Electronic Music Events in Honolulu

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Honolulu offers plenty of opportunities for fans of electronic music to indulge their passion – Carl Cox New Years Hawaii or Lost in Paradise Music Festival are both excellent events to experience! We have you covered!

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Carl Cox NYE Hawaii

Carl Cox is one of the few DJs capable of creating such excitement on New Year’s Eve Hawaii at The Republik, making his performance one of the highlights for anyone hoping to ring in 2018. A true electronic music legend, Cox seamlessly mixes everything from funk and disco beats to dark techno into one powerful, immersive sound that cannot be rivaled.

Cox has performed at some of the world’s premier clubs and festivals, such as Space Ibiza and Ultra Music Festival. Additionally, he’s renowned as a radio DJ/producer; particularly known for his longstanding residency on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix program.

He’s an advocate for his industry and strives to keep it accessible for young people. In partnership with Brighton-based music college WaterBear, he’s donated scholarships so students can earn degrees in electronic music production and business studies.

Due to his involvement, he has championed the rights of artists of all backgrounds while helping promote dance music to a younger audience. Furthermore, he partnered with NHS in encouraging people to be vaccinated against Ebola.

Carl has earned a large fan base through his passion for music. Always pushing genre boundaries, his capacity for adapting and learning has helped make him so successful.

Apart from his impressive DJ skills, DJ Coxy is also an avid animal advocate and passionate friend to Ibiza’s wildlife, becoming godfather to Coxy the loggerhead sea turtle.

His influence in dance music is immense and he strives to broaden its appeal by making dance more inclusive for more audiences. His recent documentary What We Started examined his early influences that helped form what has become today’s genre of electronic music.

He has performed in some of the world’s biggest clubs and earned himself an unrivalled reputation as an unparalleled techno legend. A key member of the electronic music scene, he has stood by his fans through thick and thin. Although aging may slow him down somewhat, DJing remains something he loves doing passionately!

Lost in Paradise Music Festival

Paradise Lost are one of the most iconic bands in metal music’s history, having made waves on the underground scene for over 25 years. Their Gothic-influenced metal genre was one of its pioneers, introducing many people to this type of music.

Their music is known for its dark atmosphere and melancholic lyrics, drawing fans of all ages who have come to know and enjoy their albums over time. From those just discovering them to those listening for years – their music has the power to move and inspire all who hear it.

Paradise Lost are an internationally beloved Gothic rock band hailing from Halifax. Influencing fans around the globe with their Gothic rock sound, they have produced 14 studio albums and numerous EPs.

They have also made numerous tours around the globe, traveling through North America and playing at UK’s famed Download Festival.

Their songs have also been used in films and television shows. Furthermore, the band received a Brit Award for their album ‘Lost Paradise’.

While they are known for their heavy metal sound, their music has evolved over time into more pop-oriented tracks – but their songs remain an iconic staple in the contemporary metal scene.

This year, the band will perform at a major music festival in Cap Cana. Scheduled to take place between December 20 and 21, the festival is expected to showcase an impressive array of artists such as Cardi B, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Major Lazer Alesso Maluma among many others.

The festival is an incredible spectacle that includes music and dancing performances as well as cultural activities that aim to give participants an experience of different cultures and traditions while spreading aloha spirit.

However, the festival was not without issues, particularly regarding drug usage. A 22-year-old attending on New Year’s Eve died of unknown substance while several others were taken to hospitals after consuming illegal substances during its four-day duration.

Mayjah Rayjah

The Mayjah Rayjah music festival is one of the most beloved annual events in Hawaii. Held annually, it takes place both in Honolulu and Maui and features some of the world’s premier reggae artists.

Fans of electronic dance music will find much to enjoy at this event, as it offers them the chance to explore electronic dance music from a new angle. Additionally, amateur reggae artists present their songs live onstage to demonstrate that Jamaica’s musical scene does not limit itself solely to one genre.

With thousands of people crowding into each event, this festival has quickly become one of the most anticipated two-day festivals in Hawaii. You should definitely pay it a visit if you find yourself there!

This festival showcases Hawaiian slack key guitar, providing an opportunity to get in touch with your inner musician. Slack key is an instrumental music genre played with fingers that encompasses numerous styles.

Fun and inspiring events such as this draw many people from all around the globe, providing them with an opportunity to witness some of the finest musicians perform their unique songs and catch some truly inspiring performances.

Mayjah Rayjah music festival, as one of Hawaii’s premier events of its kind, offers an ideal way to relax and have fun with friends in Honolulu. Be sure to attend this two-day event when visiting Honolulu!

The festival provides an ideal way to explore Hawaii’s music scene and witness some of the finest musicians around, while giving your friends and family an enjoyable night out.

If you’re planning on attending the festival, Vivid Seats provides tickets at affordable rates with options such as floor seats and front row tickets.

Wonderland Hawaii Festival stands out in Honolulu’s electronic music scene as another fantastic event. Not only does this festival showcase some of the top EDM acts from around the globe, but amateur musicians also get an opportunity to perform onstage!


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