8 Death Metal Songs in Drop C

death metal songs in drop c

Metal music uses alternate tunings and complex rhythms to create its signature sound, demanding both power and finesse from its practitioners. Here are eight metal songs in drop c that showcase this genre at its best!

36 Crazyfists’ “Rain” is one of the most iconic tracks in this subgenre, using drop C to generate heavy chunky guitar riffs that are easy to learn – perfect for beginning guitarists.

The Deftones

The Deftones have become one of the most influential bands in modern metal, creating their own sound by drawing from multiple influences. Their music is both intense and fascinatingly captivating; its heavy riffs perfectly suiting their drop C tuning tuning – their lyrics often address themes surrounding freedom vs responsibility; however, through various lineup changes over the years they still managed to remain at the top of music scene.

Adrenaline was an instantaneous hit among fans of melodic grunge music. Their sophomore effort, Around the Fur, released in 1997 was an even greater improvement; featuring both ends of Moreno’s vocal range for maximum impact aural firestorm effect and featuring guest vocals from Soulfly bassist Max Cavalera on track “Headup.”

White Pony marked an inflection point in their careers and remains one of the finest albums ever created by metal musicians. White Pony sought to break from melodic grunge’s mold by crafting an alternative sound which combined classic with subversive. It was an immense success that gave Deftones recognition needed for further advancement of their careers.

Deftones continue to evolve musically, becoming more diverse over the years. Recently released albums have more trip hop and other influences; alternative rock, post-hardcore and metalgaze elements have also been present within their sound. Over the years they have collaborated with artists of many different genres while touring alongside some of metal’s top artists and touring alongside some of its biggest names.

The Deftones have been nominated for three Grammy Awards and won two. Nominated for best metal performance for “Elite,” they went on to take home both hard rock/metal album of 2006 (Saturday Night Wrist) as well as best hard rock/metal performance performance awards.

Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage, one of the premier metalcore bands from Boston, formed in the ’90s and has created many amazing tracks featuring catchy riffs and melodies, as well as numerous tuning options such as drop C tuning. My Curse stands out as an especially great track featuring heavy bluesy tones which work perfectly with its lyrics – making this track an excellent option for beginning players looking to learn metalcore guitar.

The Deftones are an innovative metal band with music that defies categorization. Their music draws from punk, thrash and melodic death metal – as well as various styles such as punk funk. Their use of guitars is highly creative; their music is intense. Their 2000 album White Pony serves as an outstanding showcase of this distinct sound: all songs in drop C give these tracks a menacing sound to go along with its lyrics.

Disturbed are another groundbreaking metal band who are widely credited with revolutionizing their genre. Through their catchy riffs and anthemic choruses, Disturbed have made metal more accessible to non-metal fans while selling over 17 million albums worldwide – becoming one of the most successful metal acts ever! They also serve as an influential model for other modern bands by pioneering innovative music sounds and creative instrument use.

Escape the Fate is another beloved metal band with an intense sound and emotionally charged lyrics, most recently featuring new member Craig Mabbitt who has brought fresh vocals and energy. Their latest album Disarm the Descent contains incredible shredding power; make sure metalheads check this album out.

August Burns Red are one of the biggest names in rock, using drop C for many of their songs and albums, such as Hearts Burst Into Fire in Hearts Burst Into Fire; which makes learning to play easier for beginners.

As Blood Runs Black

Mid to late 2000s saw metal music experience an abrupt transition. Once exclusively consumed by literal Satanists, its popularity soon spread into mainstream rock radio and MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. Bands adopted more mellow approaches to their music while some even used drop c tuning techniques for unique signature sounds.

As Blood Runs Black is an LA-based band that blends various extreme metal subgenres. Established in 2003 and originally called Broken Stems, after some line up changes they changed to As Blood Runs Black under vocalist Louie Ruvalcaba’s leadership with Richard Reyes on bass guitar and guitarists Bijon Roybal and Kyle Hasenstab as guitarists as well as Hector “Animal” Matute on drums – and immediately released their debut album Allegiance which became an instant classic.

Allegiance was an impressive debut album from the band, yet it suffered from several notable shortcomings. While their instrumental prowess was remarkable, their lack of ingenious songwriting became obvious – this issue carried over onto their next record Ground Zero; while still heavy and enjoyable, Ground Zero failed to live up to Allegiance’s legacy.

As with many bands on this list, As Blood Runs Black features fast down tuned riffs mixed with speedy drumming and an expressive vocalist who could potentially fit in five other groups. They also employ frequent breakdowns and melodic leads; it may become hard to tell where one track ends and another begins.

Avalanche, As Blood Runs Black’s debut track, serves as an excellent demonstration of their sound. Beginning with an epic guitar hook that complements Sykes’ soulful lyrics and striking vocals, its chorus offers a perfect blend of arena rock and metal while the drop C tuning adds extra weight and texture. A must listen for any metal fan!


Godsmack offers an eclectic catalog of energetic songs for guitarists looking to expand their capabilities in drop C tuning, perfect for metal guitarists looking to take their skills further. Their 1995 debut album MFKR provides ample material from which you can practice; “I’m A Monster” in particular stands out due to its dark atmosphere and memorable riffs – as well as showing how drop C tuning creates thicker sounding verses while still allowing melodic choruses to shine through.

Converge was one of the pioneering technical metal bands to emerge during the early noughties and they quickly made a name for themselves by employing drop C tuning extensively on their 2009 album Crack the Skye. One track in particular showcases how this unconventional tuning style allowed them to craft an inimitable sound with lots of octave harmonies between guitars as well as single note open lines which add an additional sonic dimension.

Gojira’s song, “L’Enfant Sauvage,” is another well-known example of their use of drop C. This French extreme metal outfit’s fifth studio album’s title track takes a hard-hitting approach to freedom and responsibility while remaining faithful to their aesthetic and sound; particularly noteworthy are its main riff which showcases syncopation and heavy bass drum work.

August Burns Red’s song ‘Ominous Feel’ is an ideal drop C track to learn as it features an engaging rhythm and plenty of riffs that can be used as lead parts. Additionally, its progression allows for plenty of distortion – essential in drop C metal music! Furthermore, the main riff utilizes many pull-offs which makes playing this track both challenging and rewarding – plus its distorted sound is sure to please any metalhead! The main riff also utilizes lots of pull-offs and uses lots of pull-offs which add extra dimension – adding depth. Its progression allows for lots of distortion as well as distortion! Finally, its progression provides enough distortion while its progression allows for plenty of distortion while its progression allows for plenty of distortion as needed in drop C metal music!