Bass Guitar Pickups Australia

Bass guitar pickups are electronic components that detect string vibration and convert it to an electrical signal. This signal can then be sent to an amplifier for creation of sound.

Pickups come in a range of shapes and sizes. Common types include magnetic pickups, piezo pickups and optical pickups.

Wilkinson Pickups

Trev Wilkinson is an expert guitar builder with a comprehensive knowledge of instrument design and construction. In the world of guitars, he’s renowned for his work with several high-end brands on tuners, pickups and vibrato systems; there’s no end to what this man has accomplished in this industry!

In the mid-’90s, he founded Fret-King. While it took some time to get off the ground, he made many impressive accomplishments during its early stages. Additionally, he partnered with JHS, a UK-based musical distributor, in order to give his products more exposure across Great Britain and beyond.

Wilkinson is renowned for his innovations, such as the Roller Nut and other guitar hardware solutions. These designs have been tried and true on a range of guitars, proving to be both reliable and durable.

If you’re searching for a high-quality humbucker at an affordable price point, Wilkinson has some models that offer great tone at an unbeatable price. These pickups look and sound just like genuine PAF humbuckers but won’t overpower your guitar.

Their Alnico V magnets produce a warm and classic twang that will surely please anyone seeking that sound. These pickups can work together with your guitar to produce an array of tones from powerful leads to glassy cleans.

They boast a classic sound that fits well into any genre of music and are available both neck and bridge positions. Pre-wired with premium wiring and CTS pot and switch for professional grade performance, these pedals have an unmistakably classic tone.

These pickups feature a ceramic humbucker that doesn’t sacrifice tone for output. Crafted in the USA, these picks make an excellent choice for bass players looking for high-quality sound.

Wilkinson also offers a vintage-style humbucker that is ideal for those seeking an older model of this popular pickup. These pickups faithfully reproduce the tones of 1950s humbuckers.

In addition to humbuckers, Wilkinson offers a set of single-coil pickups that will give your Stratocaster an unparalleled sound. Crafted with a special wind that doesn’t sacrifice tone for output, these pickups fit perfectly in your guitar and cost effectively; saving money in the long run!

Ibanez Pickups

Ibanez guitars are a popular choice in Australia and boast an extensive selection of bass guitar pickups to accommodate different playing styles. Additionally, there are various series and body shapes to choose from.

Ibanez offers a wide selection of basses to fit any budget, and with the correct pickups and electronics you can turn your good bass into an impressive high-end machine. Their selection includes everything from single coil pickups to double humbuckers with plenty of tone options – making it simple to find a set up that complements your music style and playing technique.

Ibanez’s LB1 entry-level model doesn’t compromise on build quality or playability. It boasts a thin, comfortable body made from treated New Zealand Pine and 22 medium-sized frets for enhanced versatility and control.

For beginners, this bass is an ideal option as it has cost-effective hardware like standard diecast tuners, a bridge with four saddles, and an active pickup system. Furthermore, its double-cutaway body makes the bass feel lighter in your hands while improving performance.

This bass has a warm and resonant sound produced by its pair of CAP EXF-N2 pickups combined with an active preamp to shape them further.

This guitar not only has humbuckers, but an S1 single coil pickup for extra tonal versatility. Additionally, there’s a 5-way switch so you can select from at least five pickup configurations; additionally, the humbuckers feature Series Split mode to get more output out of their pickups.

This guitar may not have a fancy appearance, but it is well-made and should last you for some time. Made in Japan, this instrument comes with a warranty as well.

Ibanez guitars come in a wide range of price points, so it is essential to know the distinctions between models before you make your purchase. Models range from budget-friendly GIO models up through more costly Prestige and J Custom options.