How to Change Home Studio on Orangetheory App

Orangetheory Live is a virtual workout experience that brings together science, coaching, and motivation from an Orangetheory studio for a comprehensive cardio and strength workout experience.

Orangetheory Live classes can be taken at any studio within your country of registration; if you wish to visit one outside your own, however, an additional guest fee will apply.

How to change your home studio?

If you want to take Orangetheory classes at another studio other than your own home studio, as long as both studios agree. Simply complete a transfer form and provide them with your credit card details for registration; once there, classes at that location can be booked just like any other OTF studio.

To locate a studio, open the app and use the studio locator feature. Simply enter in your new area where you would like classes and you’ll get a list of nearby studios; call them up directly if there are OTF classes offered!

How to cancel your membership?

Orangetheory may be popular, but not everyone finds its energetic approach to class-based exercise suitable. If it becomes clear that Orangetheory is no longer for you or if your circumstances change and require cancelling your membership, Orangetheory provides several easy options to make the process simple: You can call or email customer service, visit your local studio in person to talk about specifics of your situation and complete any required paperwork – whatever works for you best!

Cancelling an Orangetheory membership is simple, though some paperwork will likely be involved. Depending on where you live, this could involve visiting your studio or sending it directly to corporate office – be prepared to provide all your membership details, such as name, contact info and membership number so staff can quickly locate it!

Some studios provide a printable form that you can fill out and submit directly. Be sure to provide all of your personal data, as well as an explanation as to why you want to cancel. Some locations require you to email or phone in to confirm this request for cancellation.

If you need to cancel your membership, it’s best to do it prior to the beginning of a new billing cycle. This will prevent you from incurring another charge and allow any unused classes before cancelling.

Orangetheory studios still provide access to Orangetheory classes when your account is frozen – without automatic payments – however this option only temporarily stops those payments, leaving access to Orangetheory studios still active nearby. A small dormant account fee applies; however it will not affect monthly membership subscription costs as significantly.

Considering rejoining Orangetheory after canceling, please remember that certain promotional rates and benefits may no longer be available to you once your membership has expired. That being said, they welcome returning members with open arms, helping with renewing membership processes if need be – however any classes missed after cancellation are forfeited classes and cannot be taken again in future membership renewal cycles.

How to book a class at a new studio?

If you are an Orangetheory member looking to attend class at another studio, the Orangetheory app allows members to book classes within their region or in other regions as long as cross-regional waitlisting is enabled. However, some studios do not permit cross-regional waitlisting so if booking doesn’t work at another location manually is an option if this fails.

Arrive early when scheduling classes at new studios – most studios recommend that members arrive 15 minutes early so they have enough time to check-in, map out their facility, and ensure their heart rate monitor is properly configured.

As part of their studio rules, many studios require customers to fill out some paperwork when checking in – although this may be time-consuming and unnecessary, the paperwork exists so that all members in your group have a similar experience and get maximum benefit from their workouts.

Orangetheory classes require participants to use treadmills, bikes, and rowers in a small-group setting in order to train effectively. Participants are also encouraged to wear heart rate monitors and perform various exercises designed to increase excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), the process by which your body continues to burn calories after you have finished working out.

To maximize the benefit of your workout, it is vital that you pay close attention to what your trainer tells you. They can create a tailored exercise routine tailored specifically to you as well as explain why each movement fits within your fitness goals.

Orangetheory provides its members with various membership plans, ranging from 6-18 classes each month. Their most popular plan is the Elite Plus plan at $99.99/month which grants access to unlimited group fitness classes as well as studio membership.

Interested in trying Orangetheory? It is essential that you do your research, researching studios near both your home and place of work as well as classes offered. Also make sure you understand how Orangetheory fitness studios operate before enrolling.

How to get a membership at a new studio?

Orangetheory Fitness is one of the fastest-growing studio gym chains in the US, boasting classes that have been described as “The Ultimate Workout”, “Plateau-Busting Workout” and a “Best One-Hour Workout”. Although its prices may seem steep at first, you are paying for access to equipment not available at home; feedback and coaching from fitness coaches; as well as an intimate workout environment than what would be found in larger gyms.

An Orangetheory membership stands out by being usable at any OTF studio in the country; premium locations in cities like New York and Los Angeles may incur an additional surcharge; all workouts follow identical protocols, and staff at every studio is equally qualified to coach you and help you reach your fitness goals.

If you would like to attend classes at different studios, just visit the Orangetheory studio locator on your mobile app and select your desired location. Alternatively, call any studio directly and book classes.

Before visiting a new studio, ensure you’re prepared for your workout and familiar with its equipment. Most studios will have short videos showing what the class entails; additionally, it may be beneficial to bring water and snacks as many don’t provide showers or locker rooms.

Please be aware that you cannot transfer your Orangetheory membership to someone else; however, you may be able to move it between studios if both agree on terms for its transfer – this often includes moving Founder’s or summer promo rates with you.

If you are moving your membership from one studio to another, be sure to notify their front desk of your plans to transfer. As it could take several weeks for this transfer to be complete, keep track of both expiration dates!