Hip Hop Song Quiz

hip hop song quiz

Are You Ready for the Cypher and Show Off Your Rap Knowledge? Invite your friends over for this bidding-style trivia game and see who can guess iconic titles like Laissez not Trainer ton Fils and Loose Yourself quickly.

Make sure your introduction resonates with readers – this example uses an unexpected reveal to draw them in and keep them engaged throughout.

1. LL Cool J

Hip hop’s head-bobbing rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics have revolutionized music for decades. How well do you know its legends, hits, and backstories? Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge!

James Todd Smith, better known by his stage name LL Cool J was born in Bay Shore, New York on January 14, 1968 and rose quickly in mid-1980s new school hip hop circles during this era of mainstream success for pioneers Run-DMC and Beastie Boys. His debut album Radio became an enormous success; its follow up Bigger and Deffer even more so; these success continued through Mama Said Knock You Out, Walking With a Panther, 14 Shots to Dome hits, as well as romantic slow jam Hey Lover released in 1995.

He was also a gifted actor, appearing regularly on In the House and NCIS: Los Angeles television shows. Additionally, LL Cool J was an outspoken advocate for artists, speaking out against illegal downloads and representing musicians at US Senate Committee hearings. Furthermore, LL Cool J owned his own urban clothing line called Jump and Ball that helps young people enter sports; additionally he is proud father and husband who always believed in giving back.

2. Wu-Tang Clan

As one of the most acclaimed hip-hop franchises ever, the Wu-Tang clan quickly rose to become a household name and brand in its own right – conquering cinema, fashion and music alike. However, after their 1992 debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) produced many hit albums from their members and the clan began dropping solo albums as its signature sound faded away.

RZA stood as an exception; unlike his colleagues in the Wu-Tang, he believed recording on multiple labels would not only increase competition amongst members but would strengthen their standing in the market place. This approach proved successful – each member capitalized on the Wu-Tang name with their own releases while sales from these albums also helped each label’s bottom line.

In the 1990s, Wu-Tang’s initial four albums dominated charts and their groundbreaking sampling technique transformed hip-hop production for years to come. Within their band were several key members: Ol’ Dirty Bastard was known for his distinctive raspy style; Method Man offered unfaltering lyrics; Ghostface Killah provided dark subject matter and obscure references; while Raekwon excelled technically and excelled at creating intricate rhyme schemes.

Fans particularly loved MC Big Boi’s unpredictable nature and aggressive performance style; his unpredictable approach made for an engaging performance and kept listeners on their toes.

3. The Notorious B.I.G.

Rap is one of the most beloved musical genres within hip hop music, from hilarious ballads to deathly serious tracks, party beats to contemplative dirges – hip hop has something for everyone to listen to! But do you know all of the biggest names in rap music, from Wu-Tang Clan members like Rakim or Dwayne Michael Carter who came into prominence later on? Put your knowledge of hip hop’s top stars through this quiz.

Christopher George Latore Wallace, commonly referred to by his stage name Biggie Smalls or The Notorious B.I.G, was an influential New York-based American rapper best known as one of the most prolific solo male MCs of all time. Rising to prominence as an influential East Coast hip hop and gangsta rap proponent in the mid 1990s, Biggie Smalls quickly rose to become one of history’s most acclaimed solo male rap acts.

Biggie was no stranger to brushing with the law and arrest, often times for various offenses. Yet despite these incidents he remains one of hip hop’s most influential and respected artists. In 1994 he released his debut album Ready to Die as a response to President Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Prevention Act of 1993.

As soon as he passed, he became an icon for many and is revered for his songwriting and music. Many renowned rappers have paid their respects, and his musical style continues to influence young artists today. Do you recall some of his greatest hits?

4. The Dream Team

Rap music has long been part of France’s cultural fabric, so take this quiz and test your knowledge of its greatest hits to see who can guess them faster! There will be iconic titles like Laissez-passer a votre fille, Demain c’est loin, or Loose Yourself faster than anyone else!

Discover Your Inner Rap God

Are You an Introvert Who Enjoys Kendrick Lamar Lyrics or Are You an Outgoing Partygoer Who Prefers Cardi B Songs? This quiz can help you discover which hip hop song best captures who you are! Have Fun taking this test now to uncover which hip hop tune best represents who you are!

Howard Zieff wrote and directed The Dream Team in 1988 as an American comedy film, featuring Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle and Stephen Furst as its main cast. The plot revolves around several eccentric characters such as Billy Caulfield (Keaton) a compulsive liar who believes he’s a doctor; Henry Sikorsky (Lloyd), an oddball who thinks Jesus has sent him; Jack McDermott (Boyle), an oddball who can only communicate in sports-jargon!

This movie, featuring songs written by LL Cool J, Tupac and Lauryn Hill together as well as their respective appearances on its soundtrack featuring popular rappers of their time such as Eminem, Busta Rhymes and Beastie Boys was an overwhelming hit and won several prestigious awards including both Academy and Golden Globe Awards for Best Drama.

5. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill remains one of the most iconic women in rap music, her impact resonating through multiple generations of musicians and audiences alike. From her sensuous crooning on “Ex-Factor” to soulful vocals on “Doo Wop (That Thing),” Lauryn Hill stood as an incredible talent and icon of our time.

Hill first made her acting debut on As the World Turns but her big break came when she was cast in Sister Act II: Back in the Habit. This movie gave Hill an opportunity to demonstrate both her singing abilities and acting skills simultaneously; her performance cemented her position in Hollywood culture forever.

One of the highlights of Hill’s performance in this movie was her rendition of “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”. Hill demonstrated her impressive range and voice while singing along to Tanya Blount’s lyrics that spoke about how God always watches over His creation, reminding us that nothing new under the sun. These lyrics also alluded to Ecclesiastes 1:9.

This song provides another insight into Lauryn Hill’s dislike of fame and money. She laments how many rappers are “selling out”, something she doesn’t wish to be a part of herself. This track offers insight into why she eventually left the spotlight after dropping The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

6. Tupac

Tupac (born Markasah Shakur and commonly referred to by his nicknames of 2Pac and Makaveli) was an American rapper best known for his lyrical content, activism and social commentary in hip hop music. Although gunned down at 25 years old, Tupac remains an iconic figure both within hip hop culture as well as popular culture – his legacy still inspires artists and activists alike.

Tupac used music throughout his career to address various social issues and promote a positive change. Raised in poverty-stricken conditions himself, he recognized first-hand the daily struggles marginalized individuals endure. Tupac saw hip hop as an effective medium through which to express himself to the world.

Tupac was known for his powerful lyrics in songs like “Brenda’s Got a Baby,” which tells the tale of an at-risk girl suffering from neglect and abuse both at home and school. Through this song, Tupac highlighted violence’s harmful impact on children while calling upon society to support vulnerable families in need.

Tupac was not only known for his musical career, but was also an accomplished actor with several movie roles such as Juice, Gridlock’d, and Poetic Justice under his belt. Widely considered one of the greatest hip hop artists ever and one of its foremost figures; Tupac remains an influential force within hip hop today due to his poetic techniques and use of metaphors which made his lyrics engaging for listeners.