Guitar Tab – Learn Open Guitar Chords


Guitar tab, commonly referred to simply as “tab,” is an effective method of notation that enables beginner guitarists to quickly and effortlessly learn songs. Using a numbering system that indicates which strings and frets to play as well as special techniques.

Bending is a technique for raising the pitch of strings. This process is typically indicated with a curved arrow over each note; guitar tab can also include a dotted line to indicate fretting strings before pulling off with fingers for open or fretted notes of lower pitch.

Tapping is a finger-picking technique that utilizes both fretting and picking hands simultaneously, enabling players to play notes at very wide intervals – often used when performing rock songs. Downstrokes are marked with thick horizontal bars featuring two “legs” pointing downward on either side; upstrokes are indicated with an upward swoop; various symbols on a guitar tab can indicate other strokes or techniques, like vibrato (changing pitch while keeping rhythm).


This lesson will cover open chords, one of the most essential guitar techniques you should learn. These chords can help you play numerous songs and are more difficult than bar or power chords; but once learned they will become second nature! To create a G major chord simply place your first finger on the second fret of the D string; your second on that of G; third finger on B; then strum all strings except E; this completes one chord!