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electric zoo music

No matter your musical taste – be it high-energy big room house, infectious tropical beats, underground techno or melodic trance – Electric Zoo offers music to please every ear. Their roster boasts both established artists who have taken over charts worldwide as well as newcomers who are revolutionizing genres.

This year EZoo will mark its 10th Anniversary of debut in NYC by hosting an extravagant lineup and immersive experience. Established by Made Event, this is New York City’s largest electronic dance music festival.


The Electric Zoo Music Festival in New York City is an annual event, boasting cutting-edge lineups and incredible performances that attract dance enthusiasts from around the globe. This year’s theme, Hyperspace, promises an extraterrestrial journey that will take attendees beyond their wildest imaginations.

The festival lineup encompasses an impressive array of genres, spanning house to trance music. Fans of hard-hitting bass music will enjoy performances by Boogie T, Moore Kismet, Canabliss as well as sets by Funk master GRiZ, rising bass queen Redrum and electronic producer Mau P – each performer boasting their own special brand of bass sound! Additionally, this year the festival will showcase an LGBTQ stage.

GRiZ’s fanbase greatly values him not just for his musical talents, but because of how he treats them as equals. While other celebrity DJs might merely fly around on private jets or splash out on expensive jewelry, Grant Kwiecinski takes time to connect with his audience on an intimate level – even being open about his sexual orientation!

As part of his commitment to the festival, he’s significantly reduced ticket prices this Labor Day weekend in an act of devotion to its mission. Dancing should not be considered an extravagant luxury; instead, dancing should be accessible to everyone regardless of economic conditions. He is also proud of supporting local communities by giving money away through various charities – making him one of the most generous artists within EDM music culture.


Electric Zoo Music Festival has become an annual tradition in New York City since 2009 when it first started taking place at Randall’s Island Park. Organized by Made Event, this electronic music event draws over 100,000 attendees each year and boasts genres ranging from dubstep to techno. Over time it has also expanded to other cities worldwide.

This year was no different, boasting an outstanding lineup and featuring new stage designs and immersive installations. Unfortunately, however, several issues caused great frustration for attendees. These included muddiness on Randall’s Island but not to the depths that plagued Governors Ball 2013. Also troubling were security guards’ aggressive behaviors including beating attendees and throwing water on them.

Electric Zoo has pledged to refund ticket buyers and make improvements at its next event, MegaMirage Festival. They have already introduced exciting changes such as an LGBTQ stage curated by event producer Jake Resnicow; AI theme; MegaMirage stage; expanding festival grounds by twice their current size to provide even greater immersive fan experience; as well as expanding festival grounds by two times current size to give more immersive fan experience and hopefully create more aesthetically pleasing and safer event for attendees.


Electric Zoo, New York City’s annual celebration of electronic dance music, takes place annually over Labor Day weekend and features one of the nation’s most extensive lineups, from bass to techno. However, this year was particularly difficult with multiple issues marring attendees’ experience at this year’s festival.

Not only did the festival’s first day get cancelled, but many stages encountered technical issues as well. Screens that provide accompanying visuals during artists’ sets stopped working during performances and medical tents did not offer earplugs – leaving fans disappointed and frustrated. Regardless, organizers promised full refunds to ticket holders.

Kaskade is a pioneer of electronic music. Over his career he has broken new ground and his impact extends far beyond dancefloor music; Kaskade also serves as an active member of Make-A-Wish foundation and his commitment to his craft remains undiminished.

As evidence of his talent and versatility is shown by his collaborations with artists like Alicia Keys, Imagine Dragons and Meghan Trainor; he even ventured into new territories such as conceptualizing an entire season of music for Rocket League video game! John knows well the power of emotion to move crowds – his creative energy often transforms arenas! Known as an “original curve bender”, John’s ability to adapt with changing times and innovate is what made him such a successful artist.


Alyssa Milano is an American actress and filmmaker best known for her roles on Who’s the Boss?, Melrose Place and Charmed. Additionally, she hosted her own podcast and wrote multiple novels. Furthermore, she serves as a producer/activist on numerous political campaigns.

The Electric Zoo Festival, or EZoo for short, is one of New York City’s biggest electronic music festivals. Held annually during Labor Day weekend, this annual celebration draws a variety of acts representing all forms of electronic music. Recently, this festival has expanded internationally by including events from other cities.

Although this year’s festival boasts an impressive lineup, we cannot ignore that it has experienced some serious setbacks in recent months. Most notably was when day one of EZoo had to be cancelled due to logistical issues; due to this issue the organizers promised refunding tickets and improving future processes for smoother operation.

The second day of the festival was much improved, although not without its own set of challenges. There were long lines to enter the venue and people often had to wait hours in order to see their favorite artists perform live onstage. Furthermore, main stage screens sometimes stopped working during shows, water bottle refill stations often ran dry, and security guards were sometimes unhelpful or rude in their approach to protecting visitors.


Electric Zoo Festival in New York City has long been an established name in dance music. Established by Made Event in 2000, EZoo now draws hundreds of thousands of attendees annually and this year features several genre-defying acts including The Blessed Madonna, Franky Wah, and Spencer Huff.

This year’s EZoo Festival will take place at Randall’s Island Park from September 1-3 and the festival organizers hope that after some problems last year, things will improve significantly this weekend. They have promised to address issues related to VIP areas and sound bleed as well as provide new stages.

One of the most exciting additions is Jake Resnicow’s Dreamland Stage. In response to an ever-increasing call for inclusion and representation in music industry, this will mark EZoo’s inaugural LGBTQ stage.

Paradoks, a melodic house prodigy, can often be found hiking the great outdoors or unwinding through yoga. We spoke with this young DJ to gain more insight into his dynamic performances both on and off stage; specifically his set at Purified stage takeover and how nature inspires him to create dynamic shifts in his musical sets.

Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger, known for his hypnotic sounds, combines ambient, big band jazz, dubstep and psychedelia elements into soulful ambience and grooves. Born in Varberg Sweden and initiating his musical project in 2003 – since then Liquid Stranger has explored uncharted territories within music by producing three albums and continuing to push boundaries of musical composition.

He has appeared on multiple popular shows, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Blink-182, where his song, “Electric Zoo,” serves as title card music in episode “Krab Borg” when Mr. Krabs listens to it on a radio station while counting his money.

Liquid Stranger’s INFINITY album is an exploration into sound and feeling. With silky downtempo melodies, clear rap verses, heavy dub flares and live performances featuring bone-shaking bass lines and retina-searing light shows – fans of Liquid Stranger are guaranteed an emotional experience when attending his sold-out Balance Tour!