What’s Good Dance Music?

whats good dance music

Make an entrance and get moving with these dance songs, perfect for hosting house parties and social occasions alike.

Unabashedly corny lyrics, an irresistibly infectious bassline, and an unceasing vocal that borders on being creepy – this high-powered hip-hop jam is the epitome of dance floor anthems.

1. It’s catchy

Dance music is typically lively and will get your feet moving. Some popular genres for this include house, drum & bass, techno, trance, electro and UK garage. Dance songs often result from collaboration among singers, composers and choreographers to interpret lyrics and beats to ensure danceability across an array of audiences.

Below is a selection of hits chosen for their ability to inspire movement and energy on a dance floor. This list does not include singles, remixes or soundtrack albums but instead features artist albums which have had significant influences over generations of dancers.

ABBA’s infectiously funky tune will get people moving. No dancing party would be complete without its infectious bassline and playful lead vocal.

Few dance-pop songs feel as urgent or fierce as this 1987 signature hit, with its powerful 80s synths and passionate, almost terrifying delivery that can draw even reluctant clubbers out from behind their shells.

Few artists have been able to successfully bridge the gap between dance music and mainstream pop like this British sextet. From slinky breaks such as ‘Fool for You’ to rave-fuelled rave tempos such as ‘Right on Time’, this album serves as a musical Roman candle that can ignite any room it enters.

2. It’s danceable

At its heart, a dance song should make people want to move. From soulful ballads and slow soulful ballads to fizzy bursts of all-American garage rock, a good dance tune should compel people to move. Ciara and Missy Elliott’s tribute to old-school hip hop on ‘Don’t Stop The Party’ hit all of the right notes with its no-fuss verses and catchy chorus. Laser stabs and handclaps evoke its electro roots without sounding like history lessons. Major Lazer’s ‘Pon De Floor’ proved another genre-busting dance hit. Diplo was already known for remixes but this track proved his ability to write original dance music!

An effective dance song features the right mix of breaks and gaps in its beat to allow dancers to sync up with it without becoming bored or confused. Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains enjoy experiencing progression through music – so if a loop sounds the same each time it repeats, dancers lose the ability to connect with its beat.

House music, drum & bass and jungle tend to be fast genres that lend themselves well to dancing, but slower genres like trance and chillout may still be danceable with the appropriate mix of progression. Additionally, it’s essential that dance songs can easily cut through ambient noise at parties or wedding receptions; vocal tracks may help achieve this objective; however they are not essential in every form of dance music.

3. It’s fun

One of the key characteristics of good dance music is its enjoyable qualities, like catchy melodies and lyrics which promote audience participation. Dance songs also tend to utilize synthesizers and other electronic instruments that create an engaging sonic landscape from the initial beat, as well as vocal collaborations with talented artists who add their unique personalities and energy. All these factors together contribute to making dance music such a blast to dance to.

Madonna’s “Vogue,” one of the greatest dance hits ever written, became an instant classic for disco era with its catchy beat and high-pitched vocals; its catchy music video has inspired fashion trends as well. Michael Jackson also had some classic dance tunes such as his hit “Rock With You,” featuring sensuous yet slow beginnings that build into an infectious dance tune.

Katy Perry’s hit “Firework” is another uplifting dance track, offering an inspirational message about standing up for yourself that can be promoted on the dance floor. Additionally, its upbeat rhythm makes it ideal for children’s parties where dancing may be involved!

Overall, dance music can be great fun as it promotes audience participation and fosters a sense of community. These songs are perfect for parties, night outs and other social gatherings because they invite dancers to express themselves creatively while giving them a sense of belonging – not to mention special occasions like birthdays and weddings which call for music celebration.

4. It’s emotional

After techno records stopped making sense outside a sweaty club environment, an emotional club anthem genre emerged to save the day – featuring soulful melodies, disco elements like strings and house grooves to give your brain a dopamine rush – creating small room ecstasy all across 2020.

Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle’s timeless masterpiece ‘Your Love’ perfectly captures this sentiment with its catchy vocals and groove-oriented basslines, earning it legendary status among dance music enthusiasts. Though remixed multiple times over, its original form still gets dancers moving from start to finish.

Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit song ‘Beat It’ stands out among dance tracks by tapping into your primal instincts to stimulate fighting or fleeing responses simultaneously, creating an explosive energy that distinguishes it from any other track.

Finally, Shannon’s classic disco hit, ‘Let No Man Put Asunder,’ stands as another great dance song to keep everyone moving during tough times. Featuring powerful vocals and an unforgettable disco beat that has stood the test of time, its catchy tune will get everyone dancing as the upbeat lyrics encourage listeners to remain strong through difficult times.

As there are so many great dance songs out there, selecting one can be challenging. If you’re searching for an upbeat yet soulful track to dance to, Giveon’s ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ might just do the trick – particularly those who specialize in ballet stages and narrative dance styles.

5. It’s uplifting

Dance music has the ability to instantly lift our mood. Whether in your car, at a club or simply dancing at home, dancing to good songs has been scientifically proven to increase dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin production in your brain – happy chemicals which help us cope when tough times arrive – even more potency when released through fun activities!

These upbeat tracks span many genres and messages; from passionate love songs like Aerosmith’s “MMMBop” or Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, to those that focus on finding strength in challenging circumstances (Beyonce’s “Love on Top”, Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger”); all have one thing in common – they make you feel good!

Some upbeat dance tracks have endured for generations. One such classic, composed by C+C Music Factory’s duo C+C Music Factory and called ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ has enthralled crowds since 1978. Featuring its instantly recognisable sample from Chubby Checker’s ‘Jump Around’ as well as its infectious bassline, its infectious beat has people of all ages singing along ‘Woo! Yeah!’ in unison!

Are you in search of an energetic royalty-free dance track? Look no further than Party Till Dawn for its synths, guitars, vocal cuts and lively saxophone. Perfect for lifestyle or travel videos! Or for something more electro-pop, Glowed Up offers plucks, FX bass guitar samples with sample vocals as well as upbeat house beats for an engaging electro pop experience.