Home Studio Recording Bundle

home studio recording bundle

Home recording bundles can be an efficient and economical way to equip your studio. Most kits include two channel interfaces, quality condenser mics and headphones at a price you can afford.

Bundles that offer software and plugins provide an all-in-one solution for those just getting started, offering great value at an unbeatably fast start up time.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite’s Scarlett 2i2 Home Studio Recording Bundle provides everything needed for creating great music at an economical price. It includes Ableton Live Lite software as well as plug-ins that cover EQ, compression, gate and reverb effects.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 features two upgraded third-generation microphone preamps with Air setting that recreates the classic Air effect from original ISA mic preamps for brighter and more open vocal recordings. In addition, high-headroom instrument inputs allow users to record instruments without needing an external DI box or guitar amp for recording purposes.

With its dual XLR-1/4″ combo inputs and intuitive Gain Halo metering/input level control features, this recording interface ensures distortion-free recording of instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers, drum machines and more. Plus, its Gain Halo metering keeps any unwanted overstimulation or distortion at bay!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a no-frills interface designed for beginners. Its intuitive controls are simple to use and its compact form factor make it suitable for portable recording sessions.

Audient EVO Start Recording Bundle

Are You Wanting an Affordable Entry Point into Home Recording? Consider The Audient EVO Start Recording Bundle as it includes their EVO 4 audio interface, an SR1 Condenser Microphone and pair of SR2000 headphones – everything needed for starting out on home recording!

The EVO 4 is a professional two-in, two-out USB interface featuring two EVO preamps, two digital inputs, a headphone output and EVO Control; this small application lets you adjust inputs and outputs without leaving your computer.

A stylish design makes this simple to use, providing a clear overview of its main features. These include 48 V Phantom Power button, 2 channel buttons to manage input levels for both microphones, large green Smartgain button that automatically sets microphone levels, Monitor Mix & Pan button and volume dial for easy setup and use.

This entry-level package is an excellent solution for podcasters, home recording enthusiasts and content creators of all stripes. The intuitive controls make the package simple to navigate while the software provided will quickly get you up and running.

Smartgain is one of the best features of this interface, making setting microphone levels easier than ever before. Just start playing, singing or talking and the Smartgain button will do all of the hard work for you by automatically setting them at their optimal levels.

Its two digital inputs make this bundle perfect for recording live audio or other sound sources, and its audio loopback feature enables you to record both computer audio and SR1 mic simultaneously. Furthermore, iOS devices are supported so you can capture moments of inspiration anytime!

M-Audio AIR 192

If you’re in search of a high-quality audio interface suitable for all, the M-Audio AIR 192 stands out as one of the finest options. Boasting elegant pro-grade metal chassis construction with USB and USC-C connection cables as well as low noise crystal preamps and A/D converters that deliver professional recordings, its elegant pro-grade metal chassis provides all that’s necessary.

The AIR 192 features an XLR+ 1/4″ TRS combo input and dedicated front-panel 1/4″ Hi-Z instrument input to accommodate dynamic or condenser mics and electric guitar or bass instruments with separate meters, -10 dB pads and gain controls. In addition, this unit boasts stereo RCA monitor outputs, assignable stereo RCA aux outs as well as a headphone output with its own volume control.

Another fantastic feature is the USB-C connection, providing fast round-trip speeds with minimal latency during tracking or monitoring. This is especially beneficial if using digital mixers or audio processors because they help avoid unwanted noise or artifacts when communicating between hardware and computer.

With the included M-Audio Nova Black large-diaphragm condenser microphone, you can effortlessly capture recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments with superior frequency response and detail. Its 1.1″ evaporated gold diaphragm is designed for low noise distortion coloration – giving you crystal-clear recordings every time!

The AIR 192 microphone bundle also includes an amazing software package featuring two DAWs and numerous effect plug-ins to get you recording right away – Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools First are a perfect place to start for new producers looking to start producing music right away, along with virtual instruments and loops designed to kick-start creativity!

Ableton Live Lite

Ableton Live Lite is an intuitive, affordable DAW with an expansive library of instruments, sound effects and inbuilt functions for you to use when recording. Furthermore, Ableton offers audio processing features as well as MIDI editing tools that make creating music simple.

This tool is an indispensable part of music creation. Featuring an expansive library of sounds and effects – such as instruments and reverbs – as well as support for external plugins, it makes expanding your sound library simple.

One of the hallmarks of this bundle is its high-quality audio interface, designed specifically to record acoustic instruments and vocals. Featuring top-of-the-line microphone preamps and converters for optimal audio recording experience. Perfect for musicians.

Focusrite 2i2 is a USB audio interface equipped with balanced inputs and outputs, advanced mic preamps and converters, making it suitable for recording as well as live streaming applications.

This bundle also comes equipped with Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones, known for their quality and reliability. These lightweight headphones offer superior audio output.

This bundle offers many great advantages, including drum kits and instruments for creating beats as well as London-based artists’ MIDI clips that can be tailored specifically to a song’s style.

Ableton Live Lite is an ideal DAW for beginners and professionals alike, boasting an assortment of instruments and sound effects as well as user-friendly controls that can easily be adjusted. Furthermore, its split feature enables users to separate sounds into individual parts so they can identify problematic frequencies by ear.

Mackie CR3-X

Mackie CR3-X studio recording bundle is ideal for music producers, audio engineers and DJs of any discipline – ideal for compact home studio environments while offering all of the tools required for quality audio playback.

The CR3-X provides an incredible combination of connectivity options and premium components, creating the ideal home studio solution. Its wooden cabinet design, acoustic tuning capabilities and premium components all come together to produce incredible audio.

The CR3-X features a 3-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter powered by 50W of amplification to deliver clear and crisp sound at reasonable volumes.

These monitors feature an intuitive design for easy operation: simply connect a power cord, switch on the rear power switch and adjust volume control as necessary.

As soon as you see these speakers, their vibrant green accents around the woofer and tweeter will catch your eye. This vibrant hue adds a fun pop of energy that sets this unit apart from others on your desktop monitors.

One great advantage of these speakers is their versatility: you can connect them to multiple devices – your computer, gaming console or entertainment center among them. This can make music and video production easier while providing an enjoyable listening experience – perfect for improving music production or just simply listening to favorite tunes!

The CR3-X comes in two distinct designs, including the limited edition “Green Lightning” version featuring bright green vinyl wrap and an accent of subtle green along its front panel. Meanwhile, another version features black paintwork with subtle green lines.

home studio recording bundle

Home studio recording bundles combine a microphone, audio interface and headphones with software applications to give beginners an easy way to get recording right away. They make an ideal way for beginners to quickly get going!

This stylish M-Audio Air studio bundle provides you with a Nova large diaphragm condenser mic, HP60 headphones, ProTools Lite and Ableton Live Lite versions – and provides excellent value.

Audio Interface

Audio interfaces are at the heart of any home recording bundle. These pieces of hardware serve as the bridge between microphones and instruments and your computer, enabling you to record tracks directly in DAW software programs like Pro Tools. Furthermore, they convert analog signals to digital ones for seamless operation between your equipment – many top bundles include USB audio interfaces with multiple input/output connections for mics (XLR) as well as instruments (e.g. guitars).

Most home studio recording bundles include a high-quality large diaphragm condenser microphone that works great for vocals and most instruments, in addition to studio monitors to help monitor your recordings and mix them as needed. This is essential in creating professional quality sounds with clear and accurate tones.

An essential element of any home recording setup, headphones are an absolute necessity for creating quality recordings at home. They should seal securely around your ears for long periods of comfort and offer neutral, flat response so that the sounds of your music come through without additional EQ or enhancement from equipment. In addition, flexible designs help prevent discomfort after prolonged usage while ergonomic designs ensure a tight fit on your head.

Beginners looking to start recording at home, home recording bundles with MIDI keyboard controllers may be an excellent starting point. These flexible devices enable you to access virtual instruments and manage recording software settings using keyboard controls; as well as experiment with song ideas to ensure that their final track fits their vision exactly.

When purchasing a home recording bundle, be mindful of any future expansion options it might provide. This can save money over time by eliminating additional purchases as your studio grows; plus it makes upgrading simpler should more power or features become necessary later.


If your home studio primarily caters to vocal work, purchasing one or more microphones should be part of the plan. Although your collection may expand over time, begin by choosing two “workhorse” models such as Shure SM57s or 58s that produce quality results when recording various types of vocals and instruments – for instance a classic dynamic microphone such as their predecessor SM58 can work great when recording acoustic guitars as well.

Recording bundles may contain microphones tailored for specific tasks like podcasting or voiceover, while others may be more versatile and suitable for any recording project. The best home recording bundles also come equipped with extra accessories to maximize their use, such as pop filters to eliminate vocal “pops”, boom stands to easily reach and control audio levels during recordings, etc.

PreSonus Studio Essentials home recording bundle is an ideal starting point for budding musicians as it includes all of the equipment you’ll need to produce music of their own. From an audio interface and headphones to condenser mic and condenser microphone – each is of high-quality construction yet easy for novice users to operate – plus Pro Tools with an array of plugins and virtual instruments, this kit gives more tools than you’d think you had in such an affordable package.

RODE offers this studio recording bundle that offers everything you need for home studio recording at an amazing discount, including an audio interface, large-diaphragm mic designed for vocals and instruments, shock mount and more. Perfect for anyone starting out in home recording.

As the last thing you want when purchasing a recording bundle is buyer’s remorse. To help lower this risk, be sure to compare multiple bundles and read reviews across platforms before making your final choice. This can provide an overall impression of each item or set of hardware before helping you find something better suited to your needs.


Studio headphones are essential when creating, recording, and mixing music. Their extended frequency response extends far beyond the 20-20k Hz range to allow you to hear even the subtlest details in your mixes – this accuracy helps refine them until they sound as great as possible! Unlike consumer headphones which may contain bass boosting frequencies that might make for enjoyable listening experiences while on-the-go (such as listening to music, playing video games, or taking calls), studio headphones were specifically designed for critical listening – meaning no boosted bass frequencies might make these critical listening headphones suitable for critical listening purposes compared with consumer headphones that may feature bass boosts that may appeal – unlike consumer headphones designed with bass frequencies intended for entertainment use such as listening to music, playing video games or taking calls on mobile.

Ideal studio setups should include both studio monitors and headphones for recording and mixing purposes. Studio monitors provide a wider, more accurate soundstage that makes subtle details easier to identify; but if working in small spaces or without enough room for large speakers is an issue, headphones could provide a viable solution.

Your headphones should provide good sound isolation and have a comfortable fit, with closed-back designs that block out ambient noise and limit audio leaking into your mic input or other nearby sources. Most studio headphones feature over-ear design with snug fits covering entire ears for long listening sessions; many also foldable designs allow easy transport if your gear must accompany you on trips away from home.

Home studio headphones come in various varieties; from budget options that cost under $100 up to premium models that offer unparalleled sound and durability.

Sweetwater offers some of the finest home studio headphones. Their nationwide stores carry an expansive selection of professional-grade gear, while their website allows users to narrow down their choices based on preferred specs or price. You can even filter by brand and price to find your ideal pair of headphones for studio.


Bundles are great starting points for music production at home, including everything you need such as audio interfaces, microphones, headphones and software. Furthermore, purchasing one often saves money and gives you a chance to test out various equipment before investing in more costly products.

Consider what type of music you wish to record before selecting a home studio recording bundle. For vocal recordings, a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed specifically to capture vocals, acoustic instruments and voiceovers may be more suited than others.

If you want to record electric guitar or bass at home, choose a home studio recording bundle with Hi-Z instrument input. Most packages also include studio monitors that will allow you to hear all of the subtleties and variations in your music.

Home recording studio bundles often include DAW software to help get you underway, whether you are just beginning or an experienced musician. These programs will enable you to produce high-quality recordings regardless of your musical experience level, while these bundles may also come equipped with plugins which add extra effects and sounds for even further personalization of recordings.

Another advantage of buying a home studio recording bundle is its components being compatible. This ensures they work cohesively together for optimal results, and setup and usage are quick and simple – you may even find bundles offering MIDI keyboard controllers that allow users to control virtual instruments while keeping software settings under their control.

Persons’ AudioBox iTwo Studio Ultimate Bundle offers everything needed to set up an effective home recording studio, from high-quality sounding audio interface to versatile microphones suited for vocal recordings. In addition, it includes Studio One Artist DAW software as well as two studio monitors – making this bundle ideal for content creators, podcasters and streamers alike!