Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Before embarking on a gig, bass guitarists require a sturdy and stylishly padded gig bag to protect their instrument. This is particularly essential for traveling bassists as their instrument must be transported between locations safely.

The best gig bags for bass combine shock-absorption from a well-padded bag with the security provided by a case. In addition, these cases come equipped with large and small exterior pockets designed specifically to store accessories or other items permanently.

Gator Cases GB-4G Series

Gator Cases’ GB-4G-ELECTRIC 4G Style Gig Bag was designed to store and protect one electric guitar. Constructed of durable nylon material with thick 20mm GFLEX padding on all sides to protect from scratches or dings during transport and storage, its large external pocket holds accessories like cables, strings, capos etc for convenient access while its interior boasts internal headstock/bridge reinforcement to prevent wear over time. Comfort can be ensured using either its backpack straps or webbed carry handle as well as its contoured back padding which makes carrying this gig bag even better than ever.

Gator gig bags provide the ideal way to safely transport your gear when starting lessons or going from venue to venue as a working professional musician. Gator specializes exclusively in musical gear cases and bags that will protect your instruments.

Gator’s GB-4G-ELECX2 electric guitar gig bag provides safe, secure transport from car to backpack to stage – thick padding protects guitars from harmful impacts while added internal headstock and bridge reinforcements offer extra support. Plus there’s an exterior pocket to hold cables, spare strings, tuner, Pick-Clip for emergency pick storage – meaning your gig bag will always be ready when the next gig rolls around!

Gator provides a selection of rugged cases and bags to ensure every aspect of your rig is protected, from mixers to rackmountable equipment. With hard-shell cases, durable bags, covers, pedalboard accessories, laptop cases, PA bags and microphone cases all available, there’s no reason to trust any equipment other than one from Gator.

Reunion Blues RBXB4

If you’re on a tight budget but still require the best bass guitar gig bag to protect your instrument, look no further. Designed to safely store and transport two basses, this gig bag features an attractive Quilted Chevron exterior with Blue-Luster lining as well as a dense foam neck cradle and endpin rest for extra stability and safety. Plus, its removable shoulder strap and subway handles add another level of security.

This bass guitar gig bag is constructed of high-grade jacquard hardwearing polyester fabric designed to resist wear and tear while remaining water resistant, along with a padded interior to shield your instrument from bumps and scratches. Top, front and side walls are all padded with 20mm lightweight high-density foam for protection against accidental falls, while there’s also an accessory pocket on the front to secure all your accessories and an inner suspension pad to hold everything securely in place.

The RBXB4 gig bag is a top loading, compact bag designed to make accessing your bass easier, particularly in small spaces. Furthermore, its headlock system secures it better than other gig bags by cradling your instrument when closed and locking into place when closed – an absolute necessity for bassists traveling often for performances!

This lightweight gig bag is stylish, lightweight, and comes complete with heavy-duty zippers and carrying handles for ease. Additionally, there are storage pockets to hold other accessories like straps, cables, tools, etc. Padded backpack straps make carrying it simple while side and rear grab handles make walking through tight places comfortable. Featuring a slim protective profile to easily accommodate any bass guitar model while holding additional equipment like pedals and effects; available in multiple colors with free raincover to prevent downpour.

Mono M80 Vertigo

Built to military specs, the Mono M80 Vertigo gig bag was created not only to protect your bass guitar, but also other gear such as accessories, pedalboard, and amps you may be carrying to an evening jam session. Thanks to its top-loading design that allows quick removal from its upright case position; plus The Boot’s custom rubber sole that prevents vertical drops.

The Boot takes its cue from footwear manufacturing, using cushioned shoe outsoles and EVA insoles as its basis. Unlike traditional hard cases, its molded rubber outsole and EVA insole provide much-needed cushioning on its bottom section of a bag – unlike hard cases. Furthermore, MONO’s newly revamped Headlock neck suspension system automatically clamps over one’s neck when standing upright – to keep it secure even while keeping things organized inside your case.

The Vertigo offers many innovative features beyond The Boot. For instance, its top-loading design makes loading and pulling out your bass easier by simply dropping its neck from above. Furthermore, when standing upright it automatically tilts to one side to keep its natural resting point without additional belts or straps needed to hold your guitar in place.

At just under 75% less weight than hardcases, Mono cases provide extra storage with their water-resistant Sharkskin shell and messenger-style front pouch. Their Sharkskin material is lightweight yet tough – 100% animal free – while their piping and rubber sole/boot are moulded from Hypalon used to manufacture military rafts! Like other Mono cases, their reinforced outer shell resists impact while weighing 75% less. Furthermore, most Mono cases come equipped with triple D-ring attachments so they can easily accept an optional Classic Tick Accessory Case which holds power amps, speakers cables drumsticks etc.

Fusion Gig Bag

Fusion Bags were specifically created with gigging musicians in mind and have worked closely with many players to understand exactly what they require from their gig bags. Fusion offers bags for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, banjo and three types of ukuleles – ideal for gigging musicians!

The F1 guitar bag stands out as being at the pinnacle of their range with its sleek aesthetics and protective features like an integrated neck- and base compartment that shields against damage; furthermore, there is protective fabric covering both headstock and bridge area to guard against scratches or knocks to your instrument.

Not only does this case come equipped with multiple pockets and features, its back features a strut system similar to trekking backpacks to facilitate airflow and keep you cooler on those hot studio or road days.

Another feature is its padded shoulder and chest straps, which are extremely comfortable and have an excellent feel. When carrying heavy bags around cities or through doors, shoulders and chest straps often slap against legs or become top heavy causing difficulty moving around with it – not so with Fusion bag; its balance ensures comfortable carrying.

A large backpack design allows you to store an effects rig with guitar attached, as well as sheet music, cables, capos, etc. There is ample space for sheet music, cables, capos and sheet music – plus sheet music! Additionally, its well-padded backpack straps have been created so they are at an appropriate height for easy carrying without any back aches or pains; furthermore it features subway grip handles for tight walkways as well as being water resistant – an added benefit if playing outdoors during wet weather!