, I Love You,’ explains that its lyrics explore a deeper sense of abandonment. According to Wilson, Adele’s desire for her lover back is reflective of her feelings of abandonment due to her father’s irregular relationship with their family as a child.

Music experts have studied this song to understand why it elicits such strong emotional responses in its listeners. Their analysis suggests it’s due to small changes in melody and dramatic shifts at key points; furthermore, minor keys evoke melancholic moods within listeners.

Bruce Springsteen – The River

No matter the song – from Taylor Swift breakup ballads and Iron and Wine dirges to Juice WRLD’s glam rock anthems – tears are part of life and many songs have been composed with this in mind. When grieving or just feeling blue, music can help us cope while even creating positive associations between listening to songs or artists and themselves, which can be extremely therapeutic. Research also indicates how listening to music creates connections between you and those creating music which can provide relief and happiness.

These tearjerkers, from melancholy ballads to heartbreaking R&B, will have you sobbing uncontrollably. From Joni Mitchell’s famous breakup song “River” to Richard Ashcroft’s heartrending lament on substance abuse and depression will have you sobbing until morning arrives. Robert Wyatt brings Shipbuilding by Robert Wyatt delivers gorgeous tales of loss while Leonard Cohen creates beautiful music like The Famous Blue Raincoat; Skyler Grey promises to put all negative thoughts in one box while Skyler Grey offers up his “Dark Thoughts”, which offers both comfort while offering solutions lyrically.

Frank Ocean – Swim Good

Frank Ocean’s music taps into powerful emotions, drawing listeners in through soulful vocals and introspective lyrics that strike an immediate cord with listeners. His songs often explore life and love’s many layers – from heartbreak and disappointment to self-redemption and beyond.

Swim Good was released as part of Ocean’s 2011 mixtape Nostalgia Ultra and showcases his ability to craft emotionally charged songs. It addresses heartbreak pain as well as how important it is to move on after experiencing heartbreak.

This song addresses death head on while reminding us to cherish every second on this Earth. With its acoustic piano and haunting vocals, this emotional piece makes for an exquisite sensory experience when feeling down. Additionally, Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes, Regina Spektor’s Samson and Sia’s Breathe Me are great listens when dealing with grief – each speaks to losing someone important while moving on in life.

Tori Amos – Tear in Your Hand

Tori Amos is well known for her piano playing and dark lyrics. Her album New Age continues her experimentation while also including some really heartbreaking tracks like this one, exploring loss and moving on from relationships that have ended.

This track opens with a piano run and sounds of subtle twinkling percussion before she begins singing with her haunting voice, lamenting about losing someone close and feeling abandoned by them. It is an incredible track which highlights just how amazing Tori can be when she concentrates on writing lyrics that truly speak her truth.

Other songs in this set are also well worth your while, including Northern Lad and Stay With Me which features multiple choir layered vocals over hers, as well as Give which features an outstanding melody and some impressive piano work that would fit seamlessly on her album Little Earthquakes.