360nobs Hip Hop Music Playlist

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Hip-hop has quickly become the reigning genre in modern music, once underground and hyperlocal. From Drake and Cardis to DJ Khaled and Post Malones – from our rolling collection of the best of current rap! – 360nobs is Nigerian entertainment & lifestyle website launched in 2010, targeting young adults at home and abroad with news, gossip and music downloads. Check it out now.


Hip hop rocketed into prominence during the Nineties both as a sound and culture, catapulting scratchin’ vinyl into mainstream culture while ushering in an unprecedented golden age of music videos. From gritty streets to luxurious sets, directors and artists used hip hop as an artistic canvas, producing narrative-rich videos which transcended its music – garnering charts, streaming platforms and awards alike. Here we take a look back at some of its greatest videos ever to grace our small screens.

Busta Rhymes’ Baby Got Back by Hype Williams perfectly captures what made the nineties such an incredible era for hip hop music videos. Boasting classic fisheye lens shots as well as caricatures reminiscent of Looney Tunes cartoons, it seems almost too surreal for reality!

Visuals were certainly less intense compared to other hip hop videos of its time, yet its satirical tone made for an entertaining viewing experience and highlighted Joe’s smooth vocals beautifully. Furthermore, Intergalactic was one of the more cheerful hip hop songs around at that time.


The Schomburg Center hosts events and activities to explore hip hop music. Events such as discussions on its origins and dance workshops with open-level instruction; plus rap showcases of local performers are held.

This series examines every decade, style and corner of American hip-hop over four seasons from Kool Herc’s first block party up until today. Additionally, its focus is on women such as Queen Latifah and Monie Love who have contributed immensely.

Annual celebration of hip-hop culture at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture with food, drinks and visual art – this year celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary! Performances by legendary emcees Cindy Campbell and Kool Herc as well as Jamaican selector Danny Dread, known for performing at his block parties will take place during this program.