Where to Buy Home Audio Equipment

No matter your taste in music, home audio equipment has something for every music fan – from audiophiles and enthusiasts to casual listeners and casual music fans alike. Discover everything from stereo receivers and wireless speakers to audio accessories designed to improve home theater or media rooms.

Be transported by orchestral swells and hear every line of dialogue clearly using high-performance surround sound systems.


Datavision has long been one of the premier tech stores in New York City. Situated in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, Datavision serves as a destination for home audio equipment and other electronic devices from top brands, including Apple, Samsung, Sonos and Beats By Dre. Additionally, Datavision features its very own Intel 2-in-1 Zone where customers can explore 2-1 tablets and ultrabooks.

Version 1.2.0rc2 of DataVision is now available, thanks to those who tested 1.2.0rc1. Please test this release, and report any problems! For the first time ever, DataVision will be distributed both as an easy-to-install Windows.exe file as well as in traditional tarball form.

Best Buy

Home audio equipment provides an array of solutions for audiophiles or anyone wanting to enhance their entertainment experience, from speakers and amplifiers to turntables and streaming devices. Home audio products make it possible to enjoy all types of media with superior sound quality in any listening room.

Many of these devices feature smart features, such as voice-controlled assistants, to make entertainment simpler. For an immersive experience, surround sound technologies can transform any space into an auditory wonderland.

Best Buy provides convenient home delivery services that include product setup and installation by its professional delivery team, with items arriving safely in perfect condition. Furthermore, its customer-focused return and exchange policy offers peace of mind for consumers while haul-away services allow consumers to easily dispose of old or unwanted items without hassle.

Home Theater in a Box

Home theater in a box systems offer an easy, convenient way to experience surround sound at home. They include everything necessary for watching movies, playing games and listening to music – typically including receiver, speakers and subwoofer. You may also add DVD or Blu-ray players, streaming media devices gaming consoles or TVs as add-ons. Home theater systems range in prices and quality from under $1,000 all the way up to $12,000.

Home audio systems center around a receiver, which serves as the focal point and connects all other components and sends signals between them. In addition to managing media sources and connecting smart devices, receivers also control media sources like streaming media services as well as connect to smart devices via Bluetooth connectivity and Dolby Atmos support. Some home audio systems include preamps for turntables or other components to boost analog signals for improved sound quality.

Home theater speakers are another key component to creating the ultimate experience. There are a variety of types to choose from – floor, bookshelf and in-wall models are all viable options; some come equipped with built-in subwoofers for enhanced bass response. You could also opt for soundbars which are easier to setup while providing better audio than your TV’s built-in speakers.

7.1 or higher surround sound systems provide an immersive home theater experience, offering five front (left, center, and right speakers plus two rear speakers in an array. For an alternative solution that’s smaller yet still powerful enough, wireless surround sound speakers that work with mobile devices could also provide the experience.

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment System? High-end surround sound speakers from brands such as Bose and SVS may be suitable. However, for a more cost-effective solution consider an in-wall or ceiling home theater system from companies like MartinLogan or Enclave Audio which uses less space than traditional home theater speakers; plus projector-based home cinema systems provide even more immersive film watching experience!

Audio Warehouse

Audio Warehouse is a family-owned home entertainment store located in Savannah, South Carolina (Hilton Head and Blufton). Specializing in whole house music, lighting, security and smart-home technologies; their trained and experienced technicians design solutions tailored to suit both lifestyles and budgets of customers; offering landscape speakers to complement outdoor living spaces seamlessly.

Home Audio Solutions also provide home audio equipment, such as digital and analog receivers with built-in amplifiers and equalization (EQ), Bluetooth systems, stereo components and speakers, multi-room wireless systems that allow listeners to control music, lights and appliances from one simple keypad, multi-room wireless systems that offer multi-room control from a central keypad and multi-room wireless systems that offer multi-room control of music lights and appliances from one keypad, plus multi-room wireless systems that come in various sizes and price points to accommodate any lifestyle need. These systems come in sizes and price ranges to meet any lifestyle need.

Pro audio stores also carry an assortment of microphones ranging from drum mics to handheld mics and wireless systems that enable electric instruments and microphones to be used wirelessly. Signal processing equipment like DI boxes and crossovers, as well as equalizers, compressors and limiters, may also be found here. Finally, there are storage solutions such as hard disk recorders or compact discs; in some stores lighting and fog machines are also offered as add-ons.