Zac Brown Band – Highway 20 Ride Guitar Lesson

Zac Brown Band is an award-winning musical group known for their blend of country and southern rock music. Established by singer/guitarist Zach Brown in 2000, it has won three consecutive Grammys since then.

From paying tribute to their native Southland to singing about loved ones who have passed, this chart-topping band transcends genre boundaries with their sound and lyrics.

Zac Brown Band Tabs

Learn the Zac Brown Band – Highway 20 Ride guitar song note-for-note using this free video guitar lesson. This arrangement of the main guitar part from the original studio version uses standard Travis Picking patterns while keeping to Zac’s exact playing patterns throughout, creating an accurate rendition. There is also a capo II (first five strings only) arrangement included with this lesson.

Zac Brown Band Sheet Music

Are You Looking to Expand Your Zac Brown Band Music Repertoire? This artist-approved collection will allow you to strum along with 25 songs from this multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning southern rock group’s repertoire! Learn Chicken Fried, Cold Hearted, Different Kind of Fine, Free Highway 20 Ride It’s Not Ok Jolene Mary Sic ‘Em on a Chicken with easy arrangements on guitar.

Fascinate your audience with the legendary work by Zac Brown Band for guitar (chords). This PDF sheet music file makes learning this work a breeze – get going today!

Zac Brown Band Lyrics

One of the band’s signature tracks, this song offered a heartfelt tribute to Brown’s father for all his support and influence in shaping Brown’s life. Additionally, this tune served as a powerful reminder to treasure those close to us by spending quality time together.

This catchy track from their 2008 major label debut album was sure to draw crowds in. The lyrics told of a man hoping to gain the affections of a woman through simple language that didn’t use flowery language to say it all.

Wyatt Durette led in creating this poignant track from their catalog. Inspired by painful drives he would take every weekend from Atlanta to Augusta to pick up his son from his ex-wife, this bittersweet tune became a favorite with many families across America and Great Britain alike, eventually reaching number 10 on both charts.