Bass Guitar Amps For Sale Near Me

Bass amps are essential components of a bassist’s sound, helping them shape their tone and creating thunderous low end tones that every bass player seeks in their arsenal.

These systems can be powered by vacuum tubes or solid-state designs and usually feature switches and knobs for customizing sound settings.

Ampeg SVT Classic

Bass guitar amps form an integral part of bass players’ identities, serving as the conduit through which creativity and self-expression flourish. Therefore, many opt for high-quality amps that deliver amazing sounds while standing the test of time. Some amplifiers feature extras you may never use such as built-in chorus or digital reverb to enhance music creation experience or recording quality respectively.

If you’re in search of an amp that will take your performance to the next level, look no further than Ampeg SVT Classic. Boasting 300W of fearsome tube power combined with flexible tone shaping capabilities and onboard controls, this amp has quickly become the industry standard among touring bassists who play arena and stadium gigs, as well as studio recordists alike.

On the back of the SVT CL is a speaker output featuring two jacks for 2 and 4-ohm cabinets – providing plenty of flexibility! Additionally, you can change its impedance setting depending on what kind of cabinet is being used – to optimize power delivery according to your specific requirements.

Ampeg V-4B amps are another great choice for large gigs, offering full and supple tube sound that features an instantly recognisable growl that’s appealing to bassists performing large venues as well as recording artists who like utilizing power tubes pushed hard for overdriven sounds.

Although SVT and V-4B amps reign supreme among all-tube bass amps, sometimes their sheer power may be overkill for smaller gigs or sessions. That’s when the compact Trace Elliot Elf comes in: this small amp packs an impressive punch into its compact size – with three band EQ giving you complete control of shaping your sound – plus its 200W output will power even modest cabinets effortlessly allowing for seamless stage performances or recording sessions!

Trace Elliot Elf

At any stage in your musical journey – be it learning the ropes in small basement venues or dreaming of playing stadiums – finding the right bass guitar amp is key to creating sound that stands out on stage. Selecting one that meets both your current needs and provides enough wattage for future expansion is paramount; with many sizes and power levels to choose from there should be one perfect for you!

The Trace Elliot Elf is one of the smallest yet powerful micro bass amplifiers on the market. Boasting 200 continuous watts at 4 ohms, its fan-cooled design delivers full tone from any large setup within an easily portable combo package. Furthermore, this unit comes equipped with its own built-in Trace Elliot DI interface making it suitable for recording applications as well.

Elf is designed with an intuitive control layout for easy personalization to meet any of your audio needs. The front panel houses two 1/4″ jacks (one for input and headphones) along with five dials that control gain, three-band EQ and power. We particularly appreciated that Trace Elliot opted for standard-sized knobs rather than mini ones to facilitate real world adjustments more efficiently. Furthermore, its two distinct EQ sections – modern B3K and vintage VMT – can be selected via switch with their respective color LED indicator lights to indicate when engaged or disengaged.

While your bass amplifier offers drive and compression settings, you can further personalize its sound using Boss effects such as vintage choruses, swelling flangers and gut-busting octave effects – the unit even features a headphone output for quiet practice sessions!

Elf’s versatile sound makes it the ideal solution for gigging musicians. Equipped with studio-quality XLR outputs and ground lift switch to ensure bassist’s tone remains uniform across PA systems, Elf is also equipped with Trace Elliot ELF ultracompact bass DI that allows them to instantly integrate their unique bass tone directly into any mix.

Markbass MB500

This Markbass bass amp is an ideal choice for those seeking something that will stand out from the competition. Featuring an eye-catching design that will attract everyone who sees it and durable construction to ensure use for years to come, as well as easy use features such as producing lots of power and connecting to various devices through its headphone jack, this amplifier stands out from others on display.

The Markbass MB500 bass guitar amplifier is an ideal way for beginners to start learning bass guitar, while still offering advanced players plenty of features and performance options. Boasting high-quality sound that will wow audiences everywhere and with both clean and distortion channels to give you creative control of tone – its features appeal to beginners as well as advanced players.

Markbass MB500’s other great feature is its built-in limiter, which will help to regulate sound during performances and prevent feedback. You’ll be able to control how much gain you use thanks to its lightweight construction – perfect for carrying and transporting from one location to the next!

The Big Bang bass amplifier can produce up to 500 watts of power at 4 ohms. Equipped with a mosfet preamp and class D power amp, this amp makes an excellent choice for any bassist. In addition, this device comes equipped with headphone jack and aux in for easy connectivity between devices, and a contour EQ for selecting your ideal sound for any genre of music.

Blackstar Unity 200

If you want an amp that will truly bring out the tone of your bass guitar, the Blackstar Unity 200 is an excellent option. Boasting plenty of power to keep up with any bassist and some excellent advanced features – its built-in digital chorus/octave effects help further customize your sound, with their presence toggled off via footswitch via its FS-13 footswitch FS-13; additionally it has two channels, two-channel sonic shaping circuitry that prevents overdrive at higher volumes as well as two channel protection circuitry that keeps the signal clean from louder input signals by way of 15dB pad which keeps the signal clean!

Blackstar, an U.K.-based manufacturer, has designed their Unity Pro Bass line to address the needs of bassists. Combo amps offer various power and speaker configurations; this model utilizes 10″ Eminence Opus speakers to produce impressive bass tone. Tone shaping controls offer versatility from classic to modern playing styles; response control allows selecting three classic power amp stages while altering compression, drive, dynamics or dynamics controls as well as three preamp voicings and a 3-band parametric EQ which create an endless number of tonal combinations.

This bass amp is the ideal solution for beginners and experienced bassists alike, boasting lightweight design that’s both user-friendly and built with overdrive and distortion for additional depth of sound. Furthermore, its unique shape makes it easier to carry and fit into gig bags.

Are You an Upstart Looking to Play Small Basement Shows with an Amp? The Blackstar Unity 200 may be perfect! Its compact size makes it easily portable, enabling you to practice your technique without compromising sound quality. Plus, this bass amp comes equipped with built-in DI output with switchable ground lift and an XLR input to amplify studio use XLR input; plus its octave effect will help enhance low end and make you shine on stage!

bass guitar amps for sale near me

If you want a bass combo that won’t give your back any trouble, consider the Rumble 100 v3. With plenty of power for small gigs or home practice sessions, this amp provides enough sound.

This amp features a balanced XLR direct output for easy integration into PA systems or recording setups, plus player-friendly control sets with an inviting tone.

Hartke LX8500

The Hartke LX8500 bass amplifier is an adaptable amp designed to suit most bass players’ needs. Boasting 800 Watts of continuous, clean power, this amplifier makes an excellent gigging companion and home practice/recording companion as well. The LX8500’s clean tone makes it suitable for many genres of music, while its control panel offers settings to change its sound to give a deeper growl suitable for rock music. Controls include master volume, drive, compression bass shape frequency treble Brite. The drive control allows you to dial in tube harmonic distortion from subtle grit to full-on fuzz, while the compression control can help balance dynamics and prevent spikes in gain that could arise while performing intricate playing techniques like slapping and tapping.

The LX8500 bass amplifier boasts numerous other useful features that make it an ideal bass amplifier for gigging musicians. These include an XLR direct out for connecting directly to a mixing board, an effects loop and headphone output; built-in limiter protection against speaker damage as well as pre/post EQ switch options for customizing its tone.

Hartke LX8500’s impressively powerful output can be achieved while remaining lightweight at just over 9 pounds – easily transportable between gigs or practice sessions without feeling like carrying around a heavy fridge of beer! Its responsive 12AX7 tube-powered preamp provides 800W of clean power.

The LX8500’s Tone Stack EQ was carefully created to capture your guitar’s character as soon as you plug in. Bass, Treble and Shape controls allow you to find your ideal tone while the Brite switch adds subtle boost of upper frequencies – which can be modified using additional pedals if desired. All EQ controls can also be footswitched live during performances; Drive can add subtle grit while Compression knob provides dynamic dynamic control during rigorous performances – making this amplifier an exceptional value option. The Hartke LX8500 bass amplifier represents versatility without breaking the bank!

Ampeg SVT-7PRO

Contrary to most bass amps, this hybrid design employs both solid-state power section and tube preamp components in order to achieve greater versatility and tone for all styles of music. Furthermore, its balanced XLR direct out allows direct connection to PA systems or recording studios; additionally it features three band equalization for tone shaping – making this model an excellent option for gigs of any size!

Are you in search of an amp that is both compact and powerful? Look no further than the Ampeg SVT-7PRO bass amplifier! Boasting enough power to fill any venue while its small footprint means it is easy to transport between gigs, this amplifier makes an excellent addition for bassists looking to reduce space without compromising sound quality or power output.

This head has all of the features required of professional bassists, such as 5-way mid control and remote switching FX loop. Furthermore, its built-in compressor extends its tonal range – it can go from crisp clean sounds to dirty warm tones for endless tonal options! Definitely an ideal upgrade for anyone seeking to expand their bass rig! This amp will surely impress at every gig it attends.

The SVT-7PRO bass amp head is designed for portability, weighing only 15 pounds. Its small and lightweight frame makes it easy to transport between gigs, as well as compatible with other Ampeg gear. Boasting powerful Class-D power section with classic Ampeg tone controls combined in one compact unit that fits in two rack spaces without any of its legendary tone being lost in its diminutive frame.

If you are in the market for an amplifier, be sure to read reviews thoroughly prior to making a decision. Some users have reported issues with this amp and it would be prudent to ask any pertinent questions before buying. Also check when it was manufactured as older models may contain issues.

Blackstar Unity 200

If you’re searching for an amp to practice with on your bass guitar, look no further than the Blackstar Unity 200. This compact amp packs plenty of punch into its tiny design while being user-friendly – with features such as tone-shaping 3-band EQ and plugging in headphones for silent practice sessions – it could take your playing to new levels! If this amp sounds appealing then grab one today.

No matter your level of experience with bass playing, finding the appropriate amplifier for your needs can be challenging. To simplify this process and find an amp that best meets your specific requirements and budget needs, think through how and where you plan to use your amplifier, along with any type of sound or tone desired before making your decision and prevent making any costly errors in purchasing one.

Blackstar’s U60 model bass amplifier is an excellent way for beginning bassists and gigging players alike to get started in bass playing. Offering 60 watts of power through one 10-inch speaker, its lightweight construction makes it suitable for touring bassists while still being loud enough for home practice and small gigs.

This model offers three Response settings that mimic different types of power amps: Linear is ideal for modern digital amps while 6550 offers more organic compression similar to vintage tube amplifiers. Furthermore, this device features onboard chorus and compression capabilities for even greater versatility.

Blackstar Unity bass combo’s back panel is packed with useful features. There’s a headphone jack for silent practice, an XLR output which connects seamlessly with PA systems, and cabinet-link output for linking multiple Blackstar Unity combos together. Plus, its XLR out can even serve as an effects pedal DI input!

Blackstar Unity bass combo offers plenty of features at an excellent value for the money, yet some users have noted its flimsy footswitch which automatically switches on octave and drive effects by default, or found the built-in effects too harsh for their taste.

Markbass MB-100

The Markbass MB-100 bass amplifier is an affordable portable bass amp that packs an incredible sound. Featuring three distinct voices to accommodate different playing styles, footswitchable chorus effect, and built-in compressor that helps balance dynamic peaks when playing live or practicing at home, its compact size makes it perfect for practice or gigging in small- to medium-sized rooms, making this an excellent budget solution for guitarists too!

Blackstar’s bass guitar amp is an amazingly potent compact package, giving you plenty of oomph for any small gig. Boasting an elegant 3-band EQ for tone-shaping options and 200W output power, its solid metal enclosure is built to withstand touring as well as providing an XLR DI output with switchable ground lift for studio recordings.

The MB-100 bass combo amp is an excellent starting point for anyone who’s just starting out or those who frequently travel. Featuring three distinct voices for different tones, its effects loop is ideal for plugging in any pedals you wish to add, making this amp lightweight and transportable; making it an excellent option for beginner bassists or frequent travelers.

Bass players tend to be particularly selective about which amp meets their needs, making it challenging to locate one suitable for every bassist’s budget. Some bassists might prefer simple combos while others require advanced features like compression or cab simulator. Reverb offers plenty of choices suitable for every budget – visit Reverb today to find yours.

Reverb offers a selection of top brands like Fender and Ampeg bass combo amps to make your search easier, such as filtering by location or price; plus side-by-side comparison allows for finding just the right amp combination! And don’t forget: Reverb provides free standard shipping on new and pre-owned instruments!