Where is R&B Music Most Popular?

R&B music has become one of the world’s most beloved genres. In fact, it accounted for more than 30% of all on-demand audio and video streams in the United States last year.

The genre is known for its diverse styles and elements, from smooth melismatic vocals to powerful rhythm sections. Nowadays, classic R&B meets contemporary influences like hip hop and funk in an innovative blend.

New York City

New York City is renowned for its influence over popular r&b music. From rock and roll in the 1950s to hip hop’s birth in the late 1970s, NYC has played an essential role in shaping these genres that would become synonymous with its city.

NYC’s music scene has produced a wide variety of popular genres over the years, from disco to funk and heavy metal. One particularly iconic band to come out of New York is Boyz II Men – they have been among the highest-selling acts worldwide for more than ten years!

R&b can be traced back to the Black communities of large American cities during the early 20th century, where soulful crooners like Sam Cooke and Etta James helped break through color barriers. As a result, r&b became hugely popular and remains an influential form of American music today.

R&b music, with roots in blues and jazz, is known for its political activism and social justice messages. Marvin Gaye’s iconic “What’s Going On” serves as an example of this sentiment as it expresses his anger at police brutality against Black people in Berkeley, California.

R&B music comes in many varieties, but the three most common styles are soul, rhythm and blues and contemporary R&B. These genres typically feature soulful vocals accompanied by an energetic bassline or backbeat.

Contemporary R&B artists such as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men have achieved notoriety for their unique crossovers between classic R&B and other genres like rap or pop music.

Other forms of R&B with a New York City connection include neo-soul and swing jazz. Youman Wilder/Featuring Weird Stories is one such group, boasting an international fan base.

New York is a hub for the thrash metal scene, boasting bands such as Anthrax and Nuclear Assault among its ranks.

Los Angeles

In the 1940s, African American musicians in South Central Los Angeles created a distinct music style that would later be known as R&B. This genre combined jazz, gospel, blues and boogie rhythms and featured electric guitars for accompaniment.

R&B has evolved over the years in many ways. Nowadays, it incorporates elements of pop, soul, funk, disco and hip hop.

This indicates that Los Angeles’ music genre has transformed into a modern style of music that is becoming increasingly popular. The city boasts several top R&B singers who are currently leading the charge within this industry.

Jhene Aiko is one of the top female singers in Los Angeles and has been in the music business for years. She began collaborating with various artists during the 2000s before going solo, becoming one of the world’s most renowned R&B singers today and setting an example for other female R&B acts.

Mila J is another esteemed Los Angeles R&B singer who has been a force in the industry for several years. With multiple albums released and an influential voice within it, Mila remains an influence in today’s music scene.

Over the past decade, music genres have undergone dramatic shifts. For instance, many artists now include explicit lyrics in their songs – a departure from R&B’s traditional definition which only included music with non-explicit lyrics.

These developments have opened the genre up to new audiences and enabled more young people to get involved with it. Recently, Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj both performed at various events in Los Angeles.

Aside from these artists, there are other outstanding R&B singers in Los Angeles who have made a name for themselves in the industry. VanJess is one such duo – two sisters from Orange and Los Angeles counties who began making covers of popular songs on YouTube before releasing their own tracks as a duo.


Chicago is known for its diverse music scene, but R&B reigns supreme. It produced several iconic soul legends like Curtis Mayfield, Earth, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan as well as contributing to hip hop, dance and funk music developments across the city.

R&B, originally known as ‘rhythm and blues’ in the 1940s, has a deep-seated African American culture that has had an immense impact on other genres of music such as rock or pop.

Soul music (sometimes referred to as ‘r&b’ or simply ‘R&B’) has been an influential element of American pop culture since 1950 and is now one of the world’s most beloved genres. This genre blends elements of soul, funk and pop with rhythms from different cultures.

It has produced some legendary musicians, such as jazz greats Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins; Ella Fitzgerald and Ornette Coleman. It also hosts major music festivals and concerts like Pitchfork Music Festival, Lollapalooza and the Chicago Blues Festival.

Another popular genre in the city is contemporary R&B. This genre emphasizes the present, often consisting of songs about social issues, political events and personal relationships. It can be described as a hybrid between soul, funk and hip hop.

Chicago is renowned for its jazz scene, as well as contemporary R&B. The city boasts an abundance of talented jazz musicians who perform regularly, record albums and tour around the country.

The city boasts a vibrant music industry, with several major labels having studios nearby. These include Mercury Records, Atlantic Records, Def Jam Recordings and Warner Bros.

In the 1980s and 1990s, several bands from Chicago gained national recognition. Artists such as Fall Out Boy, Wilco, Superchunk, Tortoise and Califone have all enjoyed success in this region.

Chicago is known for its party atmosphere, yet the city also has an exciting musical scene. It boasts numerous clubs and nightclubs as well as live music venues. Plus, Pitchfork Media and The Onion’s The A.V Club have established themselves here too! Additionally, you’ll find local record stores along with radio stations like WXRT-FM or Loyola University Chicago’s WLUW on the airwaves.


Atlanta is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America, boasting a significant African American and Hispanic population as well as many Asians. The city also draws many tourists with its array of attractions, top restaurants and world-class arts and entertainment events.

No wonder then that Montreal boasts an extensive music scene. Whether you’re searching for an intimate acoustic set by some of the region’s best musicians or a live performance by internationally-renowned artists, there is something here for everyone.

Atlanta not only hosts more than 30 festivals each year, but it is also home to some outstanding venues. These include Atlanta Symphony Hall, Philips Arena and Georgia State University’s Kennestone College.

Atlanta’s R&B music scene is diverse, featuring both mainstream and independent artists. Some of the world’s biggest names in R&B have performed here, such as Otis Redding and Gladys Knight.

Another significant element of Atlanta’s music industry is producers. Over the course of several decades, some of America’s finest producers have made their mark on Atlanta’s music scene. Some even created some iconic songs that remain classic classics to this day!

Southside, an Atlanta-based rapper, has achieved success as a producer by crafting simple yet powerful beats with key sounds to create powerful soundscapes.

He is one of the most successful rappers in the area and a member of 808 Mafia, as well as an accomplished solo producer. His beats are easy to listen to and stand out from today’s cluttered trap backdrops.

Though many consider New York City the birthplace of hip-hop, it was actually Atlanta that truly began the trend. Here, The Dungeon Family revolutionized rap music and LaFace Records artists such as Toni Braxton and TLC achieved worldwide fame.