Dance Music Love Songs That Will Make You L-O-V-E

No matter the occasion – from bridal ceremonies and other formal events to romantic dinner dates or intimate dance parties – these classic love songs will leave your heart racing.

Say ‘I Do!’ to soulful vibes with this D’Angelo classic that conveys the message of finding “your one and only”. Your guests will surely sway and raise their hands in celebration!

1. “A Thousand Miles”

If you have ever found yourself walking down a busy street and your thoughts turn back to one person in particular, Vanessa Carlton captured that feeling perfectly with this classic ’00s hit. She composed it after creating its haunting piano riff in Philadelphia during summer 1998 at her parents’ house; later revealed in Vice documentary as about someone she had an interest in at Juilliard but declined to name. Many fans speculate it might have been now-famous actor.

Even with its sorrowful lyrics, this pop classic remains timeless and danceable with its iconic piano hook that always manages to get us singing along. Furthermore, this love song works well at weddings as well as family parties due to its seductive yet sweet melody.

“A Thousand Miles” is an essential first dance song. A romantically poetic ballad with an understated piano and horn arrangement, “A Thousand Miles” works beautifully when used at black tie events as it does at grand ballroom weddings. Additionally, its subtle message makes this track timeless and effective – perfect for couples who may be shyer about showing their affection on the dance floor!

2. “L-O-V-E”

Love can be an inexplicably complicated emotion that leaves people feeling as if their hearts will burst, yet music helps make it simple: L-O-V-E. These romantic hits from classic artists to contemporary pop icons will surely get couples dancing on the dance floor!

PJ Morton and JoJo’s smooth vocals on this 2020 top 100 love song from their PAUL album are sure to win hearts over. The lyrics focus on wanting an honest partner who communicates openly about their feelings – something which may prove challenging in relationships.

One of the greatest songs ever composed, this 1982 hit from Whitney Houston will make you fall head over heels in love. The ballad was featured in An Officer and a Gentleman and speaks about a woman whose love for her partner has taken precedence over all else in her life. With its timeless melody and vocals, this tune makes an excellent choice for your big day!

Taylor Swift’s 2019 top 100 love song, featuring a slow waltz tempo, was inspired by her grandparents’ 63-year marriage. This beautiful love ballad speaks about loving someone so deeply it becomes like skin for both parties involved – making this an excellent first dance song to declare your undying affection and embark upon your new journey together.

This classic from The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road should be included as part of your wedding music repertoire. Boasting lyrics that convey emotions associated with missing your beloved one and longing to have them back again in your arms, this tune has long been known to bring tears of happiness or sorrow from many brides and grooms.

3. “Falling in Love With You”

Perry’s 2010 album Teenage Dream offers an upbeat love song perfect for dancing on the floor: this tune from “Feeling Like Falling in Love for the First Time.” Its lively melody captures that magical first encounter.

If you’re in the mood for something dramatic and inspiring, Taylor Swift’s 2019 album Reputation offers this dramatic and stirring song about finding someone to complete you and bring joy into your life. This touching and moving ballad will leave all of your guests swooning!

No wedding playlist should be without some R&B. Luther Vandross has long been known for writing classic love songs, with this track from his 1989 album The Element of Freedom by Luther Vandross being no exception. This powerful track speaks about starting relationships when other think they shouldn’t exist and makes an excellent introduction track.

Alicia Keys has long been revered for her ability to write and perform heart-rending love songs, such as this track from her fourth studio album The Diary of Alicia Keys titled, “Find Someone who Knows and Loves Who I Am”. It speaks about finding someone who accepts all aspects of who we are as an individual.

Country singer/songwriter Keith Urban is an expert at crafting love songs. From his 1992 album Pure Country comes this touching tune about finding your soulmate; an ideal song for playing on your big day to bring out emotions of both joy and sorrow for guests alike.

Smooth soul music consistently tops our list of best love songs. One such track from PJ Morton and JoJo’s 2019 album PAUL by PJ Morton and JoJo is truly soothing and romantic; “Find Someone Who Fits My Needs Forever” from their 2019 release PAUL captures this spirit beautifully, depicting how important finding someone special to spend your life with can be.

4. “Stay With Me”

No matter where you find yourself in your love life journey, these dance music love songs will touch your heart with emotions of falling in and out of love. Their artists give everything they have into producing these pieces to convey these raw feelings for all to hear.

Smith and Jimmy Napes began writing the song as a demo recording, comprising of piano, drums, bass, tambourine and strings (later overdubbed). Its minimalist approach proved particularly fitting as it allowed greater focus to be given to lyrics rather than production aspects of the track.

Smith returned to RAK Studios in London in June 2014 with a full band and choir, creating the song’s definitive rendition that has since been streamed over 4 million times on Spotify, used in numerous television shows and movies including Mary, Queen of Scots (2014 adaptation), Sing (2016) animated movie as well as being featured musical series Bad Education, Mindy Project and Mistresses.

No doubt this track is an icon, and its continued performance at weddings and other special occasions only cements its place as one of the greatest songs ever written. Listen to it now in BAZAAR’s new playlist here or follow us on Spotify to keep up with more great tunes!

5. “I Will Always Love You”

Romance can often be hard to express through words alone; music provides another great way of showing your affection for someone special.

Love songs are an effective way of releasing emotions, and there are plenty of wonderful love ballads and pop anthems available for dancing on your big day. From emotional country ballads to powerful pop hits, these timeless classics will leave everyone at your wedding feeling overcome with emotion.

Dolly Parton’s iconic 1974 hit has been beloved worldwide, as millions have taken part in singing it over time. Although its history with Porter Wagoner may now be better-known than ever, its message still rings true with many modern couples today.

This song from Savage Garden album of the same name is a beloved hit, beloved for its adorable lyrics about being in love and not wanting to let go. Plus, its upbeat tune makes it great fun to sway or sing along to and sing – making it the ideal first dance choice at any wedding reception!

Taylor Swift fans and music lovers alike love this slow waltz pace song from Fearless album’s tracklisting as its lyrics are immensely romantic – no surprise then that this track has amassed over two billion streams on Spotify!

Justin Timberlake’s song has an inspiring backstory: it was inspired by his maternal grandparents’ 63-year marriage and featured in 2011 Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1. As such, this romantic tune makes an excellent choice for any wedding playlist, especially if there are any Swifties present.