Bugsnax Soundtrack – Fun Psych Synth-Pop Melodies For A Half-Bug, Half-Snack Creature Game

Bugsnax soundtrack is an enjoyable way to experience its whimsical world as a half-bug, half-snack creature game – and won over PlayStation gamers when first announced during a livestreamed event last month.

Iam8bit recently unveiled its full song release on strawberry-scented vinyl.

Crapple’s Lullaby

As Snaktooth Island features half-bug, half-snack creatures that transform body parts into whatever food they represent upon eating, it only makes sense that its soundtrack includes joyful psych synth-pop melodies composed by Seth Parker of Young Horses Games in Chicago – composer and writer behind Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Bugsnax soundtracks as well – it makes perfect sense that Seth has put together an eclectic set of tracks which tastefully suit this surreal island setting.

There isn’t any rock to speak of on this album, but you do get some folk stuff, some Paul trying to sound like Toucan Sam, and an insane sequence of blips and bleeps which would later be sampled by Kraftwerk on their hit single “Take It Away.” Additionally, throwaway instrumentals have an appealing sheen.

It is an enjoyable, satisfying soundtrack for one of the most whimsical video game universes ever imagined. The songs provide the background atmosphere while you explore and appreciate all of its sights and sounds without being distracted from enjoying what the game offers. Some standout tracks include Sunrise Over Snaktooth Island, Those Darn Bungers, Crapple’s Lullaby. What’s particularly nice is how all tracks in the soundtrack tie in to different biomes or areas in which you may find yourself while you play; just put on your headphones and listen while playing your favourite track(s).

Sunrise Over Snaktooth Island

Start an adventurous quest to Snaktooth Island, home of the mythic Bugsnax creatures! After being invited by Elizabert Megafig and arriving to her camp only to find it in disarray with followers dispersed and hungry… it all sounds rather amusing… but will your journey end here?

Bugsnax stands out in an otherwise straightforward next-gen release due to its quirky style and endearing characters, not to mention a catchy title song! We at iam8bit are pleased to bring its colourful bug-catching charm directly into your living room with an official Bugsnax 2xLP vinyl soundtrack!

Young Horses has released this limited edition soundtrack album of their acclaimed adventure game Kero Kero Bonito on vinyl! Seth Parker’s melodic synth-tastic score can be heard here, along with the catchy Kero Kero Bonito theme song on B-Side! Furthermore, all this comes packaged in an attractive scratch-n-sniff jacket made of real strawberry wax so you can own your first physical copy of this game!

Below you’ll find a complete tracklist and purchase link, with Bandcamp offering the album directly. Plus, be sure to watch its accompanying YouTube playlist of some of the game’s cutest moments! It is truly essential for any Bunger or Weenyworm collector! For further insights into Bunger or Weenyworm collecting, be sure to read up on our comprehensive guide of where and how to capture every creature in Simmering Springs through to Snaxburg: Wiggle, Popticks and even rare Popticks – check it all out here!

Snaxburg At Rest

After an exhausting flight, you arrive on Snaktooth Island – home of Bugsnax creatures made up of half bugs and half snacks! Your host, Elizabert Megafig is nowhere to be seen and her camp is disrepair. Filbo acts as mayor pro tem; however he needs your assistance in unifying his former townfolk as well as solving the mystery behind Elizabert Megafig’s absence.

To achieve this goal, you’ll need to scan, wrangle and attack all kinds of Bugsnax. Each species moves differently so finding their patterns takes trial-and-error – but with SnaxScope as a handy aid showing their set movements as well as providing some helpful facts on how you can catch them more easily makes all the difference! It might not always work but its effectiveness makes an immense difference.

Once you become more familiar with Snaxburg, it’s time to interview its residents. Each house contains clues that will allow you to piece together Lizbert and Eggabell’s story while small scannable items provide insights into individual character personalities. Interviewing Snaxburg residents is great fun; The Grumpuses make this especially so; their writing captures every bit of humor out of one-dimensional characters such as mad scientist, used car salesman, and gossip girl without ever feeling overtly cynical.

As you conduct interviews in Snaxburg, its inhabitants will become more forthcoming with you and offer requests to Bugsnax as compensation for your assistance – adding urgency and purpose without coming across as forced.

Snaxburg is an ever-evolving world that’s always fascinating to explore. Weather patterns change according to seasons, while day/night cycles alter visibility of certain creatures and impact when citizens go hunting for food. Plus there’s even a full moon which influences when citizens go out hunting – an abundance of small details make Snaxburg truly delightful to discover!