Electronic Music Venues in Kansas City and Kansas City, MO

Electronic music has become increasingly popular with young people who want to have some fun while listening to music. It also has had an influential effect on other genres such as pop music.

In Kansas City, there are plenty of venues where you can listen to electronic music. These include bars, nightclubs and lounges.

Midsize Venues

If you’re searching for a venue with a more intimate atmosphere, Kansas City has plenty of choices. Many of the city’s midsize venues boast an up-close stage, quality sound system and an all-inclusive concert experience suitable for fans of all ages.

Westport Saloon and Riot Room are two Kansas City music venues that attract a diverse crowd, from roots-inspired rock to punk and indie, plus everything in between. Many upcoming musicians often perform at these intimate settings where they can get up close to their fans.

Westport Saloon not only offers concerts, but they also host live music events throughout the week. Whether you’re searching for an up-and-coming act or classic rock band, Westport has got something special in store!

Fresh Bakin’ is a midsized music venue in Kansas City that attracts both local and national acts. Housed in what used to be an abandoned church and morgue, it’s an all-ages establishment serving up punk rock, folk rock and electronic music.

Visit this unique venue and you’ll feel welcomed into a family’s home, where you’ll experience sets with an intimate touch. Plus, 100% of the proceeds go directly back to the artists – creating an environment that feels carefully curated yet authentic.

This midsize music venue in Kansas City is a favorite for its talent and high-quality audio experience. With various DJs and live performances, this is one of the best places in town to catch a show.

Farewell was established by three musicians who wanted to break away from the typical music venue with its strict set policy. Owners Adam Popoff, Jared Carpathia and Nick Erickson have worked hard to foster an eclectic scene in their small space.

In 2013, Kansas City techno fans eagerly sought out the Meta Hi-Fi, designed by renowned underground music producer Truth and available at several other clubs in town. Never having rented such a rig before, they decided to host an extravagant party but were promptly shut down by Kansas City liquor control due to intoxication concerns.

Larger Venues

Kansas City is a vibrant music and performing arts destination, boasting numerous large venues for both major concerts and smaller local acts. Additionally, it has an exciting sports scene with professional teams from the NFL and MLB that draw passionate fan bases.

Kansas City’s concert scene is dominated by electronic music, with several large venues to witness it live. Popular venues include GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and T-Mobile Center.

These venues host a wide variety of events, such as sporting matches, concerts and theater performances. GEHA boasts an expansive outdoor sports area while T-Mobile is one of the biggest indoor sports arenas worldwide.

T-Mobile Arena hosts a wide range of events and is home to most major music acts that tour through town. It boasts excellent acoustics, making it easy to get a great seat.

Another venue that hosts a lot of electronic music is the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. This theatre boasts an exquisite stage and acoustics perfect for concerts, musicals and comedy shows alike.

If you’re searching for a more intimate and quiet setting to watch a concert or listen to some music, Uptown Theater at the Midland is ideal. This theatre boasts excellent acoustics and seats less than 2,000 people.

This venue is perfect for listening to music and having a quiet drink or bite before the show. The bar usually remains open until 5 a.m.

Starlight, located near Rockhurst and Swope Park, is an excellent venue to catch shows in Kansas City. It boasts excellent sightlines and features a diverse lineup of acts from Blue Man Group to Alicia Keys.

Finding the ideal time to visit can be tricky, but this place is perfect for checking out a show! There’s always something happening there and it’s an enjoyable place to hang out with friends.

Smaller Venues

Are you searching for a cozy venue to host an intimate gathering or something large enough for larger groups? Kansas City offers plenty of choices. Choose from theaters, outdoor locations and more to suit your needs.

Theaters are ideal for hosting small events, as they feature a stage and necessary audio-visual equipment. Plus, you can catch a show before the occasion so your team gets acquainted with the venue.

The Starlight Theatre is one of Kansas City’s top concert venues, offering outdoor enjoyment under the stars. In summer months, this venue often draws large crowds.

Tower East District’s historic venue has been hosting events since 1927 and its lower ballroom can be reserved for special occasions. Not only that, but its stunning architecture will surely leave an impression on those in attendance.

Another great choice for an exciting corporate event is Howl at the Moon, located in NYC’s Power & Light District and offering various forms of entertainment to accommodate groups of any size. Plus, its close proximity to some of the finest restaurants and bars means your team will have plenty of chances to relax after their event and have a great time.

Knuckleheads Saloon is a beloved destination for concerts and shows in the East Bottoms area. This spacious venue hosts an array of musicians from country acts to gritty local bands to blues legends.

This open-air venue and stunning stonework makes it a prime spot for live shows, and its proximity to Crossroads Arts District means you can catch some of the city’s top musicians. Plus, their bar serves delicious food and drinks so you’re sure to have an enjoyable time here!

Although Kansas City’s underground scene may not be as big or well-known as some other global centers, it’s still vibrant. Niche, which closed earlier this year, was the early phase of UN/TUCK Queer/Trans Music Collective founded in 2012 by local DJs Jason Carpathia and Alex Erickson.

Underground Venues

Kansas City offers an exciting underground scene, from full-on music festivals to intimate club shows. Electronic dance music has become a major draw at many venues around town.

The underground scene of Kansas City is diverse, encompassing everything from hip-hop and funk to trance and dubstep. But it’s particularly strong within house, trance and electro music genres.

No surprise that Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s top producers and DJs. Plus, it’s an incredibly accessible city where anyone can join in on the action.

Discovering local talent can be done at intimate underground events held throughout the city, such as Sofar Sounds. This event features an eclectic roster of artists in various hidden locations throughout the city.

One way to catch the latest artists in town is at a concert. Helzberg Hall – Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland (formerly The Midland by AMC) both offer plenty of Techno/Electronic concerts on their schedules.

Check back often for the newest Techno / Electronic concerts in Kansas City; tickets are always low priced and guaranteed 100% moneyback, so you never have to pay more than you want for your ticket.

Supporting your favorite artist and making friends while doing it are two fantastic opportunities. For instance, the annual Candlelight concert series invites you to a night of captivating live music in an exquisite setting illuminated by hundreds of candles.

Kansas City’s jazz scene is on the rise. Popular destinations for music connoisseurs include 18th & Vine district and Crossroads Arts District, both offering great venues to catch a show.

Kansas City offers the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the Midwest! Additionally, there are plenty of other fun, unique parties to attend all year long in Kansas City.