When the Morning Comes Chords

When the Morning Comes is a song that captures feelings of disappointment, loneliness and longing for new beginnings with its emotive lyrics and soulful melody that have resonated with listeners worldwide.

This song from Daryl Hall and John Oates is more complex than their others, using an F major seventh chord (Fmaj7) which requires four strings be barred with your fingers for baring – something which may prove challenging for beginners.

Key of B Major

When the morning comes is written in B major. This popular key for songs can be difficult to play; however, using Cmaj7, B7, and Em7 chords as intro, verse, and chorus chords makes playing this song easy and satisfying. Try different chord voicings or strumming patterns until you find what feels best to you – check out the B Major Chord Cheat Sheet for more info about this favored key!

Verse 1

Life can often feel like an emotional roller coaster, with highs and lows that ebb and flow like hills and waves. Sometimes the highs can be breathtaking while lows debilitating; David was no exception – from being famously defeated by Goliath to being targeted by Saul for jealousy; experiencing both deep despair and exuberant joy often in one season is quite normal – yet what does Psalm 30:5 mean when it says: “Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy will come with dawn?”? Copy right 2011-2019 Khmerchords; all rights reserved

Verse 2

Psalm 30:5 offers hope. No matter how it seems to us at times, sorrow and sickness won’t have the last word – even when life seems hopeless and endless. Our God is just, so woe to those who plan wrong and think evil thoughts within their hearts; those who covet fields or houses to take for themselves; or steal from others without right. God will return their anger but show his favor upon them all too quickly!


The chorus of this song invokes resilience and hope, encouraging listeners to face life’s obstacles with courage. The raw and introspective lyrics capture life’s complexity while reflecting universal desire for redemption; its soulful melody and vocal delivery by Hoyt Axton create an intimate connection between listeners.

When the Morning Comes is an excellent example of how minor and major keys can combine to produce unique melodies. In particular, its chorus utilizes A7 chord which features root note A, major third C#, and minor seventh G to create a soothing sound in its melody – it makes this chord especially suitable for use during pre-chorus and bridge sections to increase suspense and create tension in songs.

This song’s lyrics and music have found their way into many people’s hearts, providing comfort during personal struggles or inspiring artists to compose music that better expresses what their audience experiences and feels.