Bass Guitar Amplifiers

Bass guitar amplifiers must strike a delicate balance between being compact enough for gigging and powerful enough for practice sessions, meaning there are few all-in-one combo amps on the market – most players opting instead for head and cabinet combinations.

Contemporary models such as the Boss Katana offer many features, such as USB direct recording output and MIDI connectivity, in addition to adaptable factory presets that may come preloaded onto them.

Aguilar Tone Hammer

This Aguilar amp packs plenty of tone into its tiny package. The Tone Hammer 700 boasts 350W of Class D power and includes bass, treble and fully sweepable midrange controls as well as Aguilar’s proprietary Adaptive Gain Shaping circuit to add subtle distortion.

Darkglass Suite app allows players to personalize this amplifier, creating virtually any sound they can imagine. With five presets and the option to save custom presets, players can produce virtually any sound they can imagine. In addition, this amplifier offers USB audio interface connectivity, MIDI connectivity and an XLR direct output for feeding signal directly into recording devices or PA mixers without going through speaker cabinets.

Boss Katana-110 amps are designed specifically to meet the demands of gigging bassists and fit perfectly into their gig bags. This ultraportable head takes all that six-string players loved about the Katana pedal and adapts it for bassists’ use, creating a versatile amp that can be used both studio or onstage while fitting easily in any gig bag.

Gallien-Krueger amps are beloved among bassists everywhere, and one of their most acclaimed models, Legacy 115, stands out among them as one of their best options for live use. Offering 800W of clean tone that easily drives into overdrive – perfect for live use – the Legacy 115 utilizes high-grade components combined with classic Gallien-Krueger design to produce sound comparable to far more expensive options.

Orange Crush amps have long been beloved among bassists, and the Crush Bass 200W amp is no different. Packed with enough power for smaller venues or practice rooms alike, its 15″ Eminence speaker provides ample low end. Plus, this solid-state amp comes equipped with several useful features – like its blend control for mixing harmonic distortion into core bass tones; an XLR output to feed signal into PA or recording mixers; as well as headphone jack for silent practice sessions!

Orange Crush

The Orange Crush bass guitar amplifier is a compact combo amp designed to deliver enough power for rehearsal and live performances. Boasting solid-state circuitry and a custom 12-inch speaker designed specifically for this amplifier, its buffered effects loop provides buffered effects loop and headphone output capabilities making this amp a versatile option for bassists of all types; country to metal music alike can benefit from it! With different models offering differing power outputs and speaker sizes available.

Orange bass guitar amplifiers are well-renowned for their warm and punchy tones that cut through any mix, as well as their distinct midrange character that adds depth and clarity to your playing. Their gain control feature allows users to dial in different levels of overdrive/distortion for creating aggressive or gritty tones.

Crush Bass series amplifiers not only boast excellent sonic capabilities, but they also come equipped with several convenient features designed to make life easier for bassists. These include an auxiliary input, built-in chromatic tuner and headphone output with Cabsim for silent practice. Furthermore, their amps include an integrated EQ section featuring a sweepable parametric mid band for customizing your signature sound.

Orange offers bass guitar amps in multiple configurations and power ranges from 25-100 watts. Their 50 watt model features a custom 12-inch speaker and all-analogue signal path; additionally it includes an auxiliary input to connect external audio sources as well as Cabsim circuitry that simulates stage-ready OBC bass speaker cabinets during silent practice sessions.

The Crush Bass 50 is an all-analogue bass amp designed to handle any genre of music. Its all-analogue signal path produces full and fat sound with an active EQ section including a sweepable parametric mid band for customizable frequency adjustment ensuring you always achieve optimal tone for any situation. Gain and Blend controls enable users to create massive ‘bi-amped’-style tones by layering harmonics and distortion to their core bass tone for an engaging experience.

G-K MB212-II

GK’s MB Series II bass combo amps deliver their legendary power and tone in lightweight packages, including GK’s digital power amp section with 12″ neodymium speakers designed and manufactured in the US. In addition, their signature 4-band active EQ with Gain control lets you tailor it perfectly to your sound! The MB212-II also includes GK’s signature 4-band active EQ that allows for precise tonal adjustment for signature sounds.

The combination of high-tech digital power amplifier, ultralight neodymium speakers and sleek controls gives the MB212-II an impressively full sound at medium-sized venues. Features such as an auxiliary input, headphone output and XLR DI output with pre/post switch interface allow easy interaction with recording systems or PA systems while its built-in horn adds top end clarity for maximum listening pleasure.

Though it looks like a heavyweight bass combo, the MB212-II weighs only 37 pounds! Yet its features remain advanced despite its small stature; GK’s Chain Out feature lets you connect it to an MBP powered enclosure for even greater output. In combination with its ultra-efficient digital powerplant, this makes for an impressively portable yet stage-ready bass combo sure to become a go-to choice among gigging bassists.

Peavey MAX 300

The MAX 300 bass combo amp is an extremely reliable, portable platform that packs plenty of punch. Featuring dual 10″ speakers that project a full sound while its unique angled baffle design ensures loud and clear hearing without needing to tilt the amp backwards, plus sound shaping features including 3-band EQ, Overdrive, Contour Mid Shift Bright controls as well as Kosmos-C bass enhancement and tweeter Defeat switch for customizable sound shaping options; effects loop integration makes integrating pedals and external processors easy while clip-limiting DDT keeps dynamics under control for powerful yet reliable playing scenarios; perfect for slapping or other loud playing situations!

Peavey amps offer unparalleled bass tone for both active and passive basses alike, featuring exclusive designs that enable this amp to produce huge low-end with its signature psychoacoustic low-end enhancement, which adds bass without demanding anything additional from its speaker–a testament to this model’s technology-driven reliability. The MAX 300 features three band EQ with gain boost that uses TransTube tube emulation circuitry; in addition, selector buttons for Overdrive, Contour Mid Shift modes plus Kosmos-C modes make this amp truly unrivalled in its class.

The MAX 300 offers an external cabinet output supporting 8-ohm speakers to create a full-sounding bass amp stack, featuring a bass-specific chromatic tuner and single Speakon output that makes building your ideal rig easy. Plus, with an effects loop and headphones output for home practice sessions. Plus an inbuilt tuner/mute combo keeps you tuned up and slap ready while its unique angled baffle design lets you hear yourself without tilting back the amp! Each bass guitar and amp purchased from Musician’s Friend includes two years of protection against manufacturer defects! Our Gear Advisers are happy to assist with creating your dream rig from start to finish so don’t hesitate contacting or chat today!