Best Drums For Beginners

best drums for beginners

As with the guitar, drumming requires more physical strength and coordination than its counterpart – although electronic drum kits can often be cheaper than their acoustic counterparts.

Consider drum brands with an excellent track record; Ludwig, Pearl, and Gretsch are widely recognized for offering beginner sets.

Alesis Nitro Mesh offers a budget-conscious solution, featuring mesh heads, tunable cymbals and an expressive kick and hi-hat controller.


The Yamaha DTX beginner drum set is one of the top choices, as it comes with everything needed to start drumming. Boasting over 250 sounds, it can play in various ambiances – perfect for both children and adults! Plus, there’s even a metronome and lesson exercises included so you can practice. Plus headphones are included so you can listen to music while practicing! Unfortunately it may not be portable as other drum kits.

The DTX’s shells are constructed from birch wood, a favorite among drummers due to its bright sound and warm tone. This set offers a 22-inch kick drum which is great for beginners as well as a bass pedal, two rack toms, and a floor tom – an affordable and easy option for beginning drummers! This kit makes an ideal starting point.

Beginners typically begin their drumming experience with acoustic drums. No matter which drums you select, regular tuning is important to ensuring they sound great and provide you with an ideal learning experience. Furthermore, coated drum heads may help beginners focus more on developing their technique and playing better drumming music.

Before choosing the ideal drums for yourself, take into account both your budget and lifestyle needs. Consider how often and whether or not they will be transported for performances; also think about available space within your home to practice at home.

When purchasing a drum kit, look for one that is both lightweight and durable – this will make transporting them to rehearsals simpler. Also important: finding one within your budget – prices can differ widely between brands!

When purchasing a drum set, make sure it includes at least two cymbals. Cymbals play a crucial part in creating the overall sound of any drum set; make sure your kit includes at least two. In addition, look for kits which contain both snare drum and hi-hat.

Alesis Nitro Mesh

The Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit is an excellent entry-level kit designed to cater to beginners. Equipped with mesh heads that provide more realistic playing experiences and several other features that make this an excellent option for drummers of any age or ability level, making the Alesis Nitro Mesh an excellent investment for drummers of any kind.

The Nitro Mesh offers an onboard sequencer and full range of drum sounds. You can assign different sounds to each pad on its drum module, which comes equipped with 40 built-in kits you can customize. Furthermore, its library boasts over 385 drum and cymbal sounds – far more than you’d find with many comparable kits in its price range. Plus it connects via USB for computer connection for use of third party software such as Toontrack’s EZdrummer or XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums for added flexibility!

Nitro Mesh offers another convenient feature in its use with standard drum sticks, making switching between acoustic and electric kits effortless without needing to adjust settings or make any changes yourself. Furthermore, its built-in click track enables you to play along with music.

This kit is also easy to transport; loosening the crossbars connected to the center posts allows the kit to fold into a compact bundle for transport, making it perfect for taking along to a friend’s house for an open jam session!

However, some users have reported durability issues with mesh pads; over time these may begin to fray and wear out over time. Although not an urgent concern when shopping for electronic drum sets.

Roland V-Drums have long been considered the premier electronic drum sets, making them one of the best choices for beginner drummers. Their responsive drum and cymbal pads provide comfortable use and provide an amazing playing experience – plus, they’re quieter than other e-drums making them great for practicing in an apartment or other small spaces.

Roland V-drums

When purchasing an electronic drum kit for beginners, many factors must be taken into account. You should consider price, quality and size when making your selection as well as whether to purchase new or used kits; both offer their own advantages and disadvantages; new kits provide peace of mind knowing they have not been subjected to abuse while used kits can often provide significant cost savings if you are willing to take the risk involved with buying used. When considering purchasing used equipment be sure to perform extensive research so as to ensure it has not been misused or altered before purchasing it second-hand!

Roland V-drums TD-1DMK is an ideal beginner drum set, featuring mesh head drum pads and a drum module which produces the sounds for this kit. Additionally, this drum set provides practice features to help beginners master playing drums – perfect for drummers without enough room for a full sized set!

The TD-1DMK offers an impressive collection of drums, such as a bass drum, hi-hat, three toms, and two cymbals made of tunable mesh for dynamic and realistic playback. Furthermore, drum pad response time is lightning-fast with virtually no delay between hitting pads and hearing sound; making this set the ideal starting point for new electronic drummers looking to start out their career right.

Yamaha DTX-400K offers another good beginner drum set option with its compact design that’s great for any room. While its drum pad sizes may be smaller than those found on Roland’s TD-1K, they still provide ample playing surface area. Mounting drums and cymbals onto an adjustable drum rack provides easy play for kids or adults alike; and finally an audio interface connects it to third-party programs such as Roland’s own V-Drums Tutor program for further practice sessions.

Yamaha offers one of the most budget-friendly entry level drum sets around in their DTX-400K kit, using their proven DTX-PRO module – typically found in higher-end kits – but designed specifically with students and beginners in mind. Packed with 40 preset kits recorded from world-class studio environments and featuring one-knob Kit Modifiers to add room reverb, compression or genre-bending effects at the touch of a button – plus three one-knob Kit Modifiers offering one-knob Kit Modifiers enable quick customization of effects to make this kit an economical option that’s suitable for students and beginners.

Gretsch Catalina Club

The Gretsch Catalina Club drum set is an ideal introduction to drumming for beginners. Suitable for jazz, funk and blues genres alike, its natural shell interior and 30-degree bearing edge create a warm classic tone; additional features include telescopic bass drum spurs, 1.6mm triple flanged hoops and Remo drum heads; further upgrades can even be purchased as add-on drums are compatible. However, remember that learning how to play takes dedication so only spend money on this instrument if it truly commits!

Gretsch Renown kits provide another fantastic choice for beginner drummers. As professional-level drum sets go, these are still affordable enough for beginning drummers. This set comes equipped with 22″ bass drum, 12″ and 14″ toms, 16″ floor tom as well as 20″ crash cymbal, 16″ ride cymbals and 14″ hi-hats; perfect for smaller venues where beginners need a drum set!

The kit’s shells are constructed of maple wood for an enhanced sound, lightweight portability and 7 plies of construction that add durability. Furthermore, this set comes complete with high grade tuning lugs to facilitate easy tuning – ideal for beginner drummers seeking long-term quality sets! Additionally, different finishes allow you to find one that best matches your personal aesthetic – an excellent option when starting out on drumming! This drum set makes an excellent starter set!