Top 5 TikTok Artists of 2018

02 dance music

TikTok users cannot help themselves from dancing along when a new dance song hits the internet, especially one with an infectious beat and positive lyrics, making its movements easy to learn and enjoyable to do together.

Dance music’s history has been eventful. Beginning with disco in the ’70s and later evolving into early club sounds like electro and Latin freestyle, modern electronic genres such as trance, drum n’ bass and EDM have emerged over time.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X has made the most of an exceptional opportunity. Born in Lithia Springs, Georgia and dropping out of college to focus on music full time – and later scoring a deal with Columbia Records to release his debut album Montero 2021 – to make the most of an unusual opportunity.

Montero’s debut record is an eclectic and eccentric statement of artistic freedom that deviates significantly from the confessional interior artistry of queer indie poppers like serpentwithfeet and Perfume Genius to create something with big budgets and entertainment deals usually reserved for superstars like Michael Jackson or Beyonce. By doing this, he finds himself at the vanguard of an emerging Black LGBT pop culture revival which already produced ball culture TV series Pose as well as HBO teen melodrama Euphoria.

Lil Nas X’s Montero is an expansive funk, funk-and-rap odyssey that confidently spans trap beats to martial horns; early 2000s R&B to grinding hard rock; languid funk to stadium ballads and back again – yet remains united by melodies throughout.

Montero’s success marks an historic step forward for openly gay country music stars. While country music had traditionally been dominated by straight white men, Montero’s success heralds a new era of diversity that raises important questions about cultural erasure of African-Americans from country music. Thus it comes as no surprise that his album received critical acclaim and an impressive list of awards; becoming an icon for young LGBTQ people.


Beyonce Knowles is an American singer-actress-fashion designer. She is considered one of the most influential entertainers ever; her music and style have had an enormous impact on contemporary artists like Normani, Ariana Grande and Adele.

Beyonce Knowles-Lawson gave birth to Beyonce Knowles-Lawson on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. Growing up, Beyonce attended various performing arts schools and participated in singing and dancing competitions before eventually joining Destiny’s Child as its lead vocalist alongside her younger sister Solange and their mother Tina Knowles-Lawson as a lead singer.

Beyonce embarked upon her solo career after the disbandment of Destiny’s Child, releasing three visual albums: B’Day (2006), I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008) and 4 (2011). Beyonce quickly rose to stardom through live performances such as her Super Bowl 50 halftime show performance and Formation world tour performances.

Beyonce delighted fans in 2022 with her release of Act i: Renaissance. The record-breaking album broke Spotify’s female artist streaming record and sold quickly; winning four Grammy awards as it eclipsed Georg Solti’s 31 wins in total. The title refers to Beyonce’s family name – Carters – under which she and Jay Z married, as well as Jay Z’s nickname of Queen Bee and their daughter Blue Ivy being given this moniker.


Drake first rose to fame as an actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation before quickly becoming one of the biggest musical artists upon signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records. His mix of singing and rapping, combined with his unique persona combining braggadocio and raw vulnerability earned him widespread acclaim. Alongside his musical accomplishments, Drake has also established OVO Sound (later expanded into clothing line and radio station), dated several high-profile women (such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez) as well as serving as Global Ambassador for NBA team Toronto Raptors.

Drake is often credited with reinventing hip hop culture. He expanded thematic vocabulary in rap by exploring themes such as loneliness and vulnerability; these contrasted sharply with bravado-driven hip hop lyrics of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Musically, his songs seamlessly fuse singing and rapping styles together blurring lines between hip hop and pop music genres.

Drake first found success when his album Certified Lover Boy debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart, garnering him recognition at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards as artist of the decade. Two years later he released Scary Hours and God’s Plan; both debuted as number ones on Billboard 200 albums chart.

Drake is also well-known for his philanthropy and activism outside the music world. He established the GO Foundation, dedicated to helping youth in inner-city communities, and made waves as an LGBTQ activist, advocating for equal rights and fighting homophobia.


Dougie is an acclaimed social media influencer, rapper, and songwriter with a unique sound that blends pop, rap, and funk influences. His songs offer upbeat encouragement for living life to its fullest extent while his music has been recognized for both quality and diversity by many fans worldwide.

He possesses a passion for crafting innovative music that speaks to all audiences. To date, he has released multiple singles and two full-length albums, both critically acclaimed, as well as clothing lines such as Zookie and Saint Kidd. Furthermore, his passion lies in helping others improve their lives, with music playing an instrumental role.

Dougie may seem like your typical sleazeball at first glance, but there are deeper layers to his character worth exploring. Dougie seems to possess an in-depth knowledge of human psychology that allows him to manipulate situations while making his followers uncomfortable at times.

Dougie’s rise to fame must be understood in order to fully appreciate his music. His success stems from his ability to craft memorable melodies and lyrics; moreover, his videos on TikTok are seen by millions every month!

Dougie is not only known for his music; he’s an accomplished athlete as well. A former American Football player and currently competing in various sporting events, Dougie also serves as model and actor – with appearances at local events as well as dating speculation with fellow rapper Asian Doll rumored.


BENEE’s song Supalonely has become a viral phenomenon thanks to its catchy lyrics and danceable beats, making it popular with TikTok challenges and garnering over 6.4 million likes on its video alone. Yet its appeal transcends dance challenges; its powerful messages resonated deeply with millions of listeners worldwide.

Bene, better known by her stage name Bene, is a 20-year-old former water polo prodigy from Auckland who first emerged three years ago with her debut single “Tough Guy”, an emotional slow jam inspired by Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Halsey. With “Soaked”, the follow up to “Tough Guy”, Bene scored minor success both locally in New Zealand and Australia before experiencing her breakthrough hit “Supalonely” from Stella & Steve EP.

Supalonely’s infectious disco-funk beats and lyrics of loneliness and isolation have garnered widespread approval both within TikTok community and mainstream charts, while it became Benee’s first major hit since his debut album Hey U X was released last Friday.

This song’s success comes as no surprise given that its message of social distancing and isolation resonates strongly in today’s social climate. The track features a young woman feeling isolated after experiencing her first breakup; its universal message of self-love and acceptance empowers many individuals, making it ideal for listening during times of anxiety or depression. Plus, its video depicts loneliness so powerfully; making this hit song worldwide!