Buy an Electric Guitar Bundle and Amp For Beginners

Guitar bundles are an affordable and convenient way for beginning guitarists to purchase both an electric guitar and amp. It includes everything you need to start playing right away, giving you all of the essential gear at a great price point.

Some of these packs include extra accessories like capos and straps. However, these should not replace stock-grade gear; you will need to upgrade once your skills improve.

1. Epiphone LP Special II LTD

The Epiphone LP Special II LTD is the perfect guitar for beginners who want to begin playing guitar. It boasts great quality at an unbeatable price point and its lightweight okoume body makes it comfortable to hold, making this model ideal for those learning how to read music notation.

The body of the LP Special II is constructed from okoume, a wood similar to mahogany but less heavy and stiff. This provides the guitar with an amazing tone while being incredibly lightweight.

Another unique feature of the body is a single cutaway design, making it easier to reach higher notes. This is particularly beneficial for beginners since they will get acquainted with playing before trying to tackle notes that are too high for them to reach on their own.

Other features of the Epiphone LP Special II include a tune-o-matic bridge which provides sustain and makes changing strings easier, and a stop bar tail piece to enhance intonation. These components are essential for getting your guitar sounding true to its original, and offer an improvement over some cheaper pot metal pieces found on entry-level Les Pauls.

The LP Special II stands out with its pickups. Boasting two high-output humbuckers that far surpass its price point, these pickups provide clear lows and highs without getting muddy like some cheaper models do. The 650R neck pickup offers clean tones while the 700T provides more gritty tones.

Overall, this electric guitar is an ideal first guitar and a budget alternative to Gibson’s Les Paul model. It makes an ideal first guitar as well as being compatible with Rocksmith 2014. If you’re just starting out on your guitar journey, Musician’s Friend offers this fantastic bundle! It includes an Epiphone LP Special II LTD guitar, 10 watt amp, strap and tuner – the most sought-after guitar in history! Don’t miss out on such an opportunity to own one of guitar history’s iconic instruments!

2. Fender Stratocaster

When considering electric guitars, many guitarists immediately think of the iconic Fender Stratocaster. Since 1954, this solid-bodied double cutaway-shaped white pickguarded model has been a dream come true for those who aspire to own one day.

No matter its legendary reputation, it’s possible to find a Strat within budget that’s enjoyable to play and sounds great too. All you have to do is decide which type of guitar you want – and which features are most important to you.

For instance, if you enjoy playing heavy rock/metal and need extra grunt in your dirt channel, humbuckers might be preferable to standard single-coil pickups found on most other Strats. Or if you’re looking to build up your tone from scratch, an American Standard or Custom Shop version with upgraded pickups and electronics might be more suitable.

Other elements that affect the feel and sound of a Strat include its headstock size, fingerboard radius, neck profile and more. Each difference can drastically alter how the guitar plays and feels so it’s essential to take some time before buying to determine exactly what qualities you require from your Stratocaster.

At this price point, you can get a top-of-the-line USA made Stratocaster with great tone and plenty of modern features. These USA Professional models, handcrafted in Corona, California using Fender’s master craftsmanship and premium tonewoods as well as top-tier pickups, offer you top value for your money.

Another option is the Player series of Stratocasters, which offer an affordable entry point for those wanting ‘Fender’ on their headstock without spending too much money. These models tend to be cheaper versions of more expensive models and come complete with all necessary items including a gig bag – perfect for playing like a pro!

The Player Plus Series takes string bending and playing to new heights with its upgraded 12″ fingerboard radius and 9.5″ neck profile. Plus, you can choose from an array of new finishes to complete your look!

3. Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster is one of the world’s most beloved electric guitars, its sound and playing feel unrivaled by other instruments. It has graced recordings by legendary rock n roll pioneers such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones to modern masters like Slipknot and Radiohead.

It boasts an expansive range of tones and a distinctive voice, making it popular among guitarists across genres. Additionally, beginner electric guitar players looking to expand their knowledge about the instrument and master different styles should consider this instrument as well.

At Sweetwater, we carry a wide selection of Fender Telecasters to suit all budgets and playing styles – from Squier Bullet Teles to high-end Custom Shop Nocaster reproductions and everything in between. If you are new to the guitar, it may be wise to start with an affordable and basic model before investing in more costly models.

For something a bit fancier, the Fender American Professional II range is an excellent option. This series showcases classic 1950s and 1960s Tele designs with subtle updates that don’t detract from their timeless appeal.

The American Professional II range offers a number of premium upgrades, such as Graph Tech TUSQ bridge pins for extra weight in the tone. Furthermore, there has been an improvement to the tone control with push-push for parallel/series switching in the middle position when both pickups are active.

Finally, we have the Jason Isbell Signature Telecaster which comes in a stunning reliced Chocolate sunburst finish and boasts unique pickups designed by Tim Shaw. These pickups are not found on any other Telecaster and they make all the difference to how this guitar sounds.

This Telecaster is one of the top models on the market and we highly recommend it to guitarists looking for quality instruments at a budget-friendly price point. It has an ash body with bound flame maple top, fatter neck profile and series-parallel rotary switch that functions as a mid-boost.

4. Fender Jazz Bass

Fender’s Jazz Bass is one of the world’s most sought-after bass guitars due to its smooth tone, sleek offset body shape and slim neck that allow you to create fast and complex bass lines with ease. Additionally, this instrument has an incredibly versatile nature – suitable for use in all genres of music.

Basswood (alder on earlier models) or ash are commonly used for the body of this model, while maple is typically used for the neck. Both woods produce different tonal qualities with ash generally being perceived as brighter than alder.

Jazz basses typically use single-coil pickups, though some models also utilize humbuckers. The former provides a balanced sound suitable for many musical genres, while the latter adds more definition to the top end and works better when recording treble notes.

The Jazz Bass comes in several versions, the most common being the US Deluxe model with carved basswood body with cream binding and flamed maple top. This variant boasts two P/J pickups, an 18-fret stained rosewood jazz bass neck, as well as matching headstock.

Another variation of the Jazz Bass is the Aerodyne, featuring a specially shaped and contoured basswood body and carved maple top. This variant comes in black with cream binding around its perimeter as well as a Stratocaster output jack.

This bass is an outstanding example of an early “stack-knob” Jazz Bass. It has been meticulously restored to a high standard and remains in great condition, featuring its sunburst lacquer refinish and being made in Fullerton, California.

Rare to find an original “stack-knob” Jazz bass in such excellent condition, and this example has undergone a vintage restoration by J. Black – former Fender Custom Shop Master Builder and leading authority on Fender guitar restorations.

This bass is an exquisite example of classic Fender sound, used by some of music’s great bassists. It is truly a workhorse bass and would make an excellent addition to any collection.