hip hop music

Why Hip Hop Song?

Hip hop’s foundational element is its distinctive beat, whether simple or complex; regardless, its pulse must remain rhythmic and powerful enough to support rapping as its central vocal style. The dance and party scene of the 1970’s provided people with outlets to express themselves freely, giving rise to poetry, visual art, and an entire culture […]

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Hip Hop Music Jobs

Hip hop music‘s primary unifying element is a driving beat that keeps songs moving forward, often interplaying with vocal rapping styles that rhyme over top of it. Hip hop began in the 1970s at block parties where DJs such as Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash would play soul and funk music with extended

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Hip Hop Vs Pop Music

Rap and pop music are two distinct genres with unique origins, styles, and cultural influences that each bring something distinct to their audiences. Both styles elicit different emotions when played to listeners. Even though there may be differences between the genres, both have an influence on society and culture; indeed, their artists’ musical careers are

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Hip Hop Music’s Biggest Collaborations

Justin Bieber is an international pop superstar who has also achieved success in hip hop music. He’s collaborated with well-known rappers such as Ludacris for songs on his albums and frequently works together to produce new material together. Purpose, his latest record, includes collaborations with EDM producer Skrillex and electro-pop architect BloodPop. The album showcases

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Hip Hop Queen Song

“Queen of Rap” is often used to refer to female rappers in hip hop’s male-dominated scene. These women have challenged stereotypes and broken barriers within hip hop music itself. Their innovative lyricism and influence on culture have revolutionized how we perceive hip hop music. Their presence can no longer be denied when on and off

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Hip Hop Music Genre

Hip hop is a cultural movement encompassing rapping, DJing, graffiti and breakdancing. Its early musicians didn’t possess musical instruments themselves so they sampled grooves from classic records to craft their beats. Rappers, or MCs, used rhythmic street poetry over beats as their lyrics became increasingly metaphysical and explored various topics. Boom-bap eventually evolved into conscious

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