Bass Guitar Manufacturers

bass guitar manufacturers

The bass guitar is an instrument that combines elements from electric guitars with longer neck and scale length, offering players greater tonal range and versatility.

While some bass guitar manufacturers specialize in particular genres, others provide an impressive variety for all genres of music. All these companies make top-of-the-line instruments which could make an ideal match for any player.


Ibanez is a Japanese company known for producing quality guitars and basses that are popular with rock musicians – particularly metal guitarists – due to their outstanding craftsmanship.

Instruments from this company are highly versatile, suitable for playing various musical genres such as rock, blues, folk and country music. Furthermore, their solid construction is known for providing affordable prices.

Ibanez basses are designed to be durable and easy to play, which makes them great choices for people looking for instruments they’ll keep for an extended period. Furthermore, their comfortable necks feature multiple control knobs so you can tailor the sound.

Ibanez offers a comprehensive selection of bass models with cutting-edge features to meet every player’s need – perfect for exploring playing skills or developing new techniques.

Mahogany is an ideal material for building Ibanez bass guitars, providing warm and soothing tones that appeal to players across both high- and low-end markets. Plus, it’s highly affordable.

Ibanez basses come with various body shapes and designs, from double cutaway models and bolt-on designs to double cutaway and bolt-on options. Additionally, these basses boast an expansive selection of active and passive pickups and electronics including singles, humbuckers and piezo pickups for your selection.


Schecter Guitar Research is an iconic electric guitar manufacturer with over three decades of experience, known for offering top-quality instruments at an accessible price point – bass instruments are no different!

Schecter basses are perfect instruments to meet the pressures of live performances, offering various styles, pickup combinations, and build options to find one to meet any musician’s specific needs whether novice or veteran alike.

This brand’s guitar models can be found in various finishes and tonewoods, such as mahogany, rosewood and black limba. Each premium wood produces beautifully resonant tones to bring sophistication and class into any set list.

If you prefer a classic aesthetic, the Session series offers timeless all-natural finishes with active EMG pickups and 3-band EQs to give you maximum flexibility in creating the sound that complements your playing style.

The Diamond Series offers an economical solution for players searching for instruments with lasting quality. These non-custom models feature TonePros locking bridge products and original Floyd Rose double locking tremolos as well as USA EMG or Seymour Duncan pickups for maximum tone potential.


Fender stands out as one of the leading bass guitar manufacturers. Their basses are known for their quality construction and suit all players; often employed across genres from metal to rock and country music.

These guitars have been around since 1951 and are widely known for their sleek designs, smooth playability, and quality sound. Plus they’re easy to maintain for long-term enjoyment!

Another key advantage of bass guitars from Yamaha is that they are lightweight and easily portable – ideal for touring musicians.

The Precision Bass is an iconic model still manufactured today. A favorite among bassists of all skill levels and genres alike, the Precision is still in high demand today.

Precision Basses are great choices for beginners as they are easy to learn and maintain, yet popular among professionals due to its wide array of tones which can be altered quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, P basses can be purchased for relatively affordable prices and offer great comfort both when playing and when holding.

Music Man

Music Man Bass Guitars are widely recognized for producing top-of-the-line instruments that have earned the trust of musicians worldwide, including Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine and Flea from RHCP.

The StingRay bass from Music Man stands out as an icon among their lineup, known for its punchy Alnico humbucker pickup delivering clear sound with powerful yet punchy notes, combined with its 3-way switch which offers players unprecedented control of tone shaping options.

It features a top-loading bridge crafted from hardened steel for optimal resonance and sustain, and comes equipped with either a maple or rosewood fingerboard for ultimate sound quality.

This bass is ideal for players who appreciate keeping things straightforward with their bass instrument. The passive electronics make it simple to find just the right tone and feel, while its control layout offers plug-and-play convenience. Plus, its classic MM logo adds an aesthetic flourish!


Rickenbacker basses are legendary for their long sustain, punchy treble and solid bass; many progressive bassists such as Chris Squire and Paul McCartney use Rickenbacker basses exclusively.

Over time, they have produced various models from this manufacturer, with the 4003 remaining one of their most sought-after instruments. Its legendary bass tones have been featured in songs by artists like The Beatles.

Modern Rickenbacker 4003 basses boast all of the renowned qualities found on original models, plus stereo output and modern electronics. Their powerful neck and bridge pickup selector allows users to choose tones ranging from full-treble proggy excess to warm dub-style plumpness for unparalleled tonal options.

Rickenbacker bass guitars feature in-house designed fittings and circuitry that is essential for their quality; any non-US components must come from other countries to maintain consistent product quality. This ensures the high standards are always upheld.

Rickenbacker bass guitars stand out with their “neck through body” construction that features one solid piece from neck to body for more natural wood tone and makes vintage models just as much as new models use this design.

Rickenbacker 330 semi-acoustic is another beloved model, featuring lightweight maple construction for sparkling 60s tones and dual single-coil pickups to provide that signature Rickenbacker sound.


Strandberg, a Swedish guitar manufacturer, provides bass guitars that combine quality and value, offering models suitable for metal, progressive rock, pop and jazz music styles.

These guitars are ideal for musicians seeking an upgrade from a six-string instrument to one featuring seven or eight strings, featuring fanned frets for easy playing experience and lightweight ergonomic designs that make playing easier than ever.

The Prog 7 is an ideal option for progressive rock musicians. Featuring a Swamp Ash body for punchy mids and highs, as well as an extravagant flame roasted Maple neck to complete its sound, it produces powerful progressive rock music.

This model offers an optional tremolo system, making it suitable for live performances. The patented Strandberg EGS series 5 fixed bridge and string locks keep this guitar in tune, while its onboard preamp EQ makes sound customization simple.

The Standard Series Strandberg guitars are ideal for players seeking an economical option that still boasts all the popular features, while maintaining an affordable price point. Built with US Basswood bodies for optimal tone and looks, plus lightweight construction for easy portability – making these an excellent choice for musicians seeking quality instruments at an accessible price point.