Death Metal Band With Long Name

There can be times when a band’s name can seem long enough to mislead anyone into thinking it is an invitation for action or warning about an attack on its way, but metal is a genre which can handle such frivolity with grace.

Death metal music is distinguished by sudden changes in both tempo and key, intricate guitar work and drumming patterns, chromatic chord progressions and an unconventional song structure that often deviates from verse-chorus convention.


Extreme metal is inherently absurd. Musicians make noise at breakneck speed while keeping a straight face throughout. With this mindset in mind, Killitorous created their debut album Party, Grind – not only amusingly named but also offering one of the most enjoyable death metal experiences you may experience all year.

There are many reasons to love this record, with its nostalgic riffs that recall Gojira and Cattle Decapitation; solos reminiscent of Fleshgod Apocalypse and AngelMaker; vocals recalling the adventurous songwriting spirit of Parius; as well as guest appearances by Unhuman, Cryptopsy, Obey The Brave and Archspire further extolling its virtues. This album should make for an enjoyable listening experience from start to finish!

Technical death metal can become monotonous over time, but not when given a twist like Misery Index has with their debut album Chaotic Upheaval. Mixing crust punk elements into this style of music works beautifully as proven by Misery Index’s success at getting Opeth and Katatonia fans hooked on technical death metal – with endless blastbeats, nonstop screaming and 90’s movie references galore this is one to listen to with pride!

However, not all bands with long names can match Killitorous when it comes to creating an album that captures their imagination like this does; Hitler’s Underpants, Diarrhea Planet, Dayglo Abortions and Broken Penis Orchestra prove this point quite well with their albums of death metal featuring equally ridiculous band names such as Hitler’s Underpants or Diarrhea Planet as examples of how long band names can lead to equally ridiculous albums of death metal music. Killitorous do not attempt to poke fun of death metal music like other bands do but instead look forward to smashing it into their mat with joyous delight.

If you love death metal with a sense of humor and are searching for the ideal record to kick-start 2018, this album should certainly top your list. Without question one of the finest new death metal releases of 2018 or any year.

Butthole Surfers

Butthole Surfers was best-known for their surreal live shows that featured surgery film clips, pyromania, seizure-inducing strobes, and even lethal injections; but their music also challenged boundaries. Drawing upon punk, metal, and psychedelia influences to craft an original style many likened to grunge music; plus one of the first bands to embrace video art and post-punk fashion trends as part of its sound.

Butthole Surfers were one of the only alternative rock bands who truly embraced sleaze and lunacy as deeply. From their initial recordings, which blurred between eccentricity and total madness, their records became ever more eccentric and surreal.

Butthole Surfers formed in San Antonio, Texas by frontman Gibby Haynes and guitarist Paul Leary Walthall during the early ’80s to a turbulent start. While Haynes was on track towards a career as an accountant while Leary was near completion of an MBA degree; both had strong academic backgrounds that were making progress toward their desired degrees at this time. But despite their reputation of drug use and insanity, Butthole Surfers proved intelligent individuals; simply finding ways to channel eccentricities into artistic mediums.

Butthole Surfers finally made their mark with their third album, Independent Worm Saloon, released in 1984. This record showcased a more mature and refined side to the band; critics had long pointed to previous efforts as overindulgence of demented humor and sexual imagery on earlier records.

Butthole Surfers had to decide after the success of this record whether to continue making more ambitious albums, or scale back and focus on songwriting that had made them famous. They ultimately chose the latter approach and released Locust Abortion Technician: their most weighty and mature release to date.

This album established Butthole Surfers as one of the premier alternative rock acts at that time, often being compared with more experimental groups such as Scratch Acid and Big Black. It combined elements from punk, noise rock, heavy metal into something truly distinct yet familiar – an album which helped pave the way for grunge sound while remaining an important milestone in alternative rock history.

Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus from Maryland stands as an outstanding example of death metal’s lasting quality. Since 2005, they’ve had their signature sound: brutality combined with groove and slam that makes them one of the premier live acts in death metal today. Even after losing members and going through several producers while also producing subpar albums themselves, Dying Fetus have managed to remain consistent through writing catchy yet punishing riffs that remain constant over time.

Make Them Beg For Death features some of the strongest riffs from the band yet, guaranteed to hook any headbanger and keep them coming back for more. They’re more complex than previous efforts too – incorporating various techniques with an intense rhythm that keeps listeners on edge throughout each track and tempo change, making this album essential listening for fans of brutal death metal like John Gallagher who masters using tremolo picking, tapping, and sweeping guitar techniques for an intricate guitar sound – essential components that add another dimension of engaging music and keeps listeners involved throughout.

Though the riffs are strong, what really sets this album apart are Gallagher’s vocal and drumming performances. His high-pitched and piercing vocals stand out, as do his aggressive yet fast drumming. Their combination creates an unforgettable album experience.

This album should be on everyone’s listen list who enjoys brutal death metal, especially those searching for something fresh in their genre. The songwriting and catchy riffs make this album impossible not to enjoy and sing along to, particularly songs such as “Compulsion For Cruelty” and “Feast Of Ashes.”

Dying Fetus stands out among other brutal death metal bands by crafting intense albums like Wrong One To Fuck With, their latest offering. An intense record, it demands to be heard loud and is sure to please fans of this genre; an instant classic that should bring them even greater praise than they’ve already garnered.


Nile is an American death metal band hailing from Greenville, South Carolina. Their sound combines extreme speed with mysticism and ancient melodies from Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures – including their history, religion and art forms. Their lyrics reflect these influences. They draw their inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft and other fantasy authors, with an “Ithyphallic Metal” style being their hallmark. Formed in 1993 from the remains of Morriah (which Karl Sanders had played with since the 1980s), and released a thrash-influenced demo in 1994 through Relapse Records compilation releases; followed by their full-length album release (Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka).

After several albums released with Visceral Productions, they decided to move over to Visceral for wider distribution and touring with bands like Incantation and Morbid Angel. Visceral also released Ramses Bringer of War before going out of business in 1997; its success introduced the world to their unique sound.

This album boasts an astoundingly thick and heavy guitar tone with an unmistakably gritty edge, while both members of its rhythm section possess incredible drumming skills that range from technical precision to intense intensity. Riffs are absolutely crushing while vocals also make an appearance on this record.

One aspect that sets Nile apart from other death metal bands is their use of Middle Eastern motifs and sounds in their music – something fans should definitely look out for!

Vile Nilotic Rites marks a departure from At the Gate of Sethu’s hypertechnical death metal, yet this change was for the better. Still offering plenty of death metal intensity, Vile Nilotic Rites makes an enjoyable listening experience for fans of this genre. Although some minor production issues exist on this record, it remains an impressive collection.