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From country dueling banjos to Earl Scruggs’ timeless rhythms, the banjo is instantly recognizable sound. Guitar Center offers banjos for anyone starting out or seeking an upgrade – whether newcomers to this instrument are looking to begin or upgrading.

Beginners may enjoy starting off on an instrument such as the Rogue Learn the Banjo Starter Pack or Washburn B8, while experienced players have access to expertly-crafted options with traditional or electric designs.

Starter Banjos

Those new to banjos should begin with a high-quality beginner model, such as one from Deering Goodtime which features classic twang sound. When searching for suitable banjos for beginners, look for high-quality tonewood with an easily adjusted 5th string peg that makes it simple to stay in tune. Furthermore, look for flathead tone rings featuring metal caps for crisp sound quality on acoustic banjos. Other great models may also include Deering Goodtime for some added fun.

This instrument utilizes popular maple tonewoods to produce an instrument with balanced note separation. The crisp sound it creates allows beginners to create chords and runs with an audible twang, while being handcrafted in America sets it apart from cheaper models on the market.

Luna Moonbird, a five string tenor banjo designed for fingerpicking, offers another excellent choice. This instrument’s appearance resembles more closely that of a guitar than of a banjo; giving it its unique and eye-catching charm. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced players alike, the Moonbird offers exceptional versatility as it can play both bluegrass songs as well as country music songs!

Consider what type of banjo string would best suit your style. Nickel-plated steel strings offer a sharp and clear tone while stainless steel strings offer more articulate tone without becoming overly bright. Phosphor bronze provides an economical solution that provides rich tone when playing acoustic banjos.

If your music of choice is bluegrass, we suggest purchasing a resonator banjo. This type of instrument produces crisp and resonant tones which help distinguish your tone from that of other instruments; however, keep in mind that they tend to cost more than open-back models.

Shopping for a banjo should always be approached as an adventure – take your time and shop around until you find the best possible price! Many stores offer specials on banjos at certain times of year; also be sure to look online auctions; often these offer fantastic bargains as well. Finally, don’t forget the importance of trying it out before making a decision as this plays a vital role in its sound and feel.

Professional-Grade Banjos

Banjo Guitar Center’s selection of Professional-Grade banjos will have something for you whether you are an established player looking for an upgrade or someone starting out. These models are the same high-end models used by professional banjo players worldwide but come at more attainable price points.

Deering’s Goodtime banjo is among our best-selling resonator banjos. This affordable banjo features their patented Steel Goodtime special tone ring which emulates the powerful sound of 5-string bluegrass banjo without its weight or cost. Furthermore, this Deering banjo features a sealed back to prevent humidity from hindering tuning stability as well as their Smile Bridge which has been handcrafted from maple and ebony for an exclusive look and feel.

Deering Meteor longneck banjo was created in collaboration with Bela Fleck and designed to be as versatile as possible. Its stunning dual pickup configuration excels both at bluegrass and jazz music styles; while exotic woods and handcrafted mother-of-pearl inlays add distinctive details.

If you love The Kingston Trio, the George Grove banjo was custom crafted for them with a walnut and cocobolo body and inlaid with an impressive dinosaur-themed mural of soapstone and mother-of-pearl inlay.

Other high-end Deering models include the Sierra Resonator Banjo, which comes equipped with the same tone ring, rim, and flanges as Gabriella (listed at $24,950) but comes complete with an attractive case to protect it professionally.

The Winston Marshall Signature Model by Deering is the go-to banjo of choice for touring professionals who play bluegrass, jazz and country music. Crafted with eastern violin-grade curly maple and stained in dark walnut stain with Flower mother-of-pearl inlay for added beauty, this maple banjo provides power and clarity at any performance venue – and makes an excellent option for beginning players due to its lightweight construction.

Electric Banjos

Guitar Center provides an impressive selection of electric banjos to add modern edge to your banjo playing, featuring both the iconic sound and amplified versions to provide an exciting performance on stage and record. Offering different styles and features that complement most musical genres.

Gold Tone’s EB-5 Electric Banjo is an ideal solution for an aspiring banjoist looking to elevate their playing. Equipped with an innovative Kavanjo pickup that allows it to work seamlessly with guitar amplifiers or PA systems without creating feedback, the EB-5 also features effects pedal compatibility for increased control over its tone as well as a padded gig bag to protect its delicate finish while traveling banjoists will find comfort with this option.

This electric banjo was designed for musicians looking to add expressive fills and emotional solos into their performances. Featuring a powerful, crisp tone delivered from its rolled steel rim and resonator, its parallel pull tailpiece exerts even pressure onto its biscuit bridge to maintain consistent tone response, with additional features including humbucking pickups, guitar-style tuners, precision snowflake inlays on its bound rosewood fretboard, as well as precision snowflake inlays adorned with precision snowflake inlays.

Acoustic banjos produce incredible sounds, yet are often unsuited for playing live or before large audiences. Electric banjos offer similar tones while amplifying to higher volumes without feedback – preferred by artists and bands such as Mumford & Sons, Taylor Swift and the Dropkick Murphys among many others.

As a beginner in the world of banjos, it is wise to start out with an entry-level model to help familiarize yourself with this instrument as you become acquainted with its parts and playing styles. There are various starter banjos available such as the Rogue Learn to Banjo Pack or Washburn B9 Banjo Sunburst that provide everything needed for beginning to learn to play; alternatively if serious about mastering this musical instrument then consider investing in one of Guitar Center’s professional-grade models; these will give you similar tone and feel used by pros when performing on stage shows or recording sessions or in live performance situations!

Traditional Banjos

Five-string resonator banjos are the go-to instrument of bluegrass and country music, thanks to their potted design that produces a resonator that projects its sound forward, making it easier for listeners to hear even in loud environments. Furthermore, it reduces feedback from strings which could otherwise become distracting; some resonator banjos even feature tone rings to augment its sound even further.

Early banjos were composed of gourd bodies with stick necks and various number of strings. The earliest known image dates to 1785-1795 and depicts a four-string instrument featuring a short fourth string; this allowed players to play chords that would not normally be possible on conventional tuning plectrum banjos. Innovation continued with metal parts, exotic woods, raised metal frets and tone rings introduced as ways to enhance its sound; these innovations allowed virtuoso players to perform sophisticated musical arrangements that proved the banjo was more than just an instrument used for blackface minstrel show performances.

The tenor banjo was an integral component of early 20th-century jazz bands, where its distinctive American sound could compete with brass and saxophones for rhythm while providing an identifiable American identity. George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by Ferde Grofe features this instrument; you can hear its presence throughout Ferde Grofe’s original jazz orchestra arrangement that features other brass and woodwind instruments – it can even be heard clearly on recordings! However, with archtop guitars becoming increasingly popular, its use diminished considerably but continues in Dixieland jazz styles like Dixieland jazz as it continues.

Deering’s Goodtime open-back banjo was created with traditional musicians in mind and offers classic banjo tones at a cost-effective price point. Equipped with a geared tuning system for fast, accurate tuning, its sealed back helps prevent humidity or dirt from altering tuning stability, so the Goodtime will stay tuned even in humid climates. Plus, its open back design highlights maple’s clear and crisp voice – perfect for traditional music styles! Plus a full set of accessories including gig bag, strap, finger picks wrenches wrenches intonation ruler and instructional QR codes make the Goodtime an excellent starting point for beginners as well as experienced banjo players alike!