A Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Chords

Guitar chords are groups of notes played together on an instrument. They may be played simultaneously or sequentially as arpeggiated chords; usually following Western music’s harmonic conventions.

Some chords can be more challenging to play than others, and this often boils down to hand strength and being able to quickly and smoothly move fingers across the fretboard.


Guitar chords are an integral component of most musical styles. Their composition draws upon core concepts in music theory such as an octave’s twelve notes and musical intervals; major and minor triads and dominant seventh chords serve as its fundamental forms, while drop-2 voicing of dominant seventh chords may be used to alter their tone timbre further. When playing open position guitar-chords are usually played using both hands; this allows for creating chords which require fingers spanning across more than one string simultaneously such as inverted triads or diminished seventh chords voicing.

Many regular tunings share common guitar-chord shapes, including major thirds and all fourths; however, certain tunings introduce an entirely different shape; for instance a C major chord has four distinct forms in standard tuning due to a major third interval interjected between G and B strings; Johnny Marr of The Smiths uses arpeggiation techniques to add harmony over melodies.


Kesariya from Brahmastra is an Arijit Singh track composed by Pritam and written by Amitabh Bhattacharya; featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in it as featured artists; with Ayan Mukerji as its video director.

Guitar chords are musical-theoretical concepts composed of multiple notes played simultaneously or consecutively to produce harmony parts for melodies or be independent from one another. Chords may be altered, altered in order to alter timbre, and doubled up for increased volume – an effective strategy when performing without amplifiers.

The fundamental chords for guitar are major and minor triads, as well as the dominant seventh. A minor triad is formed by joining together two major triads with a minor third interval; and the dominant seventh combines both major and minor triads with an additional minor third interval and an augmented fifth interval for an expanded seventh chord voicing. How chords appear depends upon tuning; standard guitar tuning requires four different chord shapes due to one major third interval between adjacent strings in major triads.


A guitar chord consists of one or more notes played simultaneously on a stringed instrument. Chords are one of the cornerstones of music theory and their discussion often centers around basic concepts such as an octave’s twelve notes, musical intervals and chord progressions.

Standard tuning creates major chords from notes on the bass string and any three of the second, third or fifth strings; adding sixth string makes minor chord and adding seventh string makes dominant seventh chords.

A dominant seventh chord on the bass string requires a left hand span of six frets, making it challenging without using a barre chord. To overcome this difficulty, guitarists can use alternate voicings of dominant seventh chords to resolve this problem – this approach is especially useful in jazz contexts where these chords add tension and drama; using alternate voicings can also make an intimidating chord easier to play.


Kesariya from Brahmastra was made popular by Arijit Singh’s rendition. Composed by Pritam and written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Ayan Mukerji directed its music video.

The guitar stands apart from other instruments in that a guitarist can simultaneously play multiple notes simultaneously – usually chords – on one instrument, making a song easy with just a few chords strung together in succession. Guitar chords are essential tools for beginners.

Make a selection of chords, then experiment with various combinations. When adding rhythmic variations, either by strumming each chord for an entire bar, or using crotchets or quavers – both methods work equally well! Songwriting is a vast subject, so keep in mind that there is no single approach for creating songs.