Dance Music Bars Near Me

At times, you just want to boogie down. Luckily, New York is full of dance music bars for just such occasions.

These spots have everything from underground DJ parties to elegant lounge settings where you can sip cocktails – these spots have got it covered!

Relive MTV’s heyday with this retro-themed party in Portland! This large music venue offers multiple rooms and even rooftop space – everything needed to have an incredible time!

Avant Gardner

Avant Gardner is a truly special warehouse club, stretching across an entire city block and featuring The Brooklyn Mirage outdoor summertime space and The Great Hall and Kings Hall indoor year-round venues for year-round events. Avant Gardner fills an important niche in New York market by offering audio/visual equipped venues capable of hosting immersive and experiential events for up to 6,200 attendees, providing them with immersive and experiential events such as dance music events. It serves a diverse selection of music genres but is best known for hosting dance music performances.

Avant Gardner has been engaged in an extended dispute with the State Liquor Authority (SLA), which regulates their alcohol sales license. According to SLA reports, numerous incidents of drug use and even deaths at Avant Gardner events were associated with its events; however, club ownership contends these claims are false and political motivated.

Despite controversy, the venue has continued its operations. It has played host to some of the biggest names in EDM music and continues to draw crowds from across the nation. Notable features of this venue include its stunning light show and sound system.

Avant Gardner Club owners have an established history of political connections and hired Davidoff Hutcher & Citron as legal representatives; these ties have raised questions regarding any special treatment from local politicians for Avant Gardner, while its owners refused to answer Gothamist’s queries despite multiple attempts at communication from Gothamist regarding their responses to our detailed list of inquiries.


SNS Bar, situated near Chelsea Market and featuring DJs that play hip-hop music with other genres. Part of Sneakersnstuff brand that includes streetwear clothing store above it. DJs play hip-hop as well as other genres while cocktails and drinks are available as part of its offerings. SNS also has locations in Los Angeles with Swedish designer Jenny Askenfors of Bofink Design creating its space.

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Paul’s Baby Grand

Paul Sevigny opened 305 Spring Street’s doors to reveal Paul Sevigny’s hibiscus-wrapped cocktail lounge, his followup to the former Beatrice Inn that closed down. Dubbed Paul’s Baby Grand by many, the club features Palm Beach-on-acid maximalism with Dorothy Draper-inspired decor (sleek silver trays with splashes of emerald and raspberry). As expected, its doors quickly filled up with cool kids and industry creatives alike.

Downtown rabbit hole, the smoky space offers an irresistibly seductive escape with its lively dance music playlist and sensual atmosphere. Though not for those easily offended, its powerful feminist aesthetic and European aesthetic make it worth visiting; drinks are strong while DJs always deliver stellar sets.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on some of NYC’s hottest spots, there is plenty to enjoy across the city – from seductive trance music to energetic post-disco dance floors – there’s something to satisfy every mood and taste!

Moxy Lower East Side Hotel’s underground dance hall features an eclectic music selection and luxurious velvet banquettes, not to mention an A-List celebrity clientele and rising talent from across the LES scene. Its alluring ambience offers the perfect place for an impromptu party.

Mama Tried

Named for one of the greatest honky-tonk songs ever composed in country history, this Texas bar is an essential destination for fans of real cowboy music. Situated in Dallas, the music venue offers true-blue country and outlaw country tunes as well as yard games like cornhole, washers and Jenga for guests to play while relaxing with a cold beer while having a good time dancing at dance contests hosted regularly here.

Mama Tried is one of those unforgettable songs that define an entire genre, instantly emblematizing country music with its fingerpicked guitar intro and bend electric twang. Although many artists have covered this track over the years (including Porter Wagoner’s rendition of Green, Green Grass of Home and Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues), its message and delivery remain unparalleled.


Lullaby could have the makings of an enjoyable horror flick, yet is marred by subpar performances and an unremarkable storyline. After an unnerving history lesson and unnerving birth scene ensues. Rachel (the mother in question), reads her son a lullaby from an unknown book which initially works well until it becomes evident that this book contains demons, mutations and other supernatural threats hidden inside it – something Rachel soon discovers for herself!

Oona Chaplin makes an evocative distraught new mom in this film; however, her choices don’t quite ring true and at times her performances don’t resonate as an understandably terrified and sleep-deprived husk. Still, the other cast members hold up well and the film stands up better than your average direct-to-video horror flick.

Lullaby is an intimate cocktail bar located on the Lower East Side that promises delicious drinks without fuss. Established by Harrison Snow and Jake Hodas, its atmosphere draws inspiration from Boston bartending legend Brother Cleve’s passion for high-quality cocktails; guests can indulge in drinks such as The Gin Drink and Whiskey Drink along with wine and beer available on tap at this minimalist space with flame-finished black granite bar, custom furniture pieces from custom makers, pleated lamps from local artists as well as furnishings made by hand from its subterranean space.