Dance Music From the 90s

dance music from the 90s

As the culture’s 20-year cycle thrusts all things 90s into the spotlight, it’s an appropriate moment to reflect on just how great this decade was for music – particularly dance music which played a significant role during its heyday.

In the 1990s, music’s landscape underwent rapid evolution. When one artist achieved success, dozens of imitators quickly followed to take advantage of their success.

C&C Music Factory – “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

A timeless classic, this one-of-a kind song features an infectious guitar riff that will get everyone dancing. It has also become one of the most beloved dance tracks ever since and continues to be played at sporting events and parties around the world. Even after over two decades on radio, its infectious energy still drives many to dance!

Though not the highest selling single in its genre, this gem should still be in every music fan’s collection. Not only does the video clip inspire dance moves, but more importantly, its catchy tune is sure to get people talking and get the party started.

This song, created with DJ Jazzy Jeff, won them a Grammy award for best rap song. It quickly became one of their fan favorites due to its quirky yet inspiring lyrics. While this iconic tune won’t remain around forever, it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

C+C Music Factory’s most beloved song has become a smash hit, guaranteed to get your friends up and dancing in no time!

C+C Music Factory is an iconic band with a vibrant history, and we are delighted to feature their most famous song on our list. In fact, you’ll be seeing more of their hits in our upcoming roundups – keep an eye out!

Will Smith – “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”

Will Smith’s debut single, “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” became a worldwide hit in the 1990s and catapulted him to stardom. The song peaked at number one on the charts for several weeks and continues to be one of his most popular tracks to this day.

The humorous song featured celebrities including Bob Sinclar and Bobbi Brown. Additionally, it became widely popular on television as it featured in several commercials.

In this song, Will Smith sings about his relationship with his son Trey and whether or not he can be a good father to him. He used the song as an outlet to express his emotions surrounding their connection and it remains popular today.

Will Smith is best known as a rapper, but he also possesses many other impressive abilities. He’s an acclaimed actor and has featured in some of cinema history’s greatest films.

His raps have been criticized by hip-hop fans, yet they also appear to be well-intentioned and respectable. He doesn’t use profanity or swear words, and he has a steady flow and musical sensibility.

Will Smith has also released numerous music videos that have become huge hits on social media platforms. Recently, some of his visually stunning TikTok videos have been trending hot off the web.

Corina – “Temptation”

Although I own an impressive selection of audio earworms, I cannot claim to be an expert on music. But I have been a passionate fan of the genre for longer than I care to admit. Simply put: I am constantly in awe of the best music from the 80s and 90s – so much so that I would happily pay top dollar to attend live performances at any club around town.

EMF – “Unbelievable”

In the 1990s, dance music had several distinct boundaries. Electronic Body Music (EBM) stood as one of them.

The genre was known for its unpredictable basslines, intrusive snares and irrefutable dance beat. Despite these constraints, many artists have adopted the style and made it their own.

Dutch DJ David Vunk often incorporates EBM with new wave, no wave, Hi-NRG, electro, disco and darker synthpop into his DJ sets. Furthermore, he runs Moustache Records which is renowned for its dark italo/ synth sound.

Celldod, a Swedish contemporary EBM act, stays closer to the original EBM sound than most of today’s producers do. Instead of randomly setting a sequencer to an eight or 16 step sequence and getting it to play some hard-sounding synth patches with random vocals shouting about nothing, Celldod takes a more minimalist and direct approach.

One such instance can be observed in the Netherlands, where DJ/producer Interstellar Funk (real name Olf van Elden) and his Rush Hour Music label are pioneering this sound. Acts like Identified Patient, Sumerian Fleet and High-Functioning Flesh bring classic EBM vocals to techno music; showing that this genre is alive and well and being appreciated by a new generation of listeners. Indeed, many dance music enthusiasts now view EBM as an art form.

Amber – “This Is Your Night”

Amber is an organic gemstone that has long been valued as a powerful talisman due to its connection to the sun, earth, and life’s most fundamental elements. Not only does this stone bring good luck and protection for infants and children, but it can also increase radiance and attract lasting love.

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C’mon N Ride It (The Train)

C’mon N Ride It (The Train), one of the greatest examples of dance music from the 90s, is an upbeat track that won’t stop you dancing. Featuring a catchy midi riff that’s easy to hear and sure to get you moving.

In addition to its impressive midi riff, this track also features some impressive production effects. The cacophony of tempo switches, pops of synth and quivering vocal effects come together beautifully for an incredible result.

The song also boasts some impressive features, such as its catchy drum machine beat and some captivating horn samples. But the real star of the show is definitely that memorable midi riff which flies by at an incredible tempo – it seems to go on forever!

This song may not have been as popular as some of its peers, but it certainly made its mark during the 1990s. It stands as one of the most impressive tracks included on this reissue and serves as a testament to how dance music from that era still has some unforgettable classic hits to this day. Additionally, it serves as an ode to music’s ability to bring people joy and peace of mind – make sure you check it out if you want a great time and some laughs!