Sad Music From Game of Thrones

sad music game of thrones

As HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones enters its final season, now is an opportune time to revisit all eight seasons–and music composer Ramin Djawadi provides just the soundtrack! His tunes accompany dragons, White Walkers and political intrigue alike.

Here are a few of our favorites from his repertoire of melodies that may put you in an upsetting state.

1. Daenerys’ Theme

Game of Thrones stands out from other television shows due to its distinctive original music. Composer Ramin Djawadi first made waves with his piano track “Light of the Seven,” but he’s been part of its soundtrack since its first season – providing each character their own theme tune – most powerfully Daenerys Targaryen who’s had one since Season 1, growing stronger with power and becoming increasingly dangerous over time.

She displayed her growing strength in the season two finale when she freed her dragons from a cage and then killed Xaro with one blow. Her theme continued to develop throughout seasons three and six as she killed Sons of Harpy before taking Astapor from Astapor and becoming unsullied leader herself in season seven; that scene is accompanied by one of her most potency songs ever, Mother of Dragons.

Djawadi uses both Dany’s theme variations and the main theme to create an epic sound in this scene. When Dany talks to Dothraki warriors and begins taking their banner from them, Khaleesi begins her piece and it intensifies with Drogon roars – creating the ideal combination of theme and leit motif that signifies she has finally become the powerful queen she vowed she would become as a child.

Dany and Jon Snow’s last momentous scene together is set against an emotionally charged melody by composer Djawadi; Djawadi created this music to suggest their inevitable tragedy, fittingly concluding a tragic love story that began so abruptly between strangers. Additionally, this song shows off Djawadi’s use of one melody multiple times with different variations to add emotional resonance; for instance, Truth uses its melodies more broadly while Dragonstone scenes focus more intimately on Dany and Jon’s bonding scenes between two characters.

2. Lannister’s Theme

The Lannisters are one of the cruelest houses in Game of Thrones, and their theme song echoes this harsh reality. “The Rains of Castamere” is an iconic track which chronicled Tywin Lannister’s slaughter of Reyne family by Tywin Lannister during season 2. While its lyrics originated from George R.R. Martin’s original books series, Ramin Djawadi created an accompanying score to add additional drama and emotion. This theme soon became their house leitmotif and can be heard whenever someone from their house appears on screen.

The orchestral version of this song is especially captivating; composer Henry Krieger employs various instruments to create a haunting, melancholic atmosphere which perfectly suits its occasion. Furthermore, piano chords with more solemn tones than usual produce an effect which combines melancholy with strength resulting in an unforgettable effect.

This heartbreaking soundtrack is one of the series’s most unforgettable moments, perfectly conveying the tragedy surrounding Jaime and Cersei’s deaths and broken relationship. This song blends variations on the Lannister house theme with those belonging to other characters – such as Starks (“Goodbye Brother”) and Daenerys (“Light of the Seven”).

Ramin Djawadi crafted this emotional moment over several seasons, gradually intensifying the music as the scene developed. At its conclusion is an intensity-rampant crescendo wherein Mother of Dragons finally gains power at the expense of her family – complete with choral accompaniment that serves to emphasize her sense of loss.

Music combined with visuals is an emotional powerhouse, effectively conveying its emotional impact in every scene. Peter Dinklage stands out as a noteworthy performer as he conveys grief and sorrow with grace – it would be difficult for another actress to perform this role so convincingly. Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack earned an Emmy nomination; its truly moving track should be experienced by every fan of the series; now available, check it out now and let your ears do the talking!

3. Stark’s Theme

Game of Thrones fans may recognize this song. It serves as the theme for House Stark, and is played when their march northward is shown; additionally, when White Walkers attack them and at the end credits of each episode.

House Stark’s theme song stands out among all of Game of Thrones soundtracks as one of its most strikingly memorable pieces. Used as the main title music for each episode and uniting all of its families within its lyrics. Also heard when Robb Stark becomes King of the North – making for an extremely emotive rendition.

Another theme in the series is AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill.” Though not typically seen as sad music, its melancholic tone makes it perfect for Tony Stark and fits him well as a character. I chose this particular track due to its slow tempo which perfectly captures Tony’s somber mood; its lyrics speak about an arrogant super hero with too much confidence but still very dangerous and scary qualities; furthermore its slow rhythm mimics Tony piloting his Iron Man suits by shooting energy beams off at his enemies – thus further adding another theme to Tony Stark and his life that complement each other perfectly!

Tony Stark could use any song of their choosing as his theme song, but I selected this AC/DC track because its incredible riffs perfectly capture his character and fit his persona. Plus, its soothing vibe makes it great to listen to when feeling down or need an uplift; just as Tony would do.

4. Hodor’s Theme

Youre unlikely to find a Game of Thrones fan who doesn’t get emotional when hearing this music from Hodor’s death scene; nor is it simply because this piece is part of an old Welsh folk tune called “The Bear and Maiden Fair,” depicting a hairy bear saving a maiden from being abandoned at an agricultural fair by becoming her knight-in-arms.

This song is both beautiful and heartbreaking, yet especially moving due to how it ends. Instead of concluding with her death, this piece reminds us that she won’t ever be forgotten.

Though there have been plenty of emotional scenes and songs throughout the course of the series that make fans cry, perhaps none has been as heart-wrenching for many fans as Hodor’s final moment in Season 6’s “The Door.” His arms were torn off as they held tight against a wave of Wights that came through, leaving only his imprinted words – “Hold the Door!”- remaining behind him as they tore him apart piecemeal until nothing but silence remained in him – before an instrumental song played as his final words would never again come out from his lips again. The song played at that exact moment when it became clear he wouldn’t ever speak again and no words would come out from Hodor.

This song serves as a powerful reminder of just how tragic and powerful Game of Thrones events are, paying a touching tribute to one of our beloved characters who will be missed by us all. Its sad yet haunting melody really highlights how meaningful even minor characters can be within its narrative arc. With Game of Thrones Season 8 due out this April, now is an opportune time to revisit past episodes and listen to its greatest songs and music again; its epic theme song alone should transport fans back into Westeros while violin music offers comfort if any additional tears arises – something its final season will do just fine.