Dance Music Near Me in NYC

If you love dance music, make sure you visit this club. With an eclectic lineup of musicians spanning groovy funk combos to synth-pop acts, this venue promises an amazing dance music experience.

This massive warehouse-turned club hosts top DJs throughout the year and frequently holds themed nights and label takeovers. Be warned: this place can get pretty packed on weekends; be sure to arrive early or inquire about bottle service as a means of alleviating congestion.


Marquee at the Cosmopolitan Hotel has long been renowned as an event space, hosting top DJs from all genres for over a decade. Equipped with an ideal space for EDM performances backed by dancers and costumed performers, guests enjoy an immersive experience here. Additionally, concerts take place here regularly – it is also an ideal venue for meeting people.

Marquee Nightclub was an industry pioneer. Founded by entrepreneurs and savvy marketers who recognized its potential, its founders created an iconic brand which resonated with young adults while cultivating an enthusiastic following that eventually spread throughout other cities. Marquee’s success led to similar clubs being opened elsewhere.

Lowry currently owns and operates the Marquee brand worldwide, both in London and other venues worldwide. They employ over 250 staff in total; clients include high-profile international artists as well as celebrities and sports stars; they also provide event production, marketing and hospitality services for special events.

Marquee Entertainment Group is one of the best-known and esteemed names in entertainment. Established over three decades ago, its success can be attributed to their dedication towards customer service, providing complete, top-quality experiences.

Marquee has long been associated with the music industry, having opened numerous clubs all around the globe. Over its longstanding existence it has hosted notable musical acts like Wham!, Genesis and numerous British bands. Additionally two Melody Maker band contests took place within its walls.

Marquee is well-renowned for their eclectic music that effortlessly fuses rhythms with celestial melodies, creating an engaging blend of styles that leaves audiences mesmerized. They have performed globally and earned several accolades such as one from Western Canadian Music Awards; their latest release Gypsy Blues pays homage to this musical duo’s many influences from powerful Indigenous-storytelling calypso swagger of Big Black Mamba to Smoke Rings for My Rider and beyond, making their unique sound a favorite at jazz festival circuit events.


Schimanski Nightclub in Berlin takes its cue from German TV cop and turns it into an auditory adventure. A hub for music enthusiasts and fashion-conscious trendsetters alike, Schimanski draws a diverse crowd who come together to dance the night away and create unforgettable memories – the energy in this venue is infectious, while its beats and lights combine for an experience that lasts far after dancing stops for good!

SCHIMANSKI have quickly established themselves as one of the premier electronic music acts thanks to their genre-defying style and engaging lyrics. Listeners can expect tracks featuring pulsating beats, intricate melodies and experimental electronic genres like techno, house and experimental electronic. Their hypnotic sounds captivate and motivate dancers everywhere and should make up an essential listening list for anyone who appreciates dancing music.

Gotz George became famous as an unapologetic working class cop on the popular Tatort television-series. With his unmistakable beige jacket and stellar mustache, Gotz George quickly became an audience favorite; his roughhousing was loved by viewers; while his interaction with Thanner (Eberhard Feik), who often called him Klops due to their shared appreciation for Konigsberger Klopse – local traditional dish of meatballs in white caper sauce – proved that Gotz George was more than just pretty face.

Schimanski offers more than just top DJs and live musicians; it also hosts themed parties and exclusive album launches, making it the ideal place for celebrations of any size and nature – anniversary parties or birthday celebrations are welcome here! Additionally, bottle service provides guests with their own private section in which to party all night long!

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is home to Schimanski’s revival, having closed for an extended period last year due to Eddie Dean, former Pacha owner. Now owned and run by Eddie Dean himself, Schimanski serves as an outlet for creativity in Brooklyn while providing an excellent space for local and international artists and dancers to hone their craft while gathering as one diverse crowd from multiple cultures.

Avant Gardner

Avant Gardner is New York City’s grandest dance music venue, covering an entire block in East Williamsburg. Comprised of three spaces – including outdoor Brooklyn Mirage for up to 5,000 patrons; Great Hall and Kings Hall warehouse-style venues; KV2 Audio; extensive lighting; projection mapping visuals for an unparalleled small-to-large scale event experience – Avant Gardner attracts top artists in dance music such as Black Coffee to Above & Beyond as guests of its venue.

Avant Gardner is Billy Bildstein, Cityfox’s founder and creative director’s personal passion project. Born from his love of electronic music and his desire to host some of the top artists worldwide, Avant Gardner began life in 2016. To launch its project successfully, Billy worked with Wiederkehr Real Estate (WRE), an investment company with several buildings located on a block-sized lot in Brooklyn that owns several structures to convert former lumber and office supply warehouses into an event venue with purpose-built party facilities – turning Avant Gardner from concept into reality!

The result was a sprawling club featuring an outdoor dancefloor, two indoor spaces, and multiple bars – seating an 8,000-person capacity audience and meeting an essential need in New York’s market for audio/visually equipped spaces suitable for hosting large-scale as well as intimate events.

Since reopening in July 2021, this venue has hosted an array of high-profile artists. Their Higher Level series–which spotlights those “at the pinnacle of their craft”–has included performances by Black Coffee, Aphex Twin and Maceo Plex.

Situated at the center of Avant Gardner, this stylish bar provides the ideal place to grab a drink before attending any show or event at Avant Gardner. Fully stocked with vodka, whiskey and beer as well as food offerings like cheese, olives, and other snacks – this lively venue also serves a variety of drinks from 5pm-12am daily!


Lavo NY Club is an upscale nightclub designed to appeal to VIP clients. Featuring a restaurant on top of its dance floor and open for dinner and drinks throughout the week. On weekends it can be quite busy so arriving early or purchasing presale tickets may be beneficial. Conveniently located midtown at 5th Ave/59th Street it can easily be reached using either N, Q, R trains.

Lavo was born in Puerto Rico’s Machuelo Abajo neighborhood, attended Escuela Libre de Musica de Ponce, and sang professionally as part of a sextet. Later, against her father’s wishes, she relocated to New York City, joining Orquesta New York where she furthered her musical skills.

She studied piano and guitar at the Art Institute of Puerto Rico before moving to Manhattan after graduation and continuing her work as a singer – during which time she also painted, drew, modeled, and did some acting roles.

Lavo has always had an interest in spiritual matters and supernatural phenomena, spending much of her free time exploring them with books from her library collection. Furthermore, Lavo enjoys studying human behavior and often attempts to understand why certain individuals act the way they do.

Though she has an interest in supernatural subjects, she does not subscribe to superstitions. Although she does not believe in ghosts or spirits, she does believe there are hidden mysteries all around. Furthermore, she is rather clumsy at times, often tripping over herself but quickly correcting herself after any mishaps occur.

She may appear timid at first glance, but this artist is an amazing talent. Her works have been displayed at galleries worldwide and awarded multiple times. Additionally, private collectors have commissioned her for custom pieces they commissioned from her. Additionally, magazines and blogs have highlighted her unique style that marries feminine elegance with subtle sophistication.