Amplify Your Banjo With a Pickup

banjo with pickup

If you want to amplify or play live with a banjo, it is worthwhile to research all of the available options. Many musicians opt for pickups that preserve the instrument’s natural tone.

Magnetic pickups are widely known for their ability to provide string clarity and gain-before-feedback, plus being easy to install without damaging the resonator.

The K&K Sound Systems Transducer Pickup

K&K Sound Systems are industry leaders when it comes to soundboard transducer pickups for acoustic guitars, 12-string guitars and nylon string guitars. Their products are widely used by musicians worldwide. K&K’s Pure Mini bridge plate transducer delivers warm woody tones with exceptional feedback resistance – ideal for use with floating bridge instruments such as Archtop guitars, Macaferri guitars and semi-acoustic electric guitars with Tune-o-matic or similar bridges. K&K Sound Systems have long been used by musicians worldwide! K&K’s Pure Floating Bridge System also works great with floating bridge instruments with floating bridges equipped with Tune-o-matic or similar bridges!

The FantaStick undersaddle pickup was created to stay true to K&K’s mission of producing natural sound reproduction. Available for steel strings (FantaStick Western), as well as nylon (FantaStick Classic).

The Big Shot is a single-head piezo transducer designed specifically to amplify instruments with low mechanical resonance, such as pianos. It can also amplify grand pianos, harps, dulcimers and double basses using either external or internal jacks. Meanwhile, Big Island Spot’s single-head piezo pickup was specifically created to amplify various types of ukuleles as well as stringed folk and ethnic instruments like bouzoukis balaleikas and cellos – giving these instruments plenty of amplifying capabilities for musical playback.

The Myers Pickups The Feather

The Feather mic is an excellent solution for musicians needing to connect their instrument directly into an amplifier or soundboard. It works particularly well with string instruments like cello or guitar as well as percussion instruments and wind instruments such as flutes and saxophones – just clip and adjust, plug into your 1/4″ activation jack, and you’re off!

Internal preamp with lithium battery power source that activates automatically when plugged in! Includes 48″ long light-weight signal cable to allow plenty of freedom when performing, or custom length signal cables at minimal additional cost.

Myers Pickups has designed their mic section so it can easily attach to virtually any acoustic instrument using its patent saddle clips and Suction Minis, and their products come with a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason they do not work out for you – an impressive display by an American manufacturer who believes so deeply in the quality of their product – something many companies cannot claim!

The Gold Tone

Gold Tone pickups provide another viable solution for banjo players looking to amp their instrument without making permanent alterations. They can be used passively or with an external preamp and easily installed using double sided tape or self-adhesive fasteners that won’t harm its finish – all without needing batteries to operate! According to its manufacturer in America, it was created specifically to reproduce your banjo’s natural tone quality with impressive sound – although some buyers have noted it making their banjo sound like a guitar; though this complaint represents only a minority of reviews.

Piezo pickups, another form of transducer, may provide another viable solution. Piezos typically pick up higher frequency sounds than magnetic ones while being less susceptible to feedback than microphones – both commonly found on acoustic-electric guitars but equally well suited for use on banjos. Some complete kits for DIY enthusiasts exist while other pickups can be purchased separately and installed by experienced luthiers or banjo technicians.

Gold Tone offers the OB-2 Bow Tie banjo as an affordable pick up banjo model with beautiful classic Gibson aesthetic. This model includes gold sunburst finish, open back design and resonator. Left-handed versions also available with maple necks and ebony fretboards – which makes assembly and set-up simpler in Florida than overseas production facilities allowing Gold Tone to provide affordable versions with stunning Gibson look! Plus it looks beautiful while offering you sound you need.

The Imelod Contact Microphone Piezo Pickup

This pickup is an extremely flexible solution designed to work on various acoustic instruments including mandolin. Easy and user-friendly, it provides clean sounding at an attractive price point.

This piezo-acoustic mandolin pickup offers a very natural sound. It works by sensing vibrations and pressure variations and turning them directly into audio output, eliminating feedback and noise when an amplifier is too close, but is nonetheless an excellent choice for those wanting a more natural tone. Installation may require professional help but will still deliver exceptional value; consider consulting with a luthier before proceeding – Ed.