Bass Guitar Headphone Amp

A bass guitar headphone amp can help you practice in peace without disturbing others. These lightweight devices connect directly to your instrument, connect headphones and contain many sounds and effects for practicing quietly and in peace.

Play along with built-in drum patterns to hone your timing and feel, or create three unique gain modes to customize your tone: AC30 mode adds tremolo; classic rock boosts mids; while metal mode reduces them for a scooped sound.

VOX amPlug

The VOX amPlug makes playing guitar easy, anywhere and at any time. Simply plug it into your bass guitar, and enjoy premium headphones that deliver serious amp tone without needing a power amplifier. Valve reactor technology simulates dynamic amplifier response taking into account impedance, efficiency and other factors for an authentic amp tone ideal for jamming along to favorite songs or backing tracks. Plus, headphone jack doubles as line-in connection so you can use practice tracks or whatever else your music player may offer!

This palm-sized portable headphone amp comes in three different models to cover most genres. The AC30 model gives an AC30 top boost sound; Classic Rock gives classic crunch of UK 100W amp; while Metal delivers extreme high gain for metal guitarists.

amPlug comes equipped with an exclusive built-in compressor to add some color and consistency to your tone, eliminating unnecessary noise for a clearer bass sound that will inspire practice sessions.

AmPlug now comes equipped with an AUX input to connect to music players or other devices, making jamming with friends easier; simply switch songs easily or practice along to drum loops while at home. Furthermore, use it with effects to create custom tones!

VOX amPlug 2 Series amplifier has been enhanced to offer even better tones and a more ergonomic design, along with an advanced rechargeable battery system for extra portability.

The headphone jack has been moved to the side of the unit and controls have been repositioned for easier access. Audio-Technica closed-air dynamic headphone units ensure that users can stay comfortable for long listening sessions, with rotating ear pads providing optimal comfort and fit. In addition, there’s an auto power-off function which shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity or signal input, thus prolonging battery life.

VOX amPlug’s design has been simplified to only include essential controls, including an on/off switch that also functions as power button and three knobs for controlling its effects. Each control has been designed for intuitive and easy use ensuring you can get started quickly. AUX input can also be used to connect external devices like laptops and smartphones in order to play along with recording software applications or jam with other players through your computer; making this an essential tool for musicians looking to practice at home or in studio environments and is essential for bassists!


The VOX VGH guitar amp headphone amp is an intriguing and useful newcomer to the line-up of guitar amplifier headphone amplifiers from Vox. Combining their Valve Reactor technology with headphones designed by Audio-Technica, this device provides three distinct bass amp tones for low noise practice as well as built-in effects to give color to your sound.

The VGH headphones are highly comfortable to wear for long durations of time, offering premium performance while minimising fatigue. Their rotatable ear pads make storage a breeze, while the cable comes equipped with a large 6.35 mm stereo jack – similar to what guitars feature as output jacks – so that they can be used alongside other music players and for playing along to backing tracks or songs you have preselected.

These closed-air dynamic headphones come in an assortment of predominantly black colors to complement basses and guitars of any hue, and are easy to operate. Their controls can be found conveniently on the right ear pad; additionally there is a large AUX IN jack so you can plug your music player in for jamming alongside fellow musicians or just enjoying songs you already love!

The VOX VGH bass guitar headphone amp offers powerful amp sound that will impress friends and family when jamming privately in your own home or mobile phone. Perfect for honing bass skills without turning up full volume, and equipped with compressor effect to enhance tone – check it out now at Sweetwater to see how the VOX VGH can help hone them even further! Our knowledgeable staff is also here to provide assistance when selecting the appropriate headphone amp to meet your needs.