Banjo Kazooie Levels

banjo kazooie levels

Banjo-Kazooie stands out among 3D platformers by placing an emphasis on collectibles. At its release, this type of game was fairly prevalent but Banjo-Kazooie took this concept and made it their own – with each theme and world dedicated to specific items. It did it beautifully!

Mumbo’s Mountain provides tutorial-friendly challenges while Rusty Bucket Bay features unforgiving engine room obstacles – two unforgettable levels in this game! Let’s take a look at them all together!

Mumbo’s Mountain

Mumbo Jumbo is the first world that Banjo and Kazooie visit in the game, acting as something of a tutorial for their journey. He’s an approachable character who seems to harbor animosity toward Humba Wumba; often times taking advantage of Banjo and Kazooie by trying to use spells or transformations against them.

Mumbo’s Mountain is an easy and straightforward level that features grassland settings and tribal village elements, offering a good introduction to the game and its features. Completion takes mere moments.

Players will find Jiggy rewards throughout this world. Additionally, there are a few additional tricks to speed up completion: one is to stomp on Conga’s domain switch while transformed into an ant to crawl through spaces which he couldn’t previously reach; another involves Mumbo teaching Banjo how to chew through ropes by pressing B. This transformation may prove one of his most useful and entertaining abilities yet!

Jiggys can be found throughout this level by completing their transformation. One such Jiggy can be found near the hut where players learn Egg Shooting by shooting oranges at Conga; another one can be found by walking up the curved path to Mumbo’s Skull while avoiding other ants; while yet another one is located by entering the Termite Mound and shooting eggs into its mouths to cause it to explode.

Once you’ve collected all the Jiggys in this world, head back to Mumbo’s Skull for Banjo to transform into an ant. He can then access areas blocked off by other ants – and even crawl through holes he couldn’t access otherwise – making this one of the quickest and simplest ways of finishing this world quickly and easily.

Spiral Mountain

Spiral Mountain (known in Japan as Kurukuruyama) is the homeworld of Banjo and Kazooie as well as Gruntilda Winkybunion’s former homeland. Each game of this series begins here and serves as a tutorial world that introduces basic controls and moves for playing throughout. It includes two waterfalls which form lakes (with an alcove behind one), grassy areas with vegetable orchards, quarry pits and tree stumps as well as Banjo’s house – making for an engaging introduction.

Banjo lives with his sister Tooty, their goldfish Roysten and short-sighted mole Bottles who inhabits various molehills around the mountain and is responsible for teaching Banjo and Kazooie their jumping abilities and helping them defeat enemies such as Quarries, Toppers, Bawls and Colliwobbles that attack them. Bottles has his own signature moves known as Bottle-nibbles that help him teach these abilities and defeat any opponents that arise like Quarries Toppers Bawls or Colliwobbles attacks that target Banjo and Kazooie to defeat Quarries Toppers Toppers Toppers Bawls or Colliwobbles attacks from enemies like Quarries Toppers Toppers Toppers Bawls that come back at them with Colliwobbles attacks or Colliwobbles who attempt to attack. Bottle-Nibbles lives around his mountain home where he serves an essential function teaching his friends their jumping ability as well as defeating any Quarries Toppers Bawls or Colliwobbles who attempt to attack.

Once this level is completed, several new areas become accessible to Banjo and Kazooie; including a cave atop one of the world’s waterfalls and a ledge reached by using Feathery Flap. Banjo and Kazooie must race through Spiral Mountain with ease as they switch between land, water and air just like other levels in the game.

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts has transformed Spiral Mountain into an expansive hub world for the game, and is now known as Spiral Mountain 2. The starting point of most of the puzzles in the game, this level contains five passages leading to different worlds as well as numerous NPCs. Furthermore, its music has been modified to sound more instrumental. NPCs and enemies in this version of the level have new appearances, with Banjo and his sister wearing formal attire after they complete it. Bottles’ gravestone is also present as is a garbage skip near Banjo’s house that may have been added as part of his renovation efforts on his return from Isle O’ Hags.

Rusty Bucket Bay

The Rusty Bucket is an enormous cargo ship owned by Gruntilda that serves as the centerpiece of Rusty Bucket Bay and as an exhibit in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as well as being its namesake world in Banjoland. Even though its industrial harbor appearance may suggest otherwise, its interior is actually very spacious and contains numerous rooms and cabins such as Captain’s Cabin, Map Room, Bunk Room and Galley. Furthermore, Cargo Hold located beneath cargo deck also contains a Jiggy. Access is gained by dropping a box of TNT from the cargo crane into its storage compartments and opening it. The ship also contains various other features, such as a Shock Jump Pad for bypassing Note doors by double jumping from the crane tip; ladders to climb smokestacks; and even an area to launch golden feathers at enemies with periscope-like lenses to destroy them.

Rusty Bucket Bay can only be unlocked by first destroying a gate near Mad Monster Mansion’s entrance, entering MMM as a pumpkin, hitting a Switch behind a coffin in the crypt (requiring Mumbo Jumbo to turn them back into Banjo), then exiting by hitting another Switch behind another coffin (requiring Mumbo Jumbo to change back into Banjo), returning to the overworld, gaining access to their newly unlocked path past said gate when returning back onto it and finding their newly unreachable path when returning back onto ship – where Blue Jinjo and Yellow Jinjo can be found next to toxic green pools; Yellow Jinjo can be reached via Shock Jump Pad; further on top of a tower near its rear (or back), accessible via jumping off an end crane (when entering as pumpkin).

The Engine Room can be one of the most challenging areas of Banjo-Kazooie for players who are newer to it, especially those unfamiliar with Banjo-Kazooie. Packed full with giant cogs and gears, players must activate two switches in order to slow down propeller blades enough for accessing hidden Jiggys behind them. Rotating platforms make this area notoriously hard to complete due to constant blade spinning while it constantly spins itself back and forth; with rotating platforms always spinning away or the threat of falling into bottomless pits added, all add up makes for challenging gameplay when complete!

Bubblegloop Swamp

Similar to Jungle Japes and The Lost Woods, videogame swamp levels typically feature mosquitoes, alligators, and other forms of hostile wildlife such as Piranhas infested waters – often necessitating platforming when your hero cannot swim. Also common are sticky mud or quicksand which makes movement challenging as well as sticky or quicksand-covered floors which require precise movement for movement purposes. Furthermore, some levels feature lots of water which requires platforming if your hero cannot swim; these level types often feature lots of water which necessitates platforming when moving through it all at once!

One of the first things Kazooie should do when entering Bubblegloop Swamp is acquire a pair of Wading Boots near a mole hill. These boots allow him to safely traverse potentially hazardous areas for short periods, such as crocodile-infested waters or swampy mud – an essential tool when fulfilling quests or finding Jiggies!

Once Wading Boots is complete, they can continue exploring the swamp by entering a tunnel behind Bubblegloop Swamp’s entrance and heading through to a room with Freezeezy Peak’s puzzle picture puzzle – complete this to gain entry to another tunnel that leads to another room with Jiggy #5. Here they should break a piece of ice covering a tunnel entrance before entering another room with Jiggy #5.

Jiggy #2 can be found inside one of Treetop Village’s breakable huts and another hidden within Mr. Vile’s crocodile’s nostrils – to locate either one, hit “X” five times.

Bubblegloop Swamp offers players plenty of golden crocodile statues (called Croctuses ) to locate. Once these Croctuses have eaten one or more Blue Eggs, their mouths will open and close as though waiting for another egg to arrive from another player. Once one or more croctuses has eaten an Egg from one or more Blue Eggs fired their way, the player may claim their reward: there are 10 Jiggies waiting to be collected here and taking on this challenge will best prepare players for Mumbo’s Skull’s Skull’s ultimate challenge in Banjo-Kazooie!